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Quick Wear: Become a Heroine White Moonlight

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[Fragmental Attack, 1v1, Silly White Sweet, Shura Field]

Mu Huan is a rookie in the Bureau of Space and Time. For performance, he joined the Quick Wear Team to modify the plot changed by the Chuanshu Girl and save the heroine.
But why did QAQ save it and put itself in? ?

1. The first world: be pushed to the highest point with a blank face.
2. The campus is soft and soft.
3. Doomsday
4. In the world of Xianxia, ​​I always focus on reunion and seek methods online
5. I want to know, who is that woman?

Content label: A soft spot for the system to wear the book
Search keyword: Protagonist: Mu Huan Supporting role: Others:
One sentence introduction: After wearing the book, I was with the heroine
Purpose: On the journey of growth, you will always meet the right people to fight side by side, move forward hand in hand, and build a better future together

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Short Title:QWBHWM
Alternate Title:快穿:成为女主白月光
Author:Yan Nuan
Weekly Rank:#8450
Monthly Rank:#8115
All Time Rank:#8911
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, beautiful heroine, Charismatic Protagonist, Clingy Lover, Cold Love Interests, Collection of Short Stories, Determined Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Harem, Interconnected Storylines, Jealousy, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Love Rivals, Multiple Transported Individuals, Non-linear Storytelling, Obsessive Love, Possession, Possessive Characters, Romance, Shoujo Ai, System, System Administrator, Yuri,
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  1. Does someone know the yuri novel where the mc is quick Transmigrating to a harem novel story in ancient times and the mc is the daughter of a general i think and beautiful but has a weak body and always getting sick. The fl transmigrated from ancient times. The fl has some feelings with the mc but she thought that it will go away as time goes by but when she saw mc and her fiancee dating in the riverside, she can't suppress her jealousy and possessiveness. The is a yandere.. That's all i remember😭😭please can i anyone tell me what s the name if the yuri novel

  2. Does anyone know a quick pass novel with a world where the mc is the ml's sister and is kicked out of the house and sent to the second lead that's female, that's in love with the heroine? The ending has the heroine marrying a kind crippled man and having a child together, with the mc and FL together, and the Ml a beggar

  3. Does someone know the yuri novel where the mc is quick Transmigrating too but she has her own real world and her mom is like the head of the department, and then the ending is she wins a mecha tournament in her real world and marry the princess.

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