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Quick-wearing Female Disguise As a Man To Dismantle CP

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Shen Qing, female, age 18, is known as a genius hacker.
Until she accidentally cracked a ‘male support system’ called 009 and bound it.
Under the premise of not destroying the system and not violating certain specific principles, she adapted the program to turn the ‘male support counterattack system’ into a ‘woman disguised as a man’s role-playing system’, traversing various worlds and incarnating various ‘males’ Match ‘, carry out the great cause of dismantling cp.
Then non (happy) often (smell) sadness (joy) hurt (see) to play and collapse one world after another.

[The gender of the protagonist Shen Qing has always been female, and the focus is on women disguising themselves as men! 】

Content label: system fast wear
Search keywords: Protagonist: Shen Qing ┃ Supporting roles: The male protagonist who was bent, the female protagonist who was bent, the villain who was bent, the passerby who was fooled ┃ Others: Cha Xiaojiu
One-sentence introduction: What about a good romance script? flip the table

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Short Title:QFDAMTDC
Alternate Title:快穿之女扮男装拆cp
Author:Cha Wu this person
Weekly Rank:#5788
Monthly Rank:#7494
All Time Rank:#8294
Tags:Ancient China, Apocalypse, Beasts, Cross-dressing, Cultivation, Female Protagonist, Hackers, Modern Day, Multiple Realms, Quick Transmigration, System Administrator, World Hopping, Zombies,
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  1. Hi do you know what novel is this from? Infiltrate a dark and abusive text and be forced to bind to the **** heartthrob system? Still need to get the five villains' favorability points to stay alive? Jun Ranran smiles, sorry, I just want to study hard and complete the Tsinghua dream. Faced with the blackened brother who was bullied by her since childhood: Come, let's do May 3 together. Looking at the overbearing CEO stepfather who suffers from persecution delusions: Dad, am going to do two sets of queen queens today, can I ask you if I can't? Looking at the indifferent student council president who is frantically testing on the edge of split personality: Senior, I heard that you are very good at science, can you explain this question? Villains from all walks of life - am I shaking M? I actually think Jun Ranran is hardworking and inspirational, she is awesome! She is so nice! System: Boom! Host! The goodwill of the villains has exploded! ! Hey, no no no! The big guys are in the Shura field! I escaped! ——————- Thanks in advance😘

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