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Quick Transmigration: Male God Please Spoil Lighter

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Shu Xiaomeng was smashed to death by a fat orange cat, but after death he was bound to a “cute pet system” and was forced to become a variety of animals.

The system asks her to help the villains of various worlds
Overcome the difficulties of life and embark on the road to the pinnacle.

In order to survive, Shu Xiaomeng said: It’s done!

Why do you rely on a certain male god for doing it?

A certain male god: Little daughter-in-law, be good, come into my arms.

Shu Xiaomeng: It’s a little bit~ I’m very happy to look at it~
A certain male god: The little daughter-in-law wants to be pushed on the bed again?
Shu Xiaomeng:…

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Alternate Title:快穿:萌宠来袭,男神轻点宠
Author:Jiang Han
Weekly Rank:#3606
Monthly Rank:#4025
All Time Rank:#3809
Tags:Aggresive Characters, Ancient China, Beautiful Female Lead, Clingy Lover, Cold Love Interests, Cute Protagonist, Cute Story, Fated Lovers, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Male Yandere, Modern Day, Multiple Realms, Obsessive Love, Possessive Characters, Quick Transmigration, Wealthy Characters, World Hopping,
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29 Comments on “Quick Transmigration: Male God Please Spoil Lighter
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  1. (1v1) (SPOILERS AHEAD) 7.5/10 This novel started out good, it was a new concept where ML isn't some omnipotent God or something and they are both taskers. The arcs from 3 onwards are sweet and easy going, The mid arc is where the major turnaround happens and it was mindblowing ngl. They arcs also have many moral lessons, whether its environment protection or cruelty of humans against animals. The arcs went downhill from 700+ chapters, if I had to say, it was like that the author ran out of ideas yet insisted on lengthening the novel. The arcs were boring and FL only got more stupid and glutton. Many important characters got skipped as if the author forgot them, the arcs also had many lose threads that the author didn't pay attention too. If something was different in this novel then it would be that the person they're supposed to help in task may not necessarily be a good person. Then comes the main world, tbh, the main world subverted the entire view of FL and ML, Idk why the author wouldmake such a desperate attempt in fixing FL's image when they could have done it slowly in the arcs. Overall, if you have patience then read it completely, if you are only looking for sweet texts then read only Volume 1.

  2. I thought this was goin’ to be fun! With sweet and dog food but then finishing the 2nd arc made me realize that it was only my wishful thinking… *Spoilers* So basically in the 2nd arc, it shows that ml and mc are both taskers. Ml seems to be very op but he doesn’t remember anything whenever he enters those worlds while mc remembers everything and could control herself but gets deprived of those feelings in the end resulting in her forgetting her affection and memories which I found okay since mc loves here is the ml and not the task characters. Though I felt like there would be big plot later on so Imma read till the end since it intrigued me.

  3. Ok so second chap of arc 3 showed that ml remembers everything now and is currently tracking mc… I don’t think I would be able to finish this…

  4. Have you guys Seen a quick transmigration where's Mc is a male(ex: I'm s Big villain) Mc mission is To help FL ,When FL boyfriend cheats With her Best friend ... The first scene is a (A cafe)? Where FL confronts her best friend who betrayed her... after her best friend leaves ML Walk in And FL Recognized ML as her Boss since They have a Collaboration in The company After they talk ML gives FL a Ring and Ask if he can pursue her.. (I forgot where I read This and I only remember the first chap). Pls tell me If you Seen this somewhere

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