Night Mode :


In April, the rain was more dragged, and the next one was not finished. It was so violent when it came to the summer, and did not hesitate when leaving.


Chen was lazy in the rocking chair on the balcony and listened to the program. The voice of the host was very gentle. His mouth could reveal all the life.


This is Chen's selection in countless radio programs on the earth. He directly copies the data and throws it into the main program domain to write the settings. The program is updated synchronously in the area.


Chen also feels that his behavior is infringement. This is not right and damages the character.


Therefore, Chen released a strong and violent martial arts, let him go to the TV station to negotiate, go smoothly and sign the contract, buy the copyright.


After seeing the first episode, the people in the district had a particularly good response. The host became a hot topic, and in a very short time, they had a group of loyal listeners, and his voice was rated as the most gentle power.


In Chen’s expectation, most people will have curiosity and interest in something new.


So it is not surprising.


The show was broadcast in the area for a week or so, and other planets followed the gourd paintings, followed by the following.


Chen and I used to work to sleep, and to do things with sternness. Now, the time for doing things every Friday is divided into one hour, and the program is given.


The vinegar jar was overturned, and the house was filled with vinegar smell.


It is a pity that Chen is weak in the screen window of the Central Network. It is not a physical object such as a radio.


The smell of the cake floated, and Chen’s thoughts came back, as if he had been injected with a chicken blood, and he immediately came.


Li Yan took the fruit pudding cake and came over. "I want to listen to the program, or do you want this?"


Chen added, "All."


While listening to the program and eating the cake, the two do not conflict, and together, in addition to perfection, he has no other adjectives.


Turned sharply.


Chen added, "The cake is left!"


Strictly paced.


Chen jumped off the rocking chair, grabbed the man from behind, took the cake in his hand and sat back to eat. "I am not bored, have you heard a show?"


Hold your arms tightly, lean against the wall, and fold your legs long and slantingly. "Are you sure?"


Chen digs the cake in his mouth and "OK."


Strictly cold, "You don't miss every Friday, or listen to the live broadcast, not replay, when I did things, I didn't see you so seriously."


Chen added, "We do it every day."


The sharp eyebrows lifted, "So it's boring?"


Chen and Yan took a look at the man. "This is what you said, it doesn't matter to me."


A strong forehead is pumping.


Chen's tongue swept over the inner wall of the mouth, scraping the cream into his stomach, his buttocks faintly dying, giving him a yellow alarm to avoid a night in the water.


"It won't be boring. I can stare at your hair for a long time."


Severe breathing was so heavy that there was no change in expression on the face. "So what have you studied?"


Chen licked the cream off his mouth. "I haven't researched anything yet."


The stern eyes moved with his tongue, dumb, "Go, go to the room and study now."


Chen grabbed the spoon and held it. "Wait for me to finish the cake."


Strictly pick up Chen and, "Hey, eat it after study."


As a result of the study, Chen did not say the cake, and he did not have the strength to drink water. He slept on the stern body.


When he woke up, it was already the next day, and the rain was still falling.


After washing, Chen and Yan took the slippers and went to the study room to ask for strictness. "Yesterday's cake was not finished, did you throw it?"


He is very excited, very concerned about the cake, waiting for a week to wait, "wasting shame, you know, this is what our family will never allow."


Strictly reading a book, understatement of the facts, "I was eaten."




On a sunny day, Chen went around the desk and looked down at his stomach. "You pay for me."


Strictly said, "There is no more, who will let you sleep late."


Sleep late? He was obviously tired of being fucked, and Chen was not happy, taking the book in the man's hand.


Do not tease him, "The kitchen has."


Chen immediately ran out.


The youth's body image is a gust of wind, and it is too late to catch. He sighs, can eat, and is basically not picky eaters. How can he not get fat?


Recently lost two pounds.


Chen also ate a cake on the balcony, listened to the replay of the show, and went to the rain outside the window from time to time.


It is also a coincidence that the radio host is one of his characters in the assessment world, Shengjing.


In the earth of Shenzhen, Shengjing has a good voice, and God enjoys eating.


Unlike Chen’s assessment of the world’s settings, Shengjing is not an orphan. He has parents and teaches in high school. His family is more than adequate.


As for Shengguang, it is no longer a superior. He loves to wear white clothes. He lives in a wealthy young master. His parents died young. He followed his grandmother and his grandmother left.


The world is so big, and so grand and grand scenes are working on the same TV station. He is a cameraman, and he is not a protagonist with Sheng Jingfei. He is a colleague who can't say a few words.


There is no midsummer, because it is Chen and himself, and the relevant storyline is his own arrangement.


When Chen went to Shenzhen, he saw Shengjing. He had a white hand on his arm. He had a girlfriend and he was still very good.


He was probably idle, just followed the grand scene, only to find the **** tracking, holding the camera to take photos of the glory.


The relationship between the two people in the real world and Chen set the opposite.


Deeply buried in the inner feelings, I feel that my mind is very dirty, poor and sad people have become Shengguang, the walls of the room are all photos of the grand scene, his love is perverted, crazy, and desperate.


Quite fun.


Although the drama is like life, life is not a play.


For the second time, Chen saw Shengjing, who was on the street. The other side followed Shengguang and looked like a good one.


Shengjing was cold-faced and loved to ignore it. Shengguang smiled and humbled into the dust, but he was willing.


Like a stranger, Chen rubbed his shoulders. In fact, it was indeed a stranger.


The show still has to continue listening.


Chen also likes the stories shared by the audience. Listening to it, he can let him make up the lives of others through those contents, and even write them out and throw them into a virtual world in the main program domain, and provide them to the host. Select the object.


After the program was finished, Chen’s cake was also eaten. He slept back and felt that the time was the same as before. It was not shortened or stretched, but it was no longer so boring and it was not enough.


On the 29th of the year, the Central Network issued a notice that in the next fifteen days, all aircraft will only be used during the day and no travel at night.


People are full of doubts about this announcement and look forward to seeing if there is any activity.


On New Year's Eve, night falls over the entire area, and when people are busy with their New Year's Eve, suddenly there are beautiful flowers blooming in the air.


Chen smashed through the window, the fireworks were beautiful, and he chose to pick it up.


There is a sound from the pot and bowl in the kitchen. Mr. Li is busy with the New Year's Eve. Although the family is two people, plus a smart little yellow dog, they don't just do it.


Chen went to help his relatives and friends after the end of the year, he went to help.


The smell of the kitchen is rich, there is no sense of hunger, and when you take a scent, you will have it.


Chen took another powdered bear doll apron and hung it around his neck, calling Li Yan to tie him to the belt behind him.


Take a hard time to get him.


Chen steadfastly guarded the pot of red-burning hooves. After a while, he used a spoon to get some soup and tasted it. The delicious tongue was lost.


After two strict cooking, the people on the side are still there. "The salt doesn't have to be put."


Chen turned his head again. "Have you let go?"


Strictly said no, he said in a serious way, "You don't know how much you drip."


Chen Zai, ""


Tightly put the whiskers on the plate. "You didn't eat it before."


Chen added, "The past is not the same thing as the present. To distinguish it, you are the line of distinction."


Li Yan was very satisfied with this answer, so he took Chen to his arms and bowed his head for twenty minutes. He turned over and leaned over to kiss.


Chen’s hands were on the countertop, and the two large hoofs in the pot gave him strength. He didn’t have a soft leg on the ground.


When I started eating, it was already around nine o'clock.


Chen took the little yellow dog to the chair and sat down. He sat next to him and his right hand position was strict.


Strictly poured two glasses of red wine, gave Chen another cup, and Yu Guang swept the smart dog. "What do you do with it?"


Chen took the chopsticks and ate a piece of meat in the hoof, and it was all in the mouth. He swallowed and went to get it. "You are brothers. According to the time of birth, you are the big brother."


Strict, ""


Chen said while eating, "Let me set it up, let it call you a brother, how good, the brothers are friendly."


"There is a saying that this is the same root."


Strictly sip the wine and look at the young man who can't think of the next sentence. "Haw and eat more."


When Chen Gang just wanted to speak, he heard the man’s voice. "This is the last time you have done it for you. It has not been returned."


He puts on serious thinking. "Yes, I thought about it. In essence, you are not the same as a smart dog. You are unique."


This is the hoof.


Chen also picked up the glass, "Mr. Li, I wish you good health in the new year, and you will be happy."


I received this New Year’s greeting and returned to him. “Mrs. Li, I wish you more laughter and less trouble in the new year.”


Chen added, "My only trouble is that you have been working on me for too long."


Li Yan rubbed the mouth of the cup and smirked at the lips. "I won't do you all year round."


Chen has been stunned for a whole year? Really fake, that time is too long, he will certainly be unbearable, "I did not say that you will not engage in one time, I mean to reduce the duration of time, small love, and hurt." ”


Sarly shrugged, "I am not here to make this statement."


Chen gritted his teeth. "When I didn't say it."


Strictly raised eyebrows, "Which sentence?"


Forced to helpless, Chen also pulled out the majesty of the head of the family, "strict, I am your master, you hold me to play like this, not afraid that I will throw you into the hibernation space?"


Strictly said, "I am afraid, I am afraid of death."


Chen Zai, ""


He turned his face black. "I am really angry."


Li Yan stretched the chopsticks to eat the meat with the hoof. "Is there a lot of sugar?"


Chen was taken to his thoughts in an instant, and the angry look did not last for one minute. "Is there? I am eating very well, I like to eat sweet."


Li Yan smiled and shook his head, snoring at the top of the youth, and could not help but pull the man over and kiss his lips.


Years later, Chen prepared several red envelopes, which will be sent out before Lantern Festival. The date of the happy event was very close. He and Li Zhizhi received the luggage and went to the earth.


The sixth day is the day of Pang Yilong’s wedding.


The business of the restaurant is getting better and better, and the bigger and bigger, Pang Yilong gets the attention of the outside world, the media praises the pursuit, the flattery of the relatives, and many times on the magazine, was rated as a young talent, he knows clearly, no Chen Also, I am just a low-level wage earner.


Don't talk about luxury cars, you have to hesitate for a long time to buy a mobile phone.


Pang Yilong has a gratitude to Chen. He is a benefactor and a friend. He agrees with his wife. Chen is an expensive person in his life.


The wedding is Western-style, and the place is arranged on a beautiful island with four seasons like spring.


Since the bride has been pregnant for two months and the response is very large, the process is not cumbersome, and she is afraid that she is tired.


Pang Yilong’s eyes have been sweeping around, waiting for someone, his eyes suddenly stopped in one place, the commercial atmosphere in the smile disappeared, and suddenly became pure, really happy.


After greeting a few business people, Pang Yilong walked over quickly. "I thought you wouldn't come." He checked the information of this person, including the strictness, all of which was nothing, not like people on earth. This is ridiculous. He is more willing to believe that their identity is not simple, so they will not find it.


Chen smiled again. "I said, you are married, I must come over."


Pang Yilong hugged Chen and patted his back. "Thank you." There are actually a lot of things that I want to say. It doesn't seem to make sense. It also seems to be awkward, mother-in-law.


Chen also took two shots, "Happy wedding."


Mr. Li will be pulling his wife to the side. "Okay."


Pang Yilong turned his eyes, this person has not changed, and Chen’s possessiveness is terrible.


The weddings are all the same, there are guests from all fields, the families of the two sides, the lovely flower girl, the ceremonies of the mouth, and the atmosphere is very good.


Oath, kiss, a newcomer in the warm applause, excited to complete the most sacred ceremony, witnessed by friends and family, together into the marriage hall belonging to them.


Chen went to Pang Yilong’s wedding and went to Chengdu the next day.


Wang Yao’s sons had full moon wine, and the daughter-in-law gave him the Wang family two times, and they got two of them. The cotton pants had two pieces. He wanted a small cotton jacket to wear, saying It depends on the situation in the future. After all, both of them are young and the days are long.


Zheng Shuai and Wang Yao were also on the same day. They wore a hat on their heads, a pair of black-rimmed glasses on their noses, and a black coat. The whole is a literary youth. He is still running on the road of love long-distance running. Not slow, presumably also have their own plans.


Chen is a city, a city, a planet, a planet, Chen Weidong, Chen Laozi, Xiao Wei, Xia Hong, Dr. Zhou, Hu Shaoye, Shan Liang, everyone has their own life, no one to arrange, set Everything is dominated by themselves, and they have done very well.


After the Lantern Festival, the pace of life slowed down.


Chen’s office has changed from a dark and gloomy palace to a tree-lined forest. He is bathed in the sun and his legs are open, which is probably the most comfortable thing besides being strict.




Chen put the work plaque in his hand and looked at the seal above. "Are you looking at something?"


Chen searched for memories.


Chen also helped the amount. "You are a bunch of code, and you can't harden it. What's good?"


"It’s really touching, your host is moving and crying."


Chen received another message, which was sent by number 444. When he opened it, he looked at the code and learned that the newcomer under the old four hand picked up a host. The pain was extremely weird and he was not born to laugh.


The fourth child has a shadow, just come to ask Chen, this should not be the trumpet played by the top level?


Chen also transferred all the data of the host. The first world turned out to be in the countryside of a certain era. The task was to find out the murderer, and the mouth would break the blood, and the face would be pale and could not stand the waist. Sure enough, it is very special.


Such an alternative, we must cherish.


Although Chen has already replied, saying that he has not received any notice in that regard, the main program domain has not found any clues, and Sissy still does not dare to cherish, he has been a fool, really do not want to be a second time.


Therefore, Sissy gave the host to the new person to receive it.


Within a few days, Chen received the instructions from the main program, took all the relevant data of the host, and explained that all backups must be deleted.


Stuart came to ask, he simply said.


Sure enough, Sissy said, fortunately, he has a foresight, not to seize the opportunity to be stupid.


Three years later


In the house, only Chen is very strict with two people.


He opened a company rigorously. He was very strict in selecting employees. All of them were excellent and did not cause trouble. The family did not have the trivial things of the seven or seven, so his boss was very relaxed.


Chen is indifferent, and he can't spend all his money, and he will continue to earn money.


However, as Li Yan said, their lives are much longer than ordinary people, and there is always something to do.


Just entering the autumn, Sky Blue Star has a big event that has sensationalized several nearby planets.


The owner of the White House, the ruler of the Sky Blue Star, was introduced to the White House, and the singer was the only son of the Secretary.


Chen was invited to go with a strict invitation and sent a big gift.


As an old man, Wu Wuwu is also on the invitation list. He is still a very sturdy book with his family.


Among other system workers, several of them followed the family, but they did not know the young master. This time the newcomers were their colleagues, and they did not know that the boss had come.


A planet has the characteristics and customs of a planet.


The wedding of Sky Blue Star is at night, starry sky, like a night pearl, naughty and cutely set in the dark night sky.


Chen found that there was a piece of stars in the sky that was not properly distributed. He found out that 520 stars were picked up by white and given to Sissy, just in their wedding room.


He grinned. "White is quite romantic."


Li Yan put his hand in his pocket and handed Chen again. "Give you a moon."


Chen’s eyes were pumping. “Don’t, it’s all I’ve reset. You’ll pick up the moon, my database will get rid of it, working overtime is very tired, I don’t want to work overtime.”


Strict, ""


That night, Chen did not see Sisi, it is estimated to be shy, he thought so, and later heard a version, the other party ran, the specific reason is not clear.


Later, the Lord told Chen that he and the white lead were stuck at the crucial moment, and both of them thought that the other was the one below.


This is awkward.


After some stalemate, Si Siyu first started, put the white pressure down, forced to engage in it, and gave it to the past, he was afraid that the other party woke up to settle the account, and ran.


The above is the version of Si Siyu, the mouth is said to be no, the true and false are unknown.


According to Chen’s experience, the truth is counter-productive.


I don't know when it started. Sissy will contact Chen in a time other than work, and treat him as a big brother. In fact, Chen is much bigger than Sis.


However, Chen did not have the experience of being an intimate brother.


Si Siyu sent a communication, and when he came up, he spit bitter water. What white sleeps like to sleep horizontally, Bai Yin smelled his pants every day, and he was caught by him, just in front of him.


Said a lot, all white quotes.


Chen also felt that Sissy’s bitter water had overflowed from the screen. He resisted the urge to find something to wipe and wipe. “Speaking.”


The focus of Si Siyu came. "It’s just a matter of whitening one's skin once a week. I have to brush him a potion. You know that person."


Chen interrupted him again. "I don't know."


Stuart wore a sweater and had a color with his eyes. "The tissues on the skin, the hands touched, can touch, I don't know how to say."


Then don’t say it, Chen retched, "I will vomit for a while."


He spit back, "You continue."


Sisi asked, "Where did I just say?"


Chen added, "Human skin."


"Yes, it's human skin."


Sis swallowed, "The skin should be soaked in the vessel for 30 minutes, then brush the potion again to sew it."


He picked up the cup and drank the water, and the protruding throat was rolling up and down, and he took a breather. "You said that the white peeled the skin and raised it, is it sick?"


Chen is still a novelty. "Isn't white lead always sick?"


Sissy's facial convulsions, "So, why did I go with him to this day?" At the beginning, I said that it is a year-long period to see if the two sides are not suitable. He definitely said that it is absolutely inappropriate. ? That's it now.


Chen also concluded that "you are also sick."


Sissy, ""


Chen added, "Mrs. White, remind you that you are married, marry a chicken with a chicken, marry a dog with a dog, marry a pervert, and you will be metamorphosed."


Sisley was almost caught by his own saliva, and the name of Mrs. White is really hard to say.


As for his wedding with Bai Bai, then don't say it.


Chen flipped over the table, pulled out a bag of chicken feet, and bit a paw to eat. "You have to think like this, his family, your family, you can try to care with love."


Sisi smiled. "And then tell them good morning every day, then have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and say good night before going to bed tomorrow?"


Chen was out of the hot tears of his paws. "It sounds so warm, you have two mother-in-laws, contentment."


"Sisi replied to him with a move." Speaking, the white skin of the stepmother is especially white, just like drifting, just like the chicken feet in your hand."


Chen silently put down his claws.


At first, Sissy was looking for Chen and another half a year. Slowly, it came in two or three months. Now it is every Monday or twice. The topic revolves around the life in the room.


Sisi was angry and had a toothache.


Chen Yougang was severely poured a lot of nutrient solution, his face showed a healthy state, and he could always open a flower with water. "He won't, you can teach him."


There was a suspicious blush on Sissy’s face, and he took a word from his teeth for a long time. “I will?”


Chen Zai, "That's a pity."


At the other end, two men with multiple roles are also communicating. They have long been facing their own wives and sneaked on the line.


White leads to no waste of time, and asks straightforwardly, "How can I let him have no resistance?"


It’s also very straightforward, “from the back.”


White frowns, "Only this?"


Strictly faint, "The key is your technology, you have to turn around."


White primers are said to be strict, and the peaks turn these words, thinking about how to turn.


Lie to recommend several movies.


White quoted one by one, "Thank you."


There was a footstep on the stairway. When Chen saw the stern going downstairs, he quickly said, "Let's talk again next time."


Sissy did not forget to remind me at the last minute, "Don't forget my bonus."


Chen has nothing to say.


It would be nice if every worker could have a fascination with the prizes like Sisi.


The fierce voice interrupted Chen and said, "Go out for a walk with me."


Chen and I heard that I kicked off my shoes and put my feet in the sofa. "It’s so cold outside, I won’t go."


After a rigorous review, he said, "Now the outdoor temperature is twenty degrees."


Chen added, "It’s only twenty degrees."


"" Strictly hold people directly from the sofa. "You are nesting at home every day, and you can't grow a mushroom."


I don't know what I thought of, and Chen’s face was red.


The sharp eyes flashed, and the lips smirked. "Want to eat mushrooms?"


Chen shook his head again, "I don't want to."


Strictly put him on the shoe cabinet and give him shoes. "Let you eat enough at night."


Chen did not want to go out.


He was taken to the garden with a stern and half-husband. After strolling around, he couldn’t lift his spirit and went to the streets.


This point is not too late, in the relatively awkward time of the day, the office workers and the student families have not been released, and there are not many pedestrians on the street.


Valentine's Day is coming, the district is just this holiday, so there will be no street sellers and sisters.


Chen yawned and wanted to sleep. "I didn't sleep last night."


Strictly said, "It’s not just you who didn't sleep."


Chen is still yawning and yawning. "I am different from your physical condition. You are non-human. It is okay to not sleep for a year."


Strictly said, "You are not an ordinary person."


Chen added, "I am."


Severely, "Oh, you are, ordinary people without heart, really ordinary."


Chen’s mouth was pumping, and he finally believed that one person could influence another person. The man’s mouth is now particularly damaged, and he still uses a serious tone.


The district has a lot of dining on earth.


Because Chen is also chosen, so whether it is eaten or drunk, any kind of Chen likes it.


After eating two bowls of stinky tofu, Chen’s bloodline recovered 50%, and he could support it. He still wanted to eat it. He did not let it go, saying that he could not eat any more.


Strictly unhappiness, not slow, "I cried and told me last time, why can't you pull things out, forget?"


Chen blinked. "Is this still the case?"


A sharp lip is picking, "Why, wife, are you lost?"


Chen is pretending to die. "I don't remember."


Strictly laughed, the handsome face became more and more charming, and the words spoken in the mouth were very annoying. "Nothing, I have backup data."


Chen’s face changed and changed. He wrinkled his eyebrows. “You are so boring, I can’t go on with you.”


The look of the stern face has also changed, and the voice is low. "Who do you want to be with?"


Chen is creepy, "I didn't think so."


Severely blinked, or smiled, the tone has not changed, but people dare not look straight, "then you think slowly, before you think about it, don't you follow me?"


Chen whispered, "I just made a joke."


Strict finger point to the desktop, "This joke is not funny."


Chen added, "I won't open it later."


The chill of the stern body disappeared, as if the person who was cold-blooded was not him, "Zhen."


Chen also knows that Li Yan has a block of scales, that is, he can not say that even this party can not touch.


The strong wish is that they can live together forever.


One evening, Chen suddenly appeared in the company.


The front desk puts messages in the group, and the company quickly knows all about it.


"Where, the boss is coming." "Where is it?" "It must be to check the post, go to inform the boss." "Notify the fart, the boss is not too tired." Also, the big guys are calm. The cognac


Chen has always been a cold-faced image in front of the company's employees. He is a high-ranking, reluctant boss.


Today's Chen is still like that, no haha, "Everyone has worked hard."


Everyone is busy saying that it is not hard.


Their company is different from other companies. The boss is a special case. They never receive female clients personally, nor do they allow male clients to be close. At most, they are holding hands. Others are impossible. The meal can be, but not more than nine. Point, go home with my wife every day.


Oh, this is a model good man.


The female employees in the company are all referenced by the boss, and as a result they have not been out of the list.


Among the male employees, the basics also regard the boss as the ideal standard, which leads to the single dog in the company more than a year, terrible, and then continue to do so, I am afraid that only internal sales.


In the office, Li Yan is flipping the document signature, seeing the incoming person, the pen in his hand leaves a black dot on the paper of the document.


"How come you are here?"


Chen’s eyebrows smiled. “Take you off work.”


When he was strict, he heard a thunder in the sky. He suddenly got up and walked quickly. He raised his hand and rested on Chen’s forehead. "No fever."


Chen added, "Of course not."


Asked sternly, "I have left the food, snacks and desserts that I have left for you?"


Chen added, "There is still left."


Severely staring at the youth, not hungry, then it is something else, he sinks. "You are not going to break something at home?"


Do something wrong, first please, this is Chen's style.


Chen added, "Mr. Li, it seems that your misunderstanding is not small."


Strictly pinch his chin and touch it gently. "Let's say, you can fix anything for men."


"No, I am not a child with ADHD. I am honest at home. It is a few hours to sleep." Chen pulled out the tie in the man's suit. "Because I haven't done it before, I have to do it. I will have one later." The pieces come."


Strictly speaking.


Chen asked, "Is it moving?"


Strict eyes and deep, "Well."


Chen looked at the man again. "Do you want to cry? The shoulders are for you."


I also looked at it with sternness. "I want to **** you."


He put Chen back at his desk, squatting in his arms, bending down and kissing him.


Chen’s arm was hung on the tight neck, and he slowly kissed him, and pulled it apart. He looked at each other and went to kiss.


Outside the office, the secretary looked at the watch. He still went. In a few hours, the door would not open.


When Chen and Li Yan came out, the company's employees had already returned to each other.


There was a little bit of glamour in the night, and Chen’s buttocks had a little bit of pain. When I went back, I went straight to the room to sleep, and I slept for two days.


For the first time in the night, I was eager to see Chen Zai in the company and pick him up.


Chen is a lazy person. Although there have been great changes, one thing has not changed, but he does not like to go out, but he still persists.


Because he enjoyed the moment when he saw his own, the joy that came out of his eyes.


Chen spent a period of time. After the strictness, he created a robot Xiaojin. He also set up a program. Xiaojin called him Dad and called him a strict mother.


I heard the robot yelling at my mother, and his face was dark and almost kicked.


Chen touched the robot and gave it an encouragement.


Suddenly, he suddenly laughed, and the arc was awkward. "Mom is going to **** daddy, play with yourself."


When he said it, he went upstairs.


The next day, Chen changed his settings and changed his mother into a depression.


Xiaojin is not the same as the structure of the intelligent little yellow dog. It will stroll through the house according to internal instructions. It will also go to the garden to trim the flowers and plants, and water the plants.


In short, it has a lot of functions, it is a very powerful and very well-behaved robot.


With Xiaojin, Chen is even more lazy. He is hungry and hungry. He is looking for Xiaojin. Even when he goes to the toilet, he will be called twice. "Xiaojin, sing a nunchaku to Dad, you must match it. It’s the one you jumped up.”


Then there was a scene in which a small robot wore a black hat on his head and sang a hip-hop on the other side, swinging his arms and legs.


The young man squatted on the toilet, sang on his chin, and his hand would follow the stroke. "Xiaojin, you are really good at jumping."


Encouraged by the owner, the robot vacated, turned over and then fell back to the ground, one hand to support the ground, began to rotate.


Chen clap again, "beautiful."


After the work was done, one big one was still in the bathroom. He knocked on the door. "Hurry up, it will take a long time, and it is easy to get hemorrhoids."


Chen added, "I don't have a long time."


The harsh voice was severe. "No? You have been squatting for an hour and twenty minutes."


Chen was surprised, "Is it?"


He felt that he had just come in, "Xiao Jin, how long have I been?"


The robot made a mechanical sound, "one hour, twenty-one minutes, sixteen seconds."


"It’s been so long, I can’t listen to the song when I go to the bathroom.”


When Chen got up again, he found his leg numb. He called Xiaojin to come over and hold his shoulder and slowly swallow it.


Strictly push the robot out, "Don't let it go in the toilet."


Chen sat on the bed and pinched his legs. "What happened?"


Looking down on the youth, "You took off your pants."


Chen is speechless. "Xiaojin is just a robot. He has no sense of autonomy. When he sees it, he sees it. It doesn't understand what it is."


Strictly said, "Now is not, there may be time."


Chen’s eyelids jumped and he remembered the past in front of him, but it’s not like this. “Okay.”


Since then, Chen has checked the brain data of the robot every day. If it can produce consciousness, it means that the other party's creation will not be deleted.


However, this is also very good now.


Life is life, full of rice and oil, plain and faint, most of them will not be so ups and downs in the script, you are dead and alive, heartbreaking, there is more blood than the script, but that is very few.


Couples, some of them are parting ways in the middle of the road, can not eat a pot, some have lived for most of their lives, or become two families, can be safe and stable for a lifetime, is already a blessing from the past life.


However, Chen has been strict with him and has passed through several generations. It is still early from the end.


Woke up in the morning, Chen did not open his eyes, he touched his strong arm and moved to his arms.


Li Yan 揉揉 Chen's hair, thin lips fell a kiss in his black hair, "early, wife."


Chen’s long legs are tilted up and hooked on the stern waist. “Stay with me for a while.”


I slam my face in the neck of my arms, "Okay."


They have a long time to go on, but they are no longer lonely, lonely, and awkward, because they have each other and will be with you forever.


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