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Sissy was taken back.


Bai cited the person on the balcony to communicate with him. In the living room, two black and white dogs were tired of grinning together.


Sisi’s stunned “big white?”


No, it’s right at home. According to his agreement with Chen, the other party will come to pick up the white in the morning.


The white dog's head rested on the back of the black dog, taking time to look at the tail behind his shocked master's ass, which is a greeting.


Si Si slammed his back and hit the door frame. He had a password for his family's door. He walked in angrily and walked through the living room. The front of the man standing on the balcony was terrible.


White quotes cut off the communication face to face, looking sideways.


Sisi slammed the man's collar and said, "You don't feel that you are shameless?"


White is calm and calm, "How come?"


Stuart squeezed out a word from his teeth. "You steal my family's password. When I am away, I break in. It's no different from a thief. Isn't this shameless?"


"I think you misunderstood."


White quoted, "For my own safety, I pressed the monitor on the door and just took the moment when you pressed the password, so I knew."


The anger on Sissi’s face was stagnant. He forgot that this person’s identity is special. When he comes to other planets, he will definitely take precautions against everything around him to ensure his life is safe. The monitoring equipment used is not the same as his own. thing.


Oh shit!


"As for what you said, I am a thief. You are not going to break into this statement. I think you misunderstood. Even if you are at home, I will go in."


White smiles and is very elegant. "Because we are a partner, I have the right to get involved in your private life."


"Companion relationship? I am with you?" Sissy said like how much jokes, "What time? I don't know?"


There is no mood swing in the voice of Bai Yin, and his expression is also "just when you try to escape."


Sissi took a breath. "I repeat, I have no interest in you."


"Well, don't discuss this meaningless topic and waste time."


With a hand press by Bai Yin, it is easy to take away the hand that is holding your collar. "Don't challenge my patience later, it will not be good for you."


Si Sizhen thinks that this surname is a neuropathy, and it is not a channel.


He wiped his face and strode to the man, straightforwardly, "White quote, how can you let me go?"


The white-browed brow moved, glanced at the first person who dared to let him go. Hesitated for a moment when he decided to kill or keep these two options. He chose the latter. "You are free."


Sissy didn't know that he was walking around the ghost gate. "Freedom? My mother is just about to board the starship. Your people will force me to bring me back. Is this freedom?"


White leads to the kitchen. "The premise of freedom is, don't play tricks with me."


Sisi took a deep breath and once again wandered around the man. "No, do you think that the partner chosen from the irregular place of the spouse network would be suitable?"


Probably only Stein will put the only blind spot in the universe into an irregular label.


"It's not suitable. You have to try it before you know it."


Bai cited, "You live to this day, emotional life has always been blank, unfortunately, me too, my planet lacks a lady."


Si Siyu has a splitting headache, and the family should not put his information data into the spouse network, otherwise it will not cause such a big trouble, and he will not be able to get rid of it.


How to do? Let Bai Bai find that his character is bad, his habits are a mess, and then he voluntarily withdraws?


Sissy converges to look, "Do it, then try."


White raised his eyebrows, as if he didn't know what he was thinking, "Okay."


Sisters walked in the direction of the door, "Big white, go home."


There was no movement behind me.


Si Siyi turned back and saw his white dog squatting with the black dog. It was a stupid dog in love. His face suddenly became very ugly, and he said to himself "no conscience." Small things, just left.


After coming out, Sissy’s eyes were drawn, white and white, but not all white family. Did he raise a dog that was almost ten years old and became a family?


He entered the apartment, from the living room to the bedroom, to the study, and checked it again. Even the kitchen and the bathroom were not let go, for fear of being hidden by the surname of the white.


Kick off the shoes, Sisters lay down on the bed, sleep first, wake up and say.


This time, Sissy had another dream. Like last night, he was led by white. In the dream, he screamed and urged him to hurry.


After waking up, Sisi squatted on the ceiling, squatting and dying, backache and cramps, and the illusion of being really dry. The next moment, he jumped up and went straight to the bathroom, standing in front of the mirror and carrying it back. View.


Nothing, okay, just a dream.


Sisi licked the cold sweat on his forehead and was almost scared to death by himself.


At noon, Bai cited Sisi to come over for lunch.


When Sissy just wanted to refuse, he felt that it was an opportunity and he agreed.


Bai Yin’s lunch is prepared by a special person, and the ingredients are transported by a strict channel to ensure that there is no danger.


When I was eating, Sissy cocked his legs and kept shaking. When he saw the white lead, he shrugged and said, "Sorry, I have a habit of eating, just shaking my legs. Don't you mind?"


Bai cited, "You are free."


Sissy continued to shake, seeing that I am not disgusting to die.


However, in the latter half of the month, in addition to working hours, Sissy used to deal with white quotes at other times. He tried all the similar roads. The white quote is still a pair of "you are happy, I don't care." Attitude, he thought that the fists were fast and fast, and he did not expect that every fist hit a cotton ball.


Si Si can't do anything, and can only go to find a boss who is invincible in the world.


At that banquet, Chen also marked the newsletter to Sisi, who had already listed him as a friend.


Si Siyu looked at the young people on the screen and asked if there were any easy-to-use tricks that would make Bai Yin lose interest in him, be disgusted, and avoid being the best.


Chen is cutting the lemon, taking a piece and eating it. The whole face of the acid is wrinkled together. "You can urinate on the white trousers."


Si Siyi rolled his eyes. "I am afraid that this will not work. I will pee the baby of my family. Isn't that the name of the white person to see?"




Chen went to the pool and smashed a piece of lemon into the cup, and then gave Sisi a trick. "Go to the white and lead the fart in front of him. This can not take off the pants."


Sissy helped, "Can you be serious? Don't play me?"


Chen took it seriously and thought about it. "When you eat garlic, you can lead it."


He washed his hands and said, "This trick I used in Li Yan, he has not dealt with me for two days."


When Si Siyi heard Chen’s words, his eyes brightened. No one knows more clearly than his onlookers from the beginning to the end. He is very strict with Chen’s feelings. He said that it is obsessive, and it’s ugly, that is, sick. And the disease is serious.


Since garlic can be strict and effective, it is natural to deal with white quotes.


Si Siyu's efficiency is extremely high, and immediately entered the central network, the order settlement, bought a pound of garlic.


On the day of arrival, Si Siyu licked his tears and stuffed garlic into his mouth. The smell was too big, and he couldn’t open his eyes.


Standing outside the door of the white house, Si Siyu put his hand on his mouth and breathed a sigh of relief. He turned his head over his face and his stomach was sour. He rushed to his throat and emerged from his nose. I can accept it.


When Bai Yin opened the door, Si Siyu approached him without saying anything, kissing his lips.


The imaginary scene did not appear, and Sissy was not pushed away by the white guide. Instead, he was held in the back of his head by one hand, and he slammed his waist and raged.


Sissy’s tongue has to be eaten by the other party, fucking, surnamed Bai’s heavy mouth?


So, is garlic being beaten?


Bai Yin seems to be aware of the distraction of Si Siyu, the twilight is a sinking, aggravating the strength between the lips and teeth.


Stuart’s back rested on the door, biting the white lead.


White hangs back and wipes off the blood on the lips with your thumb. "I don't really like the taste of garlic. You can eat **** next time. I like that."


Si Siyu’s breathing, his face changed and changed, his eyes were overcast, and his surname Bai had long known that he was calculating something, not to dismantle it, to watch the play.


White guides the nephew's collar and bounces off the dust that doesn't exist. "You want to play, I will let you have fun. How about playing for half a month? Happy?"


Sissy had a bad feeling, and he immediately waved his hand, ready to leave, but his shoulders were held down, and there was a laugh in his ear. "I should play."


As the ruler of the planet, his ability is very comparable, even if it is a soldier, it is far less than one tenth.


The white lead was almost effortless, and he tied Si Siyu to the bed.


Sissy’s situation is very dangerous. Dabai has been fascinated by Alice’s fans. He can’t hope for it. It’s impossible to save himself. His hands and feet are locked up.


The most serious is that his communicator was forcibly closed and lost contact with the outside world.


At this moment, Sissy is a piece of meat on the cutting board. It is cut into pieces, or cut into pieces of meat, or cut into pieces, all looking at the white lead of the knife.


Not long after, Si Siyu heard the footsteps. It was introduced by white. He struggled to twist his neck, his eyes were blindfolded, and his vision was dark. "White quote, what do you want?"


no respond.


The top was suddenly picked up, and Sisley’s pants were fine. He didn’t have time to react, and he couldn’t take it for granted. There was a pain in the back of the skin, as if the flesh was scratched by something sharp.


Sisi yelled, "ah"


The muscles on his back pulled out the painful intensity, and the fine sweat oozing out, dropping down.


Then Si Siyu said all the words of the monks in his mind.


There is no change in the white quotes.


Sissi's painful teeth clenched, and the mouth smelled of rust. He seemed to unconsciously mention the white face, not sure.


Just as Sissy thought it was just an illusion, the pain in the back of the back increased sharply, and he almost fainted.


I don't know how long it took. I picked up the gloves and took the tools back. He put his hands in his pocket and admired his work.


There is a deep mark on the back of Sissy, which is a corrugated pattern with a star in the upper left corner.


That is the unique symbol of the ruler of Sky Blue Star.


White sighs, "It's beautiful."


Sissy’s face was blue, and he noticed that the man’s breathing was wrong and he screamed, “What the **** are you doing?”


Bai cited, "I want to peel off your skin."


For a moment, Sisi’s sweat was full and he struggled.


White laughed. "I am joking, don't be afraid."


Sissy, ""


The next day, Sissy was sick and heartbroken.


It's not clear what white is giving him on his back. It doesn't feel much, but in his opinion, it is marked and not different from a pet.


No, it’s not as good as a pet.


In the past, when Chen was engraved with a hundred surnames, Si Siyu was only shocked and felt so painful. When things happened to him, he realized that compared with the psychological blow, this pain is really nothing.


White came in with the cup coming in, "drink the water."


Sisi hoarse voice, "roll."


White pinched Sisi's chin and poured the water from the cup into his mouth.


The water slid down the head of Sisley's mouth, wet the clothes in front of his chest, and he coughed.


Bai cited the back of Si Siyu, grabbed his hair and forced him to look up. "When you play with me, I will accompany you to the end. The whole process is made by you. If you change me, you can't?"


Sisi looked at him with cold eyes. "Is this the same thing?"


The white hook hooks the lips, "It is not."


"You are playing, I am serious, the first thing to do with your partner."


Sissi is not talking about it.


White touched Sissy’s face and kissed him on his lips. “I started to like you a little.”


This is heard in the eyes of Sister, automatically translated into, I want to eat you in the stomach.


He lifted a leg and slammed it into the white.


White stretched his hand and held it, and the palm moved up, vigorously holding Sisi. "I am very interested in your body. If you don't want to die, you will be honest."


Sisi said, isn’t it right now?


He lay down for a day, and he opened his eyes when he heard the dog barking. When he saw his own white dog, he sighed and raised his child.


"Big white, white, I really hurt you."


The big white dog looked up at the bed.


Sissy’s face twitched a few times. “Don’t cry, wait until I die and cry.”


The big white dog is still awkward.


Sissy has a headache, he has been miserable to even a dog will sympathize with it?


In the evening, the door of the room was opened, white came in, stayed in the bathroom for a while, and walked to the bed in a black nightgown, leaving the quilt to go to bed.


Sissy’s hands and feet were still imprisoned, and his body was so stiff that he could not move.


Fortunately, Bai Yin soon fell asleep and did not do anything to him.


Stuart didn't dare to sleep, worried that he would do the shameful dream again. As a result, he didn't stay strong for a long time and slept.


The dream is still done, this time is more crazy than the previous two, the whole dream is shaking.


Si Si awoke and found that Bai Yin did not know when to change from vertical sleep to sleep, two long legs directly on his body.




Sisi screamed loudly.


It’s a common practice to switch back to sleep vertically.


Sisi couldn't sleep, and blurted out, "What the **** is wrong."


Unexpectedly, he got the answer from the client, "habited."


After a brief silence, Sisi once again spoke. "White lead, let my hands and feet loose."


The device code installed on the imprisoned device is only available to the person who set it up.


White caused the body.


Two or three minutes later, the imprisonment on Sissi's hands and feet disappeared. He was active and knew that he couldn't beat the white lead. He didn't toss, and he could save some strength and not be used as a monkey.


It was calm overnight.


Si Siyi wants to go back to the apartment. The white guide does not stop, it is the distance to the door, and it is not a few stars.


The white dog was obedient this time, and he followed the pace of living.


Si Siyu looked at his family and said that it would be better to make mistakes.


In the morning, the Secretary came to the door, and the opening was a sentence. "Son, Bai cited that you are not feeling well. What happened to you?"


Sisters said for a few seconds, casually said, "The weather is not good, so I am in a bad mood."


The father suspected that his ears had an illusion. He specially put a bunch of official duties. Is that the case?


Si Siyu finished eating the biscuits in his hand. "Dad, go back without anything, I will work later."


The father thought for a moment, "Are you quarreling with the white?"


Sissy, ""


When the father saw his son not talking, he thought he was right. He said in the tone of the person who came over, "I started with your mother from the spouse network. When two people just came into contact, the contradiction is inevitable. When you get along for a long time, It’s very harmonious, you came out at that time."


Stuart was on the table and didn't want to return a word.


Father said, "I only have 80% tacit understanding with your mother, and you can live a lifetime. You and Baixuan are no problem."


"Son, the unhappiness in front of you is temporary. You must believe that you are a destined companion."


Si Siyu headed, "Dad, I heard it, you just deliberately ran to brainwash me."


He stood up. "I really have to work. What are you going back to?"


After the father went out, he turned to the opposite side and changed his position. "Mr. Bai, if you think my son is not suitable"


White quote interrupted, "very suitable."


Father said with a sigh, "What about you and my son?"


Bai Yinchao tea, "He doesn't like me very much."


The Secretary asked him silently. "Why is it because of what?"


Bai cited, "Probably I hurt him."


Father, ""


Did he think of something that should not be thought of? probably.


"How did Mr. White plan?"


Bai said, "I will let Sissy know about me."


The father still wants to talk for a while, then he is disturbed by a communication and goes back to his official duties.


After a long time, Si Siyu came out of the virtual space, and the living room was more personal. He stopped yawning. "How are you here?"


White quotes sitting leisurely on the sofa, "Will you finish?"


There was a fire in the light gray eyes of Sisi, but it was a fact that he couldn’t escape, and his angry face was distorted.


Bai Yin got up and said, "You should know something about the White House from your boss."


A string in Sisley's mind was instantly tightened, and the expression on the face became strange.


Wouldn't this person want to do something?


The white guide took Sisley to the opposite side and took a key to open the door of the first room. "Come in, I will introduce my family to you."


The author has something to say: there is a chapter of the fourth, a chapter of grapefruit, good night, see you tomorrow.