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Quick Transmigration: Targeted by the Boss

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Little Si’er: Your task is to fulfill the original wish, to care for the big brother, avoid suffering, avoid drifting away, avoid blackening, warm him, and love him.

Su Qiao: Oh, understand, grab him, hide him, and then photograph him with a warm baby.

But… it didn’t feel very dark, but rather a little cute. How did you feel fat?

Xiao Sier: Hmph, host, you are still too young.

The big man looked bloodthirsty and stared at Xiao Si: Who are you humming? Want to shit?


Su Qiao wanted to cry without tears: Xiaosi, help! I will never hate you anymore!

The little four shivered, turned around and fled: Host, don’t persuade, show your courage, let’s roll up our sleeves and do it!

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Short Title:QTTBB
Alternate Title:快穿之被大佬盯上了
Author:Night like home
Weekly Rank:#86
Monthly Rank:#41
All Time Rank:#230
Tags:Acting, Aggressive Characters, Ancient Times, Appearance Changes, Arrogant Characters, Artists, Beasts, Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Businessmen, Calm Protagonist, Celebrities, Charming Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Clingy Lover, Cold Love Interests, Cold Protagonist, Comedic Undertone, Cunning Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Entertainment, Episodic, Fast Cultivation, Fast Learner, Female Protagonist, First Love, Future Civilization, Futuristic Setting, Hackers, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Interdimensional Travel, Marriage, Martial arts, Medical Knowledge, Modern World, Overpowered Protagonist, Pets, Possessive Characters, Post-apocalyptic, Quick Transmigration, Revenge, Ruthless Protagonist, Scientists, Showbiz, Skill Assimilation, Soul Power, Special Abilities, System Administrator, Talent, Wealthy Characters, World Hopping,
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  1. ummm ok plss do go guys now an arc or novel of quick transmigration and one of fl in that work Became a koi in them general.. here's my Understanding of the plots to of the you guy knowing its : First of all fl wold hopping to different world and there is no different identity,this time fl Beacmes/posses a koi who was abandoned by the original owner because they there company gone bankruptcy.Then ml Buy fl(Koi currently) where ml takes care of fl an female leading became a human when ml is sick (lol ml gets sick because Ml teases fl alot and fl splash a lot of water in ml when it rains soo yeah)

  2. can i asked do you guys know a novel where There is an arc about fl Is an artificial intelligence/ robot from the future and her task is to save the man who created her? Bit Ml Is just passersby or Something???

  3. Is it the female lead is just a maid? If i'm not wrong the title is " The Cultivation of the Maid " if not then idk anything besides that.

  4. It's good overall compared to other novels. Worth reading, you can give it a try if its your cup of tea. FL has gradual character growth after each arcs. ML doesn't fall in love at first sight immediately. FL may be a love brain but that's because of what she had experienced and also personality. Note that the story is a romance genre so most focus is on their love relationship.

  5. Chapter 367 and 368 are completely different like they skipped a few arcs in between the middle of an arc? Please fix this soon xD

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