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“Di! Your shopping system is online!”

Zhu Yuanyuan had something in his heart that he didn’t know when to say it inappropriately.

“Dip! Congratulations to the master for successfully purchasing a slave from Guangming Continent!”

Zhu Yuanyuan’s heart is full of question marks, why use only?

“Dip! Consumption of prestige points, I bought a foreign food ‘Fengwu Nine Days!’ ”

The Aqua Star was originally an ordinary person, without any abilities, martial arts, and cultivation.

The arrival of Zhu Yuanyi broke the original development of Aquastar.

He started a company, designed it in all walks of life, and black technology was rampant.

He led Aquastar into the age of evolution.

(PS: This article does not have a plot that crosses the world, but only leads the development of Aquastar. This novel is purely fictitious, please do not check in. The author is not responsible for any similarities!)

(This novel is original by the author. If there are similar plots in other novels, please see the date when the novel was published to know what happened!)

- Description from MTL


Short Title:RSS
Alternate Title:万界随机购物系统
Author:Fantasy Supreme
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#412
Monthly Rank:#245
All Time Rank:#399
Tags:Alternate World, Male Protagonist, Male Yandere, Modern Day, Nationalism, Poor to Rich, Racism, System Administrator,

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11 thoughts on “Random Shopping System
  1. Такое чувство что на определенном этапе у гг обнаружился рак мозга, так как, другого объяснения его тупым действиям нет особенно с этим мехом и тарелкой с броней железного человека, то сидел дома а тут на те расхерачил дворец императора тип та поз убью их нах что мне японцы ониж не люди так пыль в глазах китайца(расист епта)

  2. stupid mc. he was fucking op because he can control people with his mental power. but when he offend one of the top family in china. he didnt even use his fucking power to enslaved them so later that said family sent a killer to kill him. fucking chinese mc logic.

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