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Quick Wear: The Host is Dangerous and Sultry

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Novel Summary

Sheng Jiaoyang, a scumbag full-level disaster, turned on the fast-passing mode after overturning the car, and happily worked in various worlds.

As a result, accidentally, they all turned into snake spirits.

The playful son on campus, the eldest young master of the wealthy group, the cold and paranoid hero, the playboy of the game world, the noble and cold monarch of a country… These are supposed to be the proud sons of heaven who should have a smooth life, but they all met Misfortune floods Sheng Jiaoyang.

Jiao Yang spread his hands helplessly: “Everything, what if your host is too charming?”

System: “…Just be happy if you’re happy.”

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Short Title:QWHDS
Alternate Title:快穿:宿主她危险又撩人
Author:Nanzan Elementary School
Weekly Rank:#1798
Monthly Rank:#3006
All Time Rank:#4416
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Carefree Protagonist, Charming Protagonist, Cold Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Lazy Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Polyandry, Quick Transmigration, Reverse Harem, Selfish Protagonist, Shameless Protagonist, System, World Hopping, Yandere,
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49 Comments on “Quick Wear: The Host is Dangerous and Sultry
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  1. done ko na yung isa continuation nito huhuhuhu author isa pa tangna naman yung 300+ lang huhuhuhu author gawa ka ulit Bago stories pero ganito yung mga plot twist

  2. The FL is crazy, but it's not terrible. She can be overbearing, but she does have emotions and a heart. She's a serious player and this is a reverse harem novel beware lol. It got boring during the book due to some arcs being really long and others really short. No arcs really stand out to me. This book isn't anything too special, but it's not a bad time waster. 6.5/10

  3. As the title said, the mc is sultry. She can hook up with anyone she wants to take advantage of. And they will fall hard for her. I like this type of story. But for some reason, its pretty unfair when some arc has hundreds chapters and the other only 10s. So, it'll get boring sometimes. But its still okay coz mc still have brain to manipulate others for her own reason, not like a weak chicken.

  4. Mc is a cold blooded. She literally do everything to get what she wants. Dont put to much emotion on her journey, you will only get pissed off and funny. Each arc not only 'harem' struggle, but sometimes its really too much drama. Many abuse rather than dog food. But if you really into something like this, its just for you

  5. alguien que recomiende novelas similares a esta? desde que leí las novelas de nanshan no puedo conformarme con cualquier novela harem

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