"Oh my god." Tuoba's scorching eyes lingered on the Beihai giant demon in front of his eyes, and said, "It's like ..."

Wan Yan's nerves tightened sharply, and two giant eyes stared at Tuoba nervously.

Tuoba chanted: "Art!"

The marshal, who had inferiority for many years for his own monster form, was stunned, his two giant eyes stared round, almost turned into two searchlights!

Tuoba leaned down, as elegantly and carefully as he took a lady's hand at the ball, and carefully lifted a tentacle that Wan Ye put on his feet. The dark red eyes were full of excitement. He stared at the hand. The strips are greasy, strong, full of suction cups and full of serrated dark gray tentacles. The voice is slightly trembling with excitement, admiring: "It is really evil and dark, it is so perfect that makes people tremble ..."

Wan Yan's face was unbelievable, he almost doubted that he was dreaming.

The thief not only saw the three views in a sparse way, but also the cute point crooked into the Mariana Trench!

Tuoba missed with a tender tone: "My grandfather was a pirate. When I was young, he would tell me the bedtime story of the North Sea giant demon every night. He told me how the giant demon lived. In the dark and cold, the water pressure can crush people into the abyss of the bottom of the sea, how to appear on the sea in the night of lightning and thunder, set off a violent wind and waves, and use its muscular majestic tentacles to fragment the ships in the future, and How did it dismantle the crew into the belly, and then use the tentacles to roll up the gold and silver treasures on the ship to return to its evil nest deep in the bottom of the sea ... I always thought that it was only a myth and legend. I did not expect that the North Sea giant demon actually existed ... ... "

"..." The Marshal felt that he might have found the root cause of the robber Sanguan's fragmentation.

Don't tell children strange bedtime stories!

Let the pirates take their children!

"Look at you, the evil little tentacle." Tuoba showed his affection, lowered his head and kissed Wan Wan's tentacles gently, and then pressed it on his face again, and said joyfully, "Slickly, So cute."

It seems that there is a kind of sense of sight that a little girl holds her adorable pet dog and yells, "Furry is so cute"!

Wan Ye was embarrassed by his praise. From birth to the present, no one except the father who has the blood of the North Sea Giant Demon like him and the mother who sees his son ’s own filter with his mother ’s love, has never been said Wan Ye's giant demon is cute.

As a result, the big round head, which was the size of a two-story building, slowly turned red.

Beihai Giant Demon is shy!

Tuoba held the tentacle and kissed it a few times, and then his eyes bent slightly, revealing a wicked and wandering smile. The tip of his tongue licked his small fangs, and he was suddenly excited: "We can still play with tentacles. play! "

The large dog suddenly became a **** three-headed dog. From now on, you can eat meat and bones from three angles at the same time. The meat and bones without knots are not only not afraid, but also indicate that it is really exciting.

"Roar--!" Wan Ye was stunned and couldn't help but yelled out. After discovering that he had accidentally exposed the **** mouth, Wan Ye quickly blocked his mouth with ten tentacles, Covered his blushing head with another ten tentacles.

Although it can't be covered at all ...

"Ahhhh, it's so cute." Tuoba put down his tentacles, and ran to the Field Marshal's mouth, stretched out his hand and snarled the Field Marshal's giant face, tempted, "Come, baby, Let me see your mouth full of blood. "

The Field Marshal clenched his beak, which was about ten meters in length, and stretched out a tentacle to wrap Tuoba's waist, lifting him into the air ...

"Haha, wait a minute!" Tuoba said with enthusiasm, "How about playing tentacle play when I have a fever, now I still have a sore throat."

Wan Ye's entire monster collapsed: "Roar--!"

It doesn't mean that!

After roaring, Wan Ye gently placed Tuoba on the top of his slick and bald head, and picked up the clothes he had taken off before turning himself on the ground, shaking them left and right with two tentacles, and gently covering On Tuoba, then a tentacle was erected against Tuoba's back, and another tentacle was arched from under Tuoba, leaving Tuoba to sit on that tentacle.

There is one sitting below and one behind.

——A tentacle sofa! VIP VIP seats for Beihai Giant Demon!

"Roar?" The Marshal yelled softly, seemingly asking about Tuoba's comfort level.

"It's very comfortable." Tuoba understood, and turned his head to kiss the tentacles leaning on his back, "Thank you dear."

It ’s called dear!

This is not treated in human form!

The Marshal did not know for a moment whether he should be happy or sad.

After confirming that Tuoba was sitting firmly, the monster with a very complicated expression squirmed more than 20 tentacles and walked towards the beach at a very fast speed. After a while, the Beihai giant demon went into the water, more than twenty tentacles and half of his head were immersed in the sea water, and two huge green eyes were exposed on the sea level to see the direction. The Beihai giant demon swims in the water like a human Walking on flat ground is just as easy. He swims steadily and fast, at a speed comparable to Master Murong's cruise. More than 20 tentacles are paddling under the water, and his head is motionless. The visual effect is like the surface of the sea. There is a small island that can swim, and there is only one person on this island.

Wan Yan swims from day to night and to dark, the golden and red sunset sinks beneath the sea, and a faint and clear moon peeks out from the clouds. In the endless sea, a dark island Carrying a person, if you look at it from a certain distance at this time, the villain on the isolated island is very close to the moon. In some angles, the figure of the villain is even coincident with the moon .

The little man of Beihai giant demon is in the moon.

If you don't consider Marshal Manchu's terrible appearance, it is really a warm and fairy-tale scene.

"Dear." Tuoba patted Wan Ting's two tentacles, which he used as a sofa, and thoughtfully asked, "You two tentacles are sour, should you change them?"

If you think about changing to an adult, if you raise your hands above your head and hold a little person for a whole day, it will be sore and unconscious.

However, Wan Ye stretched out a tentacle from the water and shook left and right in front of Tuoba, instead of shaking his head, and said at the same time: "Roar--"

It means not sour!

"It is indeed the Beihai giant demon reads that I like;" Tuoba nodded in admiration, his affection overflowed with words!

Wan Yan roared tenderly.

However, the next second, Wan Ye suddenly growled angrily: "Roar--!"

"What's wrong with my baby?" Tuoba asked worriedly.

At this moment, sharp small triangles suddenly appeared on the sea around Wanli, and they seemed to be very organized around Wanli.

Wan Yan: "Roar!"

This is a school of sharks encountered.

"Ah, it's a shark." Tuoba rubbed his reddened face, "You can manipulate them?"

Wan Yan's majestic order: "Roar--"

The sharks voluntarily lined up in front of the marshal's blood basin, and then flowed in very orderly!

After the shark swam into the marshal's big mouth, the marshal closed his mouth and chewed tremblingly.

It's dinner!

After chewing for a while, the marshal spit out a bunch of hard and sharp shark teeth, just like humans spit out date cores ...

After eating the shark meal that he delivered to his door, Wan Ye caught some small fresh fish with high water content in the sea while swimming, cut it with his tentacles, removed the internal organs, and divided out the best pieces of fish. Then, a fang was popped out of the sucker, and he cut out a sashimi like a vegetable on a cutting board, and then he held the tentacle holding the sashimi high above his head. Crossing in front of Tuoba, he gave him tentacles as a table messenger.

After finishing the sashimi dinner without wasabi and soy sauce, Tuoba yawned tiredly.

"Roar ~" Baby sleep. The Field Marshal yelled softly, and used the three softest tentacles to make a super large and comfortable bed. The thinnest tentacle pad was a pillow under Tuoba's head, and the widest tentacle was on Tuoba. Make him a quilt.

Especially pet.

It can be said that the door is a favorite!

"Good night, my dear Beihai Giant Demon." Tuoba kissed his little tentacle pillow tenderly, like tenderness in a waterway. "Take a break when you are tired."

"Hello ~" Good baby. The Field Marshal closed the left eye and one-half of the brain very obediently, and the ten tentacles dangled softly and entered a semi-dormant state!

The other ten tentacles continued to paddle the water diligently in the sea, and the right eye, which usually emitted a strong green light from the searchlight, also opened vigorously, searching for nearby islands with smoke.

Tuoba slept soundly in Wan Zhen's tentacles.

In this way, Wan Li swims uninterrupted in the sea for two days and one night, and finally successfully takes Tuoba out of danger.

Wan Ye saw a freight ship of country Z from a distance, and before the other party noticed that it was wrong, he changed from a giant demon form back to a human being. Ordinary people, all kinds of materials on the ship are readily available, Marshal Mandela showed his identity, and successfully obtained fresh water food and medicine and a warm bed.

The captain was very considerate and did not ask why the dignified naval marshal was bare-backed when he was rescued in a shipwreck!

A few days later, the ship returned smoothly.

Tuoba, who had recovered completely, landed on the shore with Wan Ye. The moment they came into contact with the land, the two looked at each other at the same time.

"... Where do you want to go?" Wan Ji hesitated for a moment and asked.

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