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Quick Transmigration Second Female Lead is also Black on the Inside

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Death started her on the road of book transmigration. Transmigrating into different supporting females, snatching opportunities and men from the different worlds’ female leads’ hands. Hey, Female Lead, you can have the male lead, the supporting male is the one I want. Walking on this endless road, Xia Qiu did not expect that during these countless book transmigrations, the one she saved has always been the same person. He’s from outer space, trapped in the stream of time, with only a robot for company. Meeting her, falling for her…… However the sweetness isn’t easy. With a Boss as her man, Xia Qiu has a lot of worries. The Boss wants to bring me along as he destroys the earth, what should I do? #waiting online, quite urgent#

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Short Title:
Original Title:快穿之女配掰开也是黑的
Author:Shi San Qing
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Fantasy, Romance
Weekly Rank:#612
Monthly Rank:#521
All Time Rank:#323
Tags:Female Protagonist, Transmigration, World Hopping,

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