A large area of ​​peach trees have been planted in the back mountain of "Taoyuan". At the end of spring, large tracts of pink peach blossoms stretch into slices. The horizontal branches are comfortable, the oblique branches are freehand, and the fallen leaves are scattered like rain in the wind, which is the most dazzling touch in the beauty of Taoyuan The color.

They are the elves of heaven and earth. They come as promised every year, and they will always show a splendid appearance in front of people. Time goes by, and they will never change.

Taoyuan slowly spread outwards at a constant speed, and more and more buildings rose from the ground, originally occupying a small part of the foot of the mountain, but gradually entrenched the entire mountain, still deliberately still unfinished.

Xie Ziyou had planned to spread the "Taoyuan Mode" across the entire continent, but after thinking about it, he decided to let it go.

Nowadays, they occupy an inconspicuous corner, and they can still survive. If they expand too much, they will be poorly managed, and they will fall into the name of Taoyuan. Secondly, they will easily attract the attention of some people with advanced cultivation and cause many unnecessary Trouble.

With his back on the system, Xie Ziyou was not afraid of anyone to start a war with, but he was afraid of completely playing off the world.

Moreover... the economic foundation determines the superstructure. Judging from the economic situation of this continent, it is far from the point where communism can be popularized.

"Taoyuan" is a small seed.

It is planted on this land full of gunpowder smoke, and also planted in the heart of every Taoyuan person. It takes root and sprouts, and one day it will grow into a towering tree, sheltering one side.

What Xie Ziyou has to do is to cultivate this seed, compact the soil, and supply it with enough nutrients and rain to make it thrive.


"Taoyuan" has gradually become a beautiful legend on the mainland.

Everyone who has been here is part of the legend, and Taoyuan has passed through their mouths and spread far and wide.

People say that this is a blessed land for cultivators, a paradise for all demons, and the last pure land in the world.

City Lord Xie and his wife of "Taoyuan" are also a rich and colorful stroke in the legend.

The combination of humans and half-demons took the world's worst. It can be seen that the people who see them have nothing to say except for the word "competitive" in their minds.


Xie Ziyou felt that the recent Xie Heng was a bit strange.

Always sitting in the sunset, pretending to be deep under the chin, with long eyes, and sighing from time to time-for fear that no one would know that he was on his mind.

Xie Ziyou walked past the boy several times, but did not squint, resolutely not to ask.

Within a few days, Xie Heng was snubbed several times and leaned forward.

"Youyou," he said distressedly, "if I want to do something and leave for a while..."

"Leave?" Xie Ziyou glanced at him in surprise and asked, "How long?"

"...I'm not sure, maybe soon, maybe a long time."

Xie Heng smiled bitterly.

As the sun sets, the sunset glow is like a fire, and the setting sun turns the world into a furnace, reflected in the eyes of the young man, making a handful of fiery flames.

Xie Heng looked at Xie Ziyou steadily, and slowly said, "Youyou, are you willing to wait for me?"

Xie Ziyou nodded thoughtfully, then shook his head.

"...Youyou?" Xie Heng asked puzzledly.

"You said let me wait for you, I have to give you some time, right?" Xie Ziyou broke his fingers and counted. "How long are you going to go, one year, two years, or ten years?"

Xie Heng's eyes wandered, and he remained silent for a long time.

Xie Ziyou suddenly understood.

He put up a finger and shook it playfully in front of Xie Heng's eyes, with the corners of his mouth raised and a sweet smile.

Xie Heng hesitated: "One year?"

"No," Xie Zi lobbied, "one month, just one month. If you have no news for a month, I will remarry...Ah no, I will open the harem, recruit concubines, and experience the taste of lewdness."

Xie Heng choked on his throat with a sip of water, covered his mouth, coughed violently, and smiled bitterly: "Youyou!"

Xie Ziyou's eyes turned around wisely, and then quickly said: "Unless you tell me where you are going and what are you going to do."

Xie Heng shook his head helplessly.

This is... I really can't tell Xie Ziyou.

He regained his memory as a system, and contacted 025 in the past few days. The guy took advantage of his dating time and quietly planned a major event, which was extremely crazy, and I heard Xie Heng's liver trembling.

025 originally planned to do this by himself.

For this reason, it arranged everything specifically, including introducing Xie Heng into the small world, temporarily sealing his memory, and according to the plan of 025, when the relationship between Xie Heng and Xie Ziyou III ends, whether it succeeds or fails, it should be settled. Up.

But Xie Heng woke up suddenly.

It's a small world fast enough, even if the time flow is different, the time difference is 025 by surprise.

Under the intimidation of Xie Heng, it had no choice but to tell Xie Heng the whole plan.

Because the basis of the plan is also related to Xie Heng.

From 001 to 303, Xie Heng performed the task crazily in a short period of time, while 025 quietly left a back door in his program to copy the task and world data. As a result, it had a huge sample in its hands. database.

Through these, 025 can analyze the mission mechanism of the headquarters, sort out its program mechanism, perform counterfeiting, tampering, and even...blocking.

Then, that girl swelled.

Xie Heng closed his eyes slightly, and the scene of his meeting with 025 immediately appeared in front of him.

Far away in the void, the shining dots of light bloomed with great brilliance, and he said with great pride: "I want to burn all its leaves and chop off its branches, so that the headquarters will also experience the beauty of a bald head!"

Leaves and branches are the way for the headquarters to connect endless small worlds.

Translating the words of 025 is to take the headquarters and let it be a polished commander.

Xie Heng only felt a terrible headache.

Why isn't this guy going to heaven?

The most frightening thing was that Xie Heng's heart thumped unconvincingly in the face of this crazy declaration of 025, and his blood boiled like burning magma, using his limbs and bones as battlefields and burning in the ditches.

It's fucking...burning.

No matter from the perspective of sensibility or friendship, Xie Heng wanted to accompany 025 to fight.

And after 025 told him the bottom line, he also had to admit that the probability of the 025 plan was very high.

The only problem...

Xie Heng lowered his eyes and sighed lowly.

He closed his eyes deeply, opened them slowly, and quietly raised his head, staring at the lover in front of him for a long time, and his gaze swept across Xie Ziyou's delicate eyebrows inch by inch, as if to imprint his lover's appearance into his soul.

After a long time, Xie Heng suddenly said, "Just one month."

He paused, then repeated: "Youyou, wait for me for a month, okay?"

Xie Ziyou looked at the young man in surprise, and saw many complex expressions in his deep eyes, and a touch of worry came to his heart, and the original jokes could not be opened immediately.

"What silly thing are you talking about."

Xie Ziyou turned around abruptly, reached out to pull Xie Heng's wrist, and whispered: "I was joking with you. Of course I will wait for you, as long as I can, but... don't really let me wait too long."

His cool fingers just touched the teenager's wrist, Xie Heng suddenly shook his backhand, and instead grabbed Xie Ziyou's wrist into his palm, clasping his five fingers, and the hot temperature spread from the fingertips and palm, and penetrated into Xie Ziyou's white skin. spread.

Xie Heng’s fingertips had some thin calluses, and when he rubbed it, he lifted up a fiery heat. He pulled Xie Ziyou into his arms, hugged Xie Ziyou firmly, and buried his head on the side of Xie Ziyou’s neck. After a long silence, he said in a low voice: "Just a month ."


"Just wait for me for a month." Xie Heng's voice gradually became more determined and insisted, "A month, I will definitely come to you."


Xie Ziyou thinks this guy is really inexplicable.

Before he lay down on the bed, he propped his drowsy eyelids and thought in a daze, to find Xu He tomorrow and show Xie Heng his mind...

Summer is approaching, and the night breeze is gentle, slowly brushing across the cheeks.

Like a reluctant kiss.

Xie Ziyou had a long dream, in which messy things were spliced ​​randomly, but it was unexpectedly not annoying.

In the groggy, he heard a string of gentle voices in a daze.

It's like saying "goodbye", and it's like saying "wait for me".

Xie Ziyou woke up when the sky was faintly bright.

When he opened his eyes, he caught a glimpse of the clean and tidy snow-white ceiling, and he was stunned for a moment and then suddenly sober.

...Where is this?

Xie Ziyou turned over and stood up-he didn't turn, almost twisted to his waist.

Accustomed to deep cultivation and light body, now that he is an ordinary person again, he is surprisingly unaccustomed.

But his sight shifted, and everything in the room fell into Xie Ziyou's suddenly contracted pupils.

It is not a spacious cabin, but it is very warmly decorated, with aluminum alloy windows half-open and half-closed, and the French windows are open and bright.

Outside the transparent glass door is a small balcony. In the corner of the balcony is a pile of old books. The emerald green ivy climbs up the fence, and the palm-like green leaves are waving in the wind, as if waving at him.

The unfamiliar and familiar scene, when recalled, seemed like a lifetime.

Xie Ziyou's hands couldn't help but tremble, and a shocked and terrifying thought came to his mind. He quickly closed his eyes and plunged his mind into his mind——

The position of the system list is empty, with only one line of small characters left.

[System 303 transfers 10000 points to host X086]

[Detected that the points reach the target value, turn on the way back]

[Congratulations, successfully unbinding, I wish you a happy life]

Xie Ziyou's heart trembled!

In the next second, those three lines of small characters quickly disappeared, and if there was a huge force coming, Xie Ziyou kicked outward——

The system space is closed to Xie Ziyou.

Sitting on the bed blankly, Xie Ziyou was stunned for a while, his lips trembled, and he whispered: "Xie Heng..."

His voice was muted quickly, and his lips opened and closed, but no sound came out.

Xie Ziyou's nose was sore, and his eyes gradually blurred.

Son of a bitch.

He felt uncomfortable and bitterly, threw the pillow on the bedside, and thought to fuck, thank you, you bastard!

The pillow flew out, smashed a wall calendar on the head of the bed, and the cardboard fell on the floor with a "bang" sound.

Hearing the sound inside the room, the door opened in response, and a female voice came from outside: "Youyou, are you up?"

Xie Ziyou's heart trembled again!

He hurriedly rolled out of the bed, ran towards the door barefoot, and pulled the doorknob open--

Standing outside the door was a delicate middle-aged woman with wavy hair simply tied behind her, wearing a light-colored apron and holding a spatula in her hand, casting a suspicious look.

Tears couldn't bear it anymore and ran out from the corner of Xie Ziyou's eyes.

Xie Ziyou leaped forward and hugged the woman tightly.

He buried his head on the woman's shoulders, suppressed his choking, and squeezed out a low voice from his throat: "...Mom!"

"what's wrong?"

The woman held the spatula in her hand and could not hug the young man back, so she had to bend her elbows and pat lightly on Xie Ziyou's shoulder blades, and said softly, "What's wrong, why are you crying?"

The smell of fried eggs came from the tip of his nose, and Xie Ziyou blinked hard, but the crying cavity was still unbearable. From the beginning, he sobbed in a low voice and gradually turned into a howl.

While crying, he choked and said, "Mom, I love you so much."

The woman couldn't laugh or cry.

She put down the spatula, took up Xie Ziyou's face gently, helped him wipe away the tears, and smiled: "Okay, don't cry, your eyes are swollen, and you are not afraid of other people's jokes."

After that, she bent down again, picked up a piece of paper from the ground, and handed it to Xie Ziyou.

"Did you post this on the door?"

Xie Ziyou wiped away the tears, held his red eye circles, and swept his head down.

In his hand is a piece of white paper with four words written on it, and the pen is like a cloud of smoke.

"wait me back."

The signature is a small gray snake with two dark outlines on its back. Carefully recognizing it, it is surprisingly two heart-shaped.

That is a little snake holding a heart.

Rubbing the white paper, Xie Zi swam his eyes red again, but there was a warm flow in his heart, and the corners of his lips rose, and he smiled softly.

"Asshole," he whispered.

But the tears still can't stop, like a bead curtain breaking and rolling down.

"Okay, go and wash your face." The woman smiled softly in front of him, "You kid, crying and laughing early in the morning, are you stunned?"

The morning light penetrates the bright floor-to-ceiling windows and sprinkles a layer of molten gold on the pear wood floor, so warm, like a swaying fire.

Xie Ziyou gripped the paper tightly, looking at the busy figure returning to the kitchen, his heart felt relieved.

The city awakened by the breeze was running quietly, the pale golden leaves of the street trees rustled down, and a loud whistle sounded faintly outside the window.

...Like the long-awaited call.