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[Quick Travel] Ex-girlfriends Are Lying on Guns

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Nima’s ex-girlfriend can’t afford to be hurt, okay? Lying on the gun all the time, dear!
In the romance novel, the ex-girlfriend is responsible for breaking up the hero and heroine insanely!
In the Danmei novel, the ex-girlfriend is responsible for being satirized and abused by Xiao Gong Xiao!
In the stallion novel, the ex-girlfriend is responsible for waiting for the protagonist to become famous and regret it later!
In every romance novel, there is an ex-girlfriend who is seriously ill.
In every Tanmei novel, there is a vexatious ex-girlfriend.
In every stallion novel, there is an ex-girlfriend who is blind to money.
The ex-girlfriend said here that her knee hurts, okay? Please let me go!
The current girlfriend has the golden finger of the protagonist, so this time, let’s see who will lie down first!
[No CP! ! ! Struggle flow! ! ! Abusive man! ! ! 】
[The heroine of this article is inspired to hand over all her ex-boyfriends to the country! No time for romance! ! ! 】

Content tags: rebirth, portable space, entertainment circle, fast travel
Search keywords: Protagonist: Xie Shihua ┃ Supporting role: In the process of saving manuscripts ┃ Others:

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Short Title:TEALG
Alternate Title:[快穿]前女友都在躺枪
Author:Rivers and lakes missing
Weekly Rank:#5736
Monthly Rank:#4817
All Time Rank:#7499
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Bullying, Cheats, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Magical Space, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Quick Transmigration, Revenge, System,
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  1. So i read anovel here where the fl is an actress but was not good in acting at first then she got some movie tickets and when to a mysterious cinema but when she watched the movie she got suck into the film and became the protagonist in that movie but later she realize that those people are real but in different time line and... I forgot the name of this novel someone please help

  2. Anyone know where I can find a QT nice where the FL transmigrates into a novel she read… she is participating in a draft …Her parents were dead in her original world so she was a introvert so she didn’t know much about draft and was a crying bag…. The supposed FL is reborn and tries to sabotage our QTFemale .. the FL is the daughter of a big family but she wants our QTFemale to recognize as the daughter so FL can use it to benefit herself later l…. But the ML who is the brother knows but allows our QTFemale to act as the true daughter to make his sick father happy

  3. ✨ Dressed as a male god’s first love ✨ I found it actually but after rereading it after years I find it quite bit brain damage like I wanna slap fml to stop being like that and do something about it

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