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Raising Baby in Apocalypse

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Novel Summary

The end of the world came, no OP ability, no spatial space, no husband new mother An Ran, can only staggeringly feed her little bun to raise, with the useless skill to make flowers and plants grow.
Other people kill zombies to grab materials, playing like wind and water in the apocalypse.
She kills zombies just to grab milk powder, grab food, grab toys, good with her daughter at end of the world, when the road was blocked by zombies, suddenly she was pursued by her ex-husband.
Ex-husband: “We are divorced for 7 months. The child is born in full term. You still do not admit that this is my child?”
An Ran running out shouting: “After the marriage I derailed, so it’s not ah?”
Ex-husband: “Your object of derailment, is it my twin brother, or else the child’s nose and mouth, how to look exactly like me?”

Edit: MC and ML are both orphans without siblings. MC married ML after a blind date, but was disappointed with the marriage after a year being married because ML is rarely home. 2 people are actually loyal to each other, but are just stubborn.

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:RBIA
Original Title:末世养娃手札
Author:Purple Bags
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Girls Fan Fiction
Weekly Rank:#286
Monthly Rank:#198
All Time Rank:#502

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