For the first time, the marshal who tasted the passion tasted Tuoba over and over like a beast that had lost his mind. The island in the dark tide is like a small world, and this small block is surrounded by megaliths. The open space is like a prison. The marshal arrested the infamous robber, severely flogged and punished, until the other party made a meowing and charming appeal for mercy. That tone doesn't sound like begging for mercy at all, but it's like begging for more ...

Because the inventory that has been accumulated for thirty years is particularly large, until the sky glows with dim light, Wan Ye did not let go of Tuoba.

"Well, the old virgin is really embarrassed." Tuoba's legs were sore and painful to pull together, but the cynical expression did not change at all. He reached out and touched the marshal's face, bending his eyes, "I am full?"

Wan Zheng licked his lips, and looked down at Tuoba's imprisoned place, and nodded, "Well."

Although it is possible to do it again, Tuoba looks tired.

"Sleep." By the faint sky light, Wan Ye could see Tuoba's face that became more and more peach-like after the love event. The sultry look was almost like a brush dipped in an aphrodisiac. Similarly, every pore exudes a terribly sweet fragrance. Prior to this, Wan Zhe didn't have such a clear feeling, but how did she feel after eating the pulp? How did you feel that the person in front of you was just a demon, and realized that the desire in her body had a tendency to rise? He looked at Ambassador Tuoba with a smile and lay down with him, and then tore the clothes he had thrown on the ground and covered them with a quilt.

It ’s okay to cover one person with clothes. It ’s a bit nervous to cover two people, so most of the clothes were covered by Marshal to Tuoba, and they were impenetrably covered. The Marshal himself had more than half of his back. Exposed outside, sleeping on the side facing the sea, the morning sea breeze blowing into this little world through the cracks in the rocks, most of them were blocked by the marshal's body.

The corner of Tuoba's mouth turned slightly, and he slept warmly.

Perceived that the person's breathing in the arms gradually became lower and smoother, Wan Yan rubbed the person tighter and held the tip of his nose against Tuoba's cheeks, sniffing strangely as if his own body had melted into the other person's flesh. The smell, then, he kissed gently on Tuoba's face. Tuoba went to sleep with his eyes closed, and he felt unconscious, Wan Wan blushed. He stretched out a hand to cover his half of his face, as if afraid that Tuoba would suddenly wake up and laugh at himself. same.

The wolf dog put the meat and bones back into the food bowl cherishly and squarely. He reluctantly smelled the aroma of the meat and bones and licked greedily, then buried his face in the two dogs happily. In the middle of the paws!

Apparently, the Marshal's IQ has been shot out of the body with Nasha, and even forgot that he actually came to recover the military medal ...

I am completely bewildered by the delicious taste of the flesh and bones and lose my self!

I don't know if it was because Nahan got into the body and didn't clean it in time. When he woke up, Tuoba started to have a fever.

It ’s not like Tuoba does n’t like to clean. The problem is that cleaning with seawater sounds terrible!

"Well ... a headache, a sore throat, and a whole body pain." Tuoba, with a heavy nasal sound, was stuck on Wan Yao's body as if he had no bones, and said coquettishly, "I also hurt my butt, why didn't you come?"

Wan Min reached out and touched Tuoba's forehead, hot.

Marshal murmured in his heart!

There is nothing on the desert island. Not only can Tuoba not have a fever, even a mouthful of clean water and a warm quilt. If the burn does not return, the consequences may be serious.

However, Tuoba himself was indifferent, and said leisurely: "Hey, if you don't come here, I'll die here." His dark red eyes quietly reflected the blue sky and blue sky, as if it were true It's no big deal to die, those pretty eyes narrowed with a smile, and said, "Fortunately, the scenery is pretty good."

Wan Ye was expressionless, wondering what he was thinking: "..."

Tuoba indifferently lay on the ground with both hands and arms around his cheeks, and his cheeks were burnt crimson: "I did not expect that I had made a lifelong robber, but before doing so I made an exception and did good deeds ;."

Wan Yan raised his eyebrows, and didn't turn his head for a moment: "What good?"

Tuoba raised his hand and touched Wan Wan's face: "It should be considered as public welfare to help you open up."

Wan Yan was anxious and worried, struggling for a while, summoning courage, "I can take you out of here."

Tuoba raised his eyebrows curiously: "How to bring?"

At this time, the marshal who had returned a little IQ finally remembered his original purpose of the trip, and took the opportunity to ask, "Before telling you, you have to promise me something."

Tuoba stepped back three feet away, dragging the marshal's coat over his body to cover his chest and collarbone with kiss marks, and he warned: "You don't want to be responsible to me."

The Marshal who had saved this thought somehow drew his mouth and gritted his teeth, "... It's another thing."

Tuoba breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile: "You say."

Wan Yan took a deep breath, refraining from his urge to overwhelm Tuoba, and he said, "Return all the things you stole, including my military medals and Master Murong's diamond. The same goes for other items you can track down. "

"Okay." Tuoba promised to fly quickly, Wan Ye could hardly believe his ears!

After a pause, Tuoba said: "Anyway, I have nothing to steal. I will go back and steal it again, hahahaha!"

Man Ye: "..."

"Well, I promise you." Tuoba went back to Wan Ye again, curiously, "how did you take me back?"

Wan Yan sighed and slowly said, "In fact, the reason why I can create a tsunami and control the creatures in the sea is because I have a part of the North Sea giant demon bloodline."

"Beihai giant demon?" Tuoba raised his eyebrows, and his eyes flashed!

Wan Zheng nodded, and frankly replied, "I can be transformed into a giant monster in the North Sea, and have been carrying you to people's places. I didn't tell you before because it was my most important secret. And ... I look ugly after being transformed. If you feel sick, you can close your eyes ... "

At the end of the speech, Wan Ye changed his original shape in front of Tuoba with his mood of almost going to the battlefield to die. Today is not the full moon, and it is Wan Ye who actively deformed. Under such circumstances, he can keep his mind.

The terrible giant monster seemed to be a hill that had been pulled up flat. A dozen thick and smooth tentacles spread unbridled, two huge round eyes exuding radiant green light, and under the head of the giant monster was a stunning sight. Dreadful blood basin mouth.

The Marshal clenched his mouth nervously, and even shrunk his mouth inward, trying to make his mouth bigger!

After the transformation, Wan Zheng did enough psychological construction, carefully looked at Tuoba with the two green giant eyes that were larger than Tuoba ’s head, and he was ready to see Tuoba ’s handsome face showing to himself. Preparations to hate disgust or even fear ...

However, the moment he saw Tuoba, the marshal found that he was thinking wrong.

Tuoba's eyes were bright, and his cheeks were excited with a rose-colored red tide. The two thin hands were clasped together against his chest, and his volt chest seemed to be panting hurriedly. Facial expression to temperament are like a high school girl who meets super popular idols on the street ...

Man Ye: "..."

Wait, this expression is not right!