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Quick Transmigration: The Green Tea Beauty, She is All Charming and Charming

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Sheng Jiaoyang, a human-beautiful, poisonous and scumbag full-level troublemaker, abducted a system, defected to the Space-Time Administration, became a freelancer, and began to happily rule the world in various worlds.

As a result, if they were not careful, everyone became a snake spirit.

The dandy second son on campus, the playful second son of a wealthy group, the dangerous and powerful sea monster, the cold and noble overlord… These are the proud sons of heaven who should have had a smooth life, but they all encountered disaster.

Jiao Yang: “It’s all because of my beauty.”


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Alternate Title:快穿:绿茶美人她百媚千娇
Author:Nanzan Elementary School
Weekly Rank:#2680
Monthly Rank:#2400
All Time Rank:#6762
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Blackening, fast travel, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Quick Transmigration, Reverse Harem, Seduction, strong woman, World Hopping,
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18 Comments on “Quick Transmigration: The Green Tea Beauty, She is All Charming and Charming
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  1. I do not know or i'm not sure if this is the second part of Quick Wear: The Host is Dangerous and Sultry, but this is definitely not 1v1. Love is really the disaster of life.

  2. Segundo libro de Sheng Jiaoyang, es entretenido, recomendado para leerlo si estás cansado de romances 1V1, no te lo tomes en serio, la protagonista tiene transtorno de personalidad antisocial, así que no esperes que sienta empatía. No apto para personas sensibles, si eres una persona sensible y lees esto, vas a terminar colapsando. Creo que eso es todo. 🤔

  3. el primer avión de este libro es sin dudas mi arco favorito de ambos libros (actualmente), simplemente es una locura, tengo un extraño gusto por las relaciones prohibidas (maestros, tíos adoptivos, hermanos adoptivos, algún familiar del novio, novio de la hermana, etc.)

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