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TRPG, which refers to the role-playing game on the table, the feature of the game is that you can play your own role in an immersive situation, and within the scope allowed by the rules, you can have various open-ended story development according to your actions to achieve different ending.

The Cthulhu running group is a major category of TRPG. The explorers played by players are just ordinary people, but they want to explore mysterious events, face unknown mythical creatures, and unknown fears. There is only one piece of advice here, that The less you know, the longer you live.

And Liu Xing just wanted to run a Cthulhu group online because of curiosity, and ended up straying into the real Cthulhu running group game. . .

A group of 655622053 (which has been upgraded to a crowd of 2,000, with ample space), and a second group of 455841754 welcome you to join.

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Short Title:RCRG
Alternate Title:真实的克苏鲁跑团游戏
Author:i want to do something
Weekly Rank:#5123
Monthly Rank:#3763
All Time Rank:#6416
Tags:Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Skill Assimilation,
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  1. 354 ch, and got out. Mission after mission is very tiring. I miss a cutscene here ............. Some stories look as if they were made while writing and the author added an idea every pink and after a while he changed it (fish village / friend's wedding) ....... ......... Some interactions are forced or very "artificially" made (they are supposed to play the role of their card characters, and somehow they deviate from their behavior or very rationalize moves that their character should not do - I mean the team MC) ............ Nice story, but I get tired of everything knowing MC hair, and the story armor is actually the whole story (it does not bear the costs as others, and despite the "shortcomings" of a good ending, and so good ends).

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