In the early morning, which should have been Friday, Ye Xi woke up.

Consciousness awoke, but the body could not move.

Ye Xi is very familiar with this feeling. Nightmare, commonly known as ghost press, he often does this recently.

Hurry up and go to work! Don't know what time it is? Ye Xi was very anxious, his whole body muscles were tightened, and he tried desperately to move.

He is twenty-five years old this year. After graduating, he entered a large original literary website as an editor. In the past two years, he had done a good job in the male band, but suddenly he was unreasonably transferred from the male band to the male band three months ago * In the group, as a straight man, Ye Xi stubbornly reads massive * fiction every day, sees np from abo, and humans and beasts from the birth of a child, and the whole person is almost perverted.

In order to consolidate his sexual orientation, Ye Xi recently stared at the hot photo of a beautiful girl in the mobile phone album before going to work every day for 10 minutes of psychological counseling!

This seems to be more abnormal ...

In short, because of this work transfer, Ye Xi ’s pressure has increased sharply in the past three months. Not only has she lost a few pounds, but also encounters such nightmares every 30 minutes, and sometimes even hears strange weeping sounds when the body cannot move. However, Ye Xi is relatively bold and doesn't believe much about ghosts and gods, so he is far more irritable than afraid.

Would you be late today? After struggling for nearly a minute, his body was still unable to move, and Ye Xi was anxious to curse.

Because for Ye Xi, being late for work is not only as simple as losing the full attendance deduction. Two months ago, Shen Xiulin, the president of their literary website, did not know what the wind was, and suddenly began to squat in the editorial department every day to catch late. It stands to reason that this kind of thing should be handed over to the punch card office, but Shen Xiulin is not. He not only went to the battlefield to create pressure, but also invited the late editor to the office to speak on the spot. Because he lives far from the company and loves to bed, Ye Xi has been arrested no less than ten times by him. It is the person who has been captured the most in the editorial department. He must wait at least half an hour in the president's office of Shen Xiulin every time. Was released, very miserable.

In fact, this Shen Xiulin, not only has a good family and handsome appearance, but also became a president at a young age. It should have been very popular, but he has a temperament gloomy and unsmiling. He has a frosty face all year round, and Ye Xi sees him. Conditioned reflexes, flustered, shortness of breath, dry mouth, and even tense legs!

Mr. Shen is really terrible!

The thought of Shen Xiulin's expressionless coffin face, Ye Xi didn't know where to come from, and sat up with a sigh of relief.

"Finally awake ..." Ye Xi opened his eyes, and the second half of the unfinished words stunned into his throat.

Because at this moment, Ye Xi's eyes are not the familiar bedroom, but a piece of white. Ye Xi looked around in horror, and found that all around him was a clean and pure white snow. The white seemed to be endless, spreading from Ye Xi down the road, it is estimated that it can be up and down. One hundred meters, and the end is blurred, beyond Ye Xi's vision.

"Slum! What's going on?" Ye Xi rubbed his eyes fiercely, suspecting that he didn't wake up.

But when I opened my eyes again, nothing changed.

Ye Xi jumped up, and with this movement he realized that he had just been covered with a quilt, and a pillow was dropped beside the quilt. The soft white cloth was spreading under his feet. Much like bed sheets!

Ye Xi's brain roared for a moment: "..."

This will not be a bed-Ye Xi's first thought.

Is this bed too special? Ye Xi's second thought.

Ye Xi took a deep breath, while trying to calm down, he looked around carefully again. There is a white ceiling on his head, and he is wearing a white pajamas. The pink petals somewhere fly in the air, and they silently land on the white cloth beside Ye Xi's feet. There is a faint aroma in it, like an expensive perfume ...

There are signs that although this space is almost as large as several playgrounds, it is indoors!

This is really bizarre ...

Could it have been through? As an editor who read online novels, Ye Xi quickly thought of this possibility. He took two photos on his face and forced himself to calm down. He cleared his throat and asked the air carefully: "anyone there?"

As soon as the voice fell, Ye Xi sounded an electronic male voice like Google Translate: "Hello, welcome to the 9235 mission world."

"... What?" Ye Xi looked around, didn't see anyone, and couldn't find anything like a speaker. The sound was almost as if it was playing out of his brain.

The electronic male voice has no emotional fluctuations: "As explained below, this is a virtual system formed by human thoughts. The task world of your 9235 is formed by a large number of resentments directed at you and highly unified content. The task world and The time flow in the real world is different. One year in the mission world is equal to five minutes in the real world. The only way to get out of the mission world is to complete the corresponding task according to the wishes of the grievance generator. You can get a certain experience value after completing the task. Disengage, the task and attribute interface switch is located on the inside of your right wrist, click to open, the interface display directly affects the retina, and no one can see it except you, do you have any other questions? Please choose a voice, or no."

Ye Xi stunned for a moment, and yelled, "Wait! Don't go!"

Relentless electronic male voice: "Waiting. Do you have any other questions? Please choose by voice, yes or no."

After confirming that this weird sound will not disappear suddenly, Ye Xi hurriedly looked down at his wrist. The inside of his right wrist was smooth and white. There was no button switch or anything, except for a small mole. Ye Xi After a moment of hesitation, he tentatively reached out and pressed the past ...

The moment he pressed his finger, a task interface appeared in front of Ye Xi's eyes. The interface was translucent, covering the scene that Ye Xi originally saw. It could see the interface itself without affecting the sight. The upper left corner was Ye. There is a logo of lv0 / lv99 next to Xi ’s head, showing that Ye Xi ’s current level is level 0. Ye Xi lay down in her heart, and then looked intently at the dense text introduction in the interface.

Character name: Murong x (one hundred bytes of meaningless characters are omitted here)

Ye Xi was almost happy.

It's an upright system!

Personal identity: One of the four major families in charge of the lifeblood of the global economy-the youngest young master in the Murong family.

Ye Xi suddenly remembered the fear of being dominated by a large number of Mary Su * writers every day.

Personality: Sometimes cold, sometimes gentle, sometimes wild, sometimes demure, sometimes outgoing, sometimes inward, sometimes ...

Ye Xi counted these contradictory personalities, and there were as many as twenty-four.

Hahaha 24 heavy personality splits!

Ye Xi's heartless and hahaha hahahahaha, apparently lacking a full understanding of her own bad situation ...

Character settings: beautiful face that can be broken, black sandalwood-like black hair, milky silky white and tender skin, petals as bright and bright red mouth, a slim waist with an unyielding grip, and the hair when angry Curly, the hair is straight when you are happy, the cherry blossoms fall when you are nervous, the rose flowers fall when you are happy, and the tears that shed when you cry will become crystal diamonds ...

Ye Xi looked down intricately and watched that a thick layer of pink petals had piled up under his feet. These petals kept falling after he woke up, but because the whole thing was too bizarre, Ye Xi's attention No force was placed on these petals.

"It won't be true." Ye Xi said to himself, raised his hand and touched his head, grabbed the petals of one hand.

Ye Xi looked at the cherry blossom petals from her hair with a grim expression: "..."

Speaking of sakura, sakura, ah, should the system be restored so faithfully! ?

The main line of the plot: The main character is the young master of the Murong family, which is loved by thousands of people, and the first of the four major families in charge of the lifeblood of the global economy-the eldest son of the Huangfu family has contracted since childhood, but Master Murong himself has this marriage I'm not satisfied, I'm sorry to annoy Master Huangfu, and escaped the control of Huangfu 99 times ... Huangfu x: Oh, there are only two things in the world, what I want and what I don't want! Murong x: Huh, my grand master of Murong's family will not let you at your mercy!

Ye Xi took a breath of air, and the whole person seemed to be struck by lightning.

Not because of the brief introduction of Tian Lei's rolling story, because of the degree of Thunder he has become accustomed to, but the content of this introduction makes him very familiar ...

Ye Xi widened her eyes and looked down.

Full name of the task: "Branded Pet: The Runaway 99 Times"

Ye Xi: "..."

Damn, I refused to sign this novel!

The reason why Ye Xi remembers it so clearly is because "The Giant Pet: The Escape of Marriage 99 Times" is the first novel that he refused to sign after being transferred to the * group ...

These years, the threshold for web articles is low. As long as they can type, they can write novels. Therefore, all kinds of dog blood are bad. Mary Su Xiaobaiwen is as much as a snow flake. What kind of car accident leukemia overbearing president iceberg school grass colorful hair colorful body fluid lives in the palm of a million square meters mansion luxury global lifeblood ... readers rarely see these novels of serious quality, but Ye Xi has to deal with them every day, In addition, it is still straight for men to look at *, it is already very painful, it is already very face-saving to not talk about it, there is really no extra mood to sell to the author who failed to sign the contract, so when they refuse to sign, they will explain the other party ’s problem straight- Sorry, your writing is slightly exaggerated and immature, and has not yet reached the signing standard "" Sorry, the plot of your work is not logical and has not yet reached the signing standard "

Therefore, in the * edit group of all the soft and cute girls, Ye Xi seemed extraordinarily cold and impersonal. The popularity value in the writer can be said to be low in the heart. There are often writers who have refused to sign the website forum. He wore a vest to spit him. Later, these writers also specially built a building for Ye Xi, whose name is "The noble and cold straight editor of the 818 * group". The building was full of resentment, and Ye Xi curiously checked the ip once. It was found that the owner of that building was actually the author of "The Giant Pet: The Escape of Marriage 99 Times". This author took rhythm in the building every day and turned Ye Xi from black to toe, showing the deep grievances ...

Ye Xi: "..."

How much do you hate me, that author!

Not only built a building for me, but also gave me a whole world! ?