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Reading to Become Stronger Since I Was a Special Soldier

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Coming to the world of special forces, I bind the reading assist system, and reading can become stronger.

Read “Captain Buttocks” to extract the super soldier serum and have a super physique!

Read “Wanted Order” and become an invincible gun god, with bullets turning automatically!

Read “Animal World” to get super eagle eyes, spider induction, ant great power…

Read “The Legend of Bruce Lee” to get a god-level fighting skill! Reading “Jin Gu Wen Liang” internal force can be through the mysterious!

Until one day, Lu Yu accidentally finished reading “The Art of War”.

This time the bull is big, and he is listed as the most unprovoked god of war by all countries.

Foreign Army: He is the strongest warrior. There is no war he cannot win in this world. He is the Eastern God of War-Lu Yu!

“I love reading, and reading loves me!”

“I feel flustered without reading a day!”

“System, what about the “Fights Break Sphere”…”

- Description from MTL


Short Title:RBSISS
Alternate Title:从我是特种兵开始阅读变强
Author:Red Arrow Arsenal
Weekly Rank:#2385
Monthly Rank:#1100
All Time Rank:#872
Tags:Apathetic Protagonist, Army, Cheats, Confident Protagonist, Famous Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Genius Protagonist, Gunfighters, Male Protagonist, Military, Modern, Modern Day, Nationalism, Overpowered Protagonist, Racism, Skill Assimilation, Strong from the Start, System, System Administrator,
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65 Comments on “Reading to Become Stronger Since I Was a Special Soldier
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  1. Authornya bodoh... Mau bikin novel tapi nggak pakai logika yang masuk akal Masa waktu jalankn misi banyak gangguan yg tidak perlu kayak ada tentara cewek lah, nggak ada puluru tajam

  2. Is there romance I know there are girls in love with the MC but does he get with any of them or is he just a loner.

  3. Error in CH 197 MC gets computer hacking twice.... he already got them at the beginning when escaping from the police during the special forces entry test.... delayed MC getting something powerful or more useful....

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