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Bai cited that Sissy was avoiding himself, and his brows moved not only to stop but to speed up.


Si Si's face sank and looked around and went to Chen.


Chen found that Sissy came over to himself and stunned. His arm was pulled to the center of the hall.


The central position is more eye-catching, and Sissy can't go to his eyes and spurt the facial expressions, and the horrible mother, stern, you!


Seeing that this one has attracted the attention of many people, Sissy quickly passed through the aisle and entered the bathroom. His action of closing the door was blocked by one hand and the man was smiling.


"Mr. Si saw me when I entered the hall. I want to say hello to you. How do you hide from me?"


Speaking of white quotes, I push the door and step through it.


Sisi has no retreat, and can only laugh at the scalp. "Mr. Bai, Si Mou just listened to his father and said that you are a white house owner. I don’t know how to face you at the moment, so I plan to avoid it. If there is offense, Please excuse me."


White raised an eyebrow and a gentle look. "Does Mr. Secretary not blame me for concealing it?"


Sissy shook his head.


Bai Yin’s lips smirked. “That’s fine.”


Sissy glanced at the man, so if the surname is white, can you leave?


Bai Yin looked at the front of the uniform, a straightforward person, "I didn't expect Mr. Si to be a family member of the district, or a soldier."


Sisi slammed his mouth and his name was white. You can be hypocritical. Before you move over, don't say that my neighbor is the bottom of the entire community. Everything is clear.


He remembered the scene when he first saw this person. The other party said to the porter that he was a doctor. He could really pull it. He didn't know what the skin mold was for. The thing looked flustered.


"I didn't expect Mr. Bai to be the owner of Tianlan Xingbai."


Bai cited, "Mr. Secretary, now we have a better understanding."


Sisi said that it is only a neighbor, there is no need to understand too much.


Bai Ludao, "Mr. Si, let's go together?"


Sissy pointed to the urinal behind him. "I want to be convenient."


White lines are not moving.


Si Siyu did not move, and he was running with him.


White reminds me of goodwill, "Is it not convenient for Mr. Secretary?"


Sisi twitched his mouth. "Mr. White is not going out?"


Bai said, "Then I am waiting for you outside."


"" Sissy looked uncomfortable. "This, I may take a long time."


Bai cited the dagger, "Nothing."


After entering the cubicle, the expression on Sissy’s face changed and changed. He sat on the toilet and thought thoughtfully. Bai cited as the white house owner, the new ruler of Tianlanxing, could never be flustered. The area comes from vacation.


What is the purpose? Is it a coincidence to move to his door, or is it deliberate?


Si Siyu heard the opening of the door, someone came in, there are two strings of footsteps, not white quotes.


Then it was closing the door.


In the sound of the water, there is a voice of deliberately lowering one person. "Hey, I told you that the white family owner did not last long."


The other voice is younger, "Ah? No? Is it a change of face?"


"Yes, it's changing face."


"Looking at you, tell me about it!"


"This thing is still my eavesdropping on my dad's conversation with the second uncle. After the death of Bai Yin's mother, his father found him a stepmother. The woman also brought a child when she entered the white house. The former husband’s birth, the original name of the chapter, after entering the White House for two years, officially changed his name to Bai, called Bai Xu, became the brother of Bai Yin."


"I haven't heard of it."


"Normal, very few people now know that Bai Xu is much bigger than Bai Yin, and soon he is involved in the Bai family industry. His ambition is big and he wants to sit on the seat of the Bai family. He is very concerned about the existence of Bai Yin. I am afraid that I will be taken away by myself."


"The White House actually has such a play, then Bai Xu is really shameless, obviously he is a foreigner, he will not join his mother to deal with Bai Yin?"


"Is this not nonsense? It must be done in vain."


"That white leads his father? No matter?"


"His dad has time to manage the little things at home, and then he said, the stepmother blew his hair in his ear and said that everything is fine at home, he does not believe."


"You go on."


"After the white rumored lord's position gave the white lead, shortly afterwards, Bai Yin had an accident. It is said that he was left with a sigh of relief when he was discovered. The skin on his face was almost smashed. A face, most likely his stepmother, because the other person was a third child before his mother's life, remembering his mother's beauty."


"How have I not heard any rumors?"


"The Bai family later passed a civil strife, and there were countless deaths and injuries. Now the past about Bai Yin is a taboo for the White House. In Baijia, no one dares to talk about the face of Bai Yin. The earliest discussion is not known, and his The stepmother and my brother have not appeared many years ago. I suspect that I died early."


"Oh, it’s terrible."


"You can't say anything about these words, otherwise you will not only be with me, but also two of us."


"I know, I won't talk nonsense."


Sissy in the compartment noticed the movement outside. His throat rolled up and down hard, and the head of the man who fell out of the wooden box appeared in his mind. He immediately opened the central network to search for information about the white house.


All the information is set with permissions, ordinary people can't see it, and there are only a few that can be seen.


Si Siyu withdrew from the Central Network, and Chen could see it. He wanted to let the other side help to look at it. The face of the head was not what it was.


Out of the compartment, Si Siyu's stomach rolled in a roll. When he went out, Bai Yin was not in the corridor. He couldn't help but feel a sigh of relief.


There is always a feeling of uneasiness.


When Sissy was ready to sneak away, he was stopped by the Secretary. "What have you done so fast, Dad has called you several times."


Sissy recovered as usual, "Call me what to do?"


Father said, "Take you to see the white house owner Bai Yin."


Sissy’s eyebrows immediately wrinkled, how is it again, “I don’t go.”


"Dad is not asking for your opinion." Secretary said, "As a parent of the company, you will take over the position of Dad in the future. You should take part in some necessary occasions and get in touch with that level."


Sissy’s temple hurts.


Father asked him to hurry, don't grind.


Sisi squatted down to find Chen’s figure, and asked him to check the information of Bai’s family as soon as possible.


"Dad, do you know the situation of the White House?"


Father’s footsteps have a clear pause. “What do you ask for this?”


Sissy said, "Don't you ask me to take care of it earlier? I have a clear understanding, and I don't even have a black eye on it, let others see our jokes."


Father coughed twice. "You can think so, Dad is very pleased, but the white house is very complicated."


Sissy, "And then?"


The father has obvious concerns. "In short, it is more complicated. You don't need to understand."


Sisi asked in a very casual tone, "Is there a brother in Bai Yin?"


Father’s face is in vain. “Son, do you listen to who said what?”


Sissy said no.


Secretary did not believe, he warned, "Put your curiosity, don't go to the White House."


Sissy thought thoughtfully.


In the interior of Nuo Da, Bai Yin sat with several big characters of the Star Alliance. His manners are like elegant nobles, which makes people look up.


Sissy’s footsteps slowed down. This white lead was different from the neighbor he was in contact with. He couldn’t find a trace of approachableness. The white lead between the two people in the bathroom was different. It didn’t make people feel pity and sympathy. The feeling that he is now the ruler of Sky Blue Star, the gas field is strong, and the people and things around him.


The words in the room continue, nothing more than a few words, flattering.


Father introduced his son to Bai.


Bai Yin was only indifferent, and did not have too much communication with Sisi in this occasion.


Sissi was so relaxed that he held his chin and looked at a void, doing nothing, really not as good at home, and the time of rest was wasted.


I don't know who said what, and I get approval from Bai Yin.


Sissy looked, if the conversation in the bathroom was something, white quoted this face


He touched his face, and if the skin was gone, it was all the pain that life could not bear.


The sight of Bai Yin passed over from Sissy and did not stop.


There is a cold sweat in the back of the squid, and there is a feeling of being seen through the mind.


The man never noticed the two seconds, but the father caught it. He whispered to his son, "Do you know what you are?"


Sissy shook his head, "I don't know."


He said in his heart, if it is true, then it will be fine.


In the second half of the banquet, Star Alliance prepared a program for Bai Yin, a juggling group brought back from the earth, and an orc who showed it for the first time after successful research.


Sisi boring yawning, he looked around, seeing Chen leaning against the wall, his eyes squatting together, like falling asleep, the wife of the madman, jealous to eat a terrible degree of rigor.


After confirming that there were no strict figures around, Sissy quickly passed.


On the second floor, you can take the bottom of the scene, including Sisi to find his wife.


He found that the white lead was upstairs, so he came over, for a heart.


Sky Blue Star also has a name called Destiny Star. On the west side of the planet, there is a blue water curtain that needs something to open.


That thing will be handed over to the next ruler by the former ruler. As long as the ruler writes the name of a partner into the water curtain, they may have a lifetime.


This is the purpose of this strict action.


White quoted the news, but it was very refreshingly agreed. "Bai has something, I want to ask Mr. Li."


Asked with stern eyes.


Bai Yin’s gaze fell to a certain position downstairs. “Want to get a person, what should I do?”


Strictly seeing the position standing is Sisi, unexpectedly, he whispered, "Body is still heart?"


White leads, "What is the difference?"


Strictly put his hand in his pocket and faintly said, "If you only want someone's body, you can use force to force it, you can also use force to tame, but if it is the heart, then it is troublesome, and you must have enough patience."


White quotes fell into meditation.


Severely screamed, "Some people, born to eat hard and not soft."


Bai cited, "Is it?"


He smiled. "Is it the so-called owed?"


When I heard the ruler of a planet say such vulgar words, the severe facial muscles were slightly pumped, and the lips said, "Yes."


Downstairs, Siss hit a cold war. Inexplicably, he pulled Chen and went to the corner. "Can you log in to the central network and help me find something?"


Chen asked again, "What?"


Sissy said, "White House."


Chen looked at him again.


Si Siyu was uncomfortable when he was seen. "Why, we have cooperated before, and now we are subordinates, in the same department, and we are in a good position. Are you busy with this?"


Chen opened the door again. "I just want to say that the fourth child is wearing a military uniform, very good."


Si Siyu still did not respond to Chen’s name, and he heard the next sentence. “Let’s watch, I want to put your backhand on the wall, and take off the belt of your military pants to dry you.”


Chen looked at the boss’s angry eyes and smiled and said, “Don’t misunderstand, I don’t have that idea for you.”


Sissy, ""


He looked at it with a look that you changed.


"Well, let's do business, white house, I will help you."


Not to tease the fourth, Chen also logged into the central network, his account represents the status and authority of the main system, want to see what, can see.


Looking around, Sisi whispered, "I want the information of Bai Jia's early years, the sooner the better."


Chen turned the information page again, and the encrypted program was cracked at his fingertips. Nothing could become his obstacle. He eventually found the relevant content ten years ago.


Everyone's youth and adulthood look more or less, but there is no change at all.


Both Chen and Si Siyu did not discuss Bai Yin and silently read the information of Bai Jia.


A moment later, Sissy’s pupils shrank, and he asked Chen to magnify a photo and said incredulously, “It’s really a white matter”


Chen is curious, "What?"


Sissy’s face was ugly, “Nothing.”


Fuck, white lead is not a hobby to place the human body mold, it is psychological distortion.


At that time, he opened the door and just saw the porter moving the wooden box. It does not mean that there is only one. Maybe before that, other wooden boxes were moved to the apartment of Bai Yin.


Si Sizhen remembers that the two people in the bathroom mentioned a key figure, the stepmother of Bai Yin.


He wants to vomit again. The white guide is just to stay on other planets, and to transport things over. Is it difficult to say good morning every day?


That is the mold, the human skin is simulated? Sissy, how to have a kind of hunch that I want to move.


God knows how hard it is for him to find a suitable place to live.


Chen raised his eyebrows, and the fourth child was lying, having a heart, and talking about the white lead. He went to see the photo and wrote down the face in the photo.


Sismo said for a while, "My family put my personal information data into the spouse network some time ago, saying that there is a 100% fit between me and me. You can find out who it is."


Chen was surprised, "100%?" He is also the fit with Li Yan.


Sissy said, "Who knows, it may be that the program has failed. In short, you can check it for me."


Chen added, "I try to be."


Sissi’s lips, "To tell the truth, you took it back, and beyond my expectations, it was also expected."


His eyes stopped on the ring worn by the young man. "You have mastered the seven emotions and desires of human beings through assessment, and can't let go, saying that feelings are waste, not teasing me."


Chen did not speak, it is the default.


Sisi asked what he cares, "When is the bonus sent to me?"


Chen yelled at him sideways. "I said that it is not an example."


“This time the situation is special,” said Sissy. “I am not allowed to run and need money.”


Chen turned his eyes again. "Senior Master is still short of money?"


Sisi said with a heart, lack of it, why not lack, the Secretary’s money is not his.


On the way back, Chen fell asleep again. He woke up after a day, if he had to persist in it, he would have to sleep for another half a day.


Strictly remove the young from the bed, this can be said, "White is interesting to Sisi."


Chen was sleepy, "seeing it."


Strictly circle the waist of the youth, and chin against his hair, "Do not intervene in this matter."


Chen said that he promised the fourth and told the story short.


Strictly passed Chen’s shoulder and sorted out the messy hair. “This still needs to be checked? It’s obviously white.”


Chen added, "I guess it is white, but there is no evidence, the fourth does not believe."


Li Yan holding the face of the young man, "Don't worry about his stupid, should you care about your man? Um?"


Chen grabbed the man again. "What do you care about? Are you not good?"


Sighing sighly, "I really don't like to touch you when you sleep, it doesn't make much difference with a doll."


Chen snorted again. "Then don't touch."


He licked the quilt and planned to sleep again. When he saw it, he picked him up on the window sill of the bedroom and grabbed his waist.


I don't know how long it took, the wind blows up the curtains and covers it on Chen. He reaches out and grabs the curtains and asks the man in front of him. "Don't you say that you don't put it inside today?"


The strict voice is lazy, "Forgot."


He said with a hoarse voice, "You are a man, and you will not be pregnant."


Chen is fierce, "Go away."


Strictly holding the arms on both sides of the window sill, the eyes were slightly stunned, so I looked at my own private things, and there was no sign of going.


Chen glanced at him and he swallowed. "You don't go, let me go."


The fierce arm was pulled open, and he smiled at the forehead. "Lu Chi, where are you going? Run away from home?"


"You don't have to."


Chen walked over the top, and he ate too much. His stomach was flustered and he said that there was a stream of water coming out of his mouth.


When he arrived at the door, Chen suddenly heard a voice, similar to the faucet slamming the water.




Chen went to the bathroom with a stinking face.


Strictly leaning against the door, "My fingers are longer than you, don't need me to help?"


"No need."


Chen squatted down, put his finger into his mouth, and spit out a pool of water. The man at the door fed him a lot of things every time. It was a matter of morning and night.


Shake his head sharply, step into the bathroom, roll up the sleeves to help.


Chen couldn’t leave, so he had to let the man come. He spit out food from time to time, and he felt that he couldn’t finish it. It’s not something that can be done in a short while. “How much have you fed me?”


Li Yan gave Chen a lot of food, "not much."


This is not much? Why don't you go to heaven? Chen urged, "Go out, I have to pee."


It’s hard and calm, "You sprinkle you, don't worry about me."


Chen Zai, ""


In the evening, Chen went into the virtual space and used the identity of the main system to mobilize all the data of the spouse network, extracting a code, copying it and sending it to the fourth.


Each worker has a different working time.


Si Siyu entered the virtual space on the second day. After accepting it, he saw the information on the code. He was shocked and sat in the chair for a long time.


I didn't think of it. The one who is 100% acquainted with him is a white quote, but this can explain why the white lead will come to the district, where it can't live, and he will live with his right door.


The courage is to do research work.


Sissi is not happy, the surnamed white is superior, when he is the emperor.


He leaned back on the chair and things didn't end well.


In order to win the prize, Stuart quickly calmed down, adjusted himself to the best state, and devoted himself to work.


It was morning in the morning, and Sissy took a cup of cow's back, ate two slices of bread, went to the bathroom and took a shower to sleep. He just lie down on the bed and slammed up.


No, the matter is not resolved, and Sissy is worried that he will have a nightmare.


He changed his pajamas, and when the big white dog looked at it, he thought he was going out and bent, and he ran to the door and waited.


"Dabai, I will go to do something first, come back and take you out."


Si Siyu touched the white dog's head and rubbed the hair of his neck. He went to the opposite side. His hand was lifted up and he was about to knock on the door. He found that the door was hidden.


Feeling not very good, there is a illusion of being trapped.


Symbolically knocking on the door, Sisi took the door handle and pulled it in.


The black dog that ran over called twice, not knowing whether he was greeting or warning.


Sissy chose to ignore it.


Bai cited tea in the living room, he did not look up, "Is there something Mr.?"


Sisi did not close the door, leaving a gap, his sights swept around, and when he came over, he felt sullen, and this time it was stronger, the head was full of the head mold, and even could not control the content according to the listen. The brain fills up a picture, white one person in the room, smiles and peels off the skin of the white and the stepmother, then sticks it up, and then begins to peel and enjoy the process of peeling.


Really **** is terrible.


The more the brain is filled, the more I feel the **** smell in the air.


Put the teapot under the white, and wipe the hand with a slap, "Mr. Si?"


Sissy returned to God and said straightforwardly, "I already know the data pairing situation of the spouse network, about me and you."


The white lead does not change color. "What do you want to say?"


Sissy said, "I don't care, I only like soft and slender women."


The movement of the white-shouldered hand kept going, with a bit of slowness, "As far as I know, you have never had a relationship yet."


Sisley shrugged. "I didn't really interact with anyone, but what is certain is that I am **** women, and men can't."


Bai Yin heard a smile and said, "You can't be hard."


Sissy, ""


The white waved and the black dog stalked his tail to the balcony's nest.


The living room is quiet and the atmosphere is depressed.


Stoxx controlled the mood. "I think that with Mr. Bai’s status and knowledge, I will not believe in the so-called data matching of the spouse."


Bai cited, "I believe."


Sissy, "" can't talk anymore.


Bai Yin put aside aside, he said with long legs, "Mr. Secretary, I hope you don't misunderstand, I am here, I want to know my future partner, but also a respect and attention."


Spiegel didn't smile, "I'm not interested in you."


Bai said that he is not too slow or slow. "At the moment, I have only a little interest in you, no hurry, come slowly."


Sisi was annoyed, with a bad tone and disdain. "Who is coming with you?"


The white lead stood up from the sofa and the powerful power of the whole body spread out.


Stuart frowned.


He probably stepped on the bottom line of this person.


Between the electric and the stone fire, Si Siyu added the white fists and fists. I don’t know who is the first hand, who is the fist in the position of the squat, who’s elbow hits the waist.


After a brief confrontation, Sissy's hands were clamped and white pinched his chin. "Do you want us to stay the same, to get along in the way of neighbors, or to change the way?"


Sisley broke a few times and did not succeed.


Bai Yin seems to just casually move his muscles and muscles. He has not yet used real strength. He said the facts and can't hear emotions in his tone. "You can't beat me."


The tip of the tongue sweeps across the inner wall of the mouth, and the saliva is mixed with rust. "There is a saying on the earth that the twisted melon is not sweet."


White laughs, "I don't like to eat sweet."


Sisi took a sigh of relief, and there was definitely a pit in the mind of the man, which was bigger than Chen’s pit, but far from Chen’s and cute.


Bai Yin suddenly asked, "Who are you thinking about?"


Sister sneered, "I want to shut you down."


Looked at the two lips under the skin of the eye, white bowed.


Sissi widened his eyes and he slammed his feet to the white.


Bai cited easily to avoid, grabbed Sissi's feet, and accompanied his people to the front of him. "I am here today, I will not be like you for a while. Once again, we may be in bed." ”


When the words fall, the white guide loosens the restraint on Sissy and smoothes the wrinkles on his clothes. "You are very charming when you are angry."


Sissy waved the man's hand and turned away.


Bai Yin sat back on the sofa and said to the person who had already walked to the door. "The kiss just was good."


The answer to him is to close the door.


White touched his lips. "Alice, I seem to have a little more interest in him."


The black dog on the balcony ran into the living room and licked the owner's feet.


White introduced himself to a cup of tea. "When I first saw him, I noticed that he was wrapped in his trousers, and he was very upset. I don't know what it feels like to touch it."


The black dog snorted and changed from squatting to squatting.


Going back to his apartment, Sisi licked his mouth and brushed his teeth three or four times. His mouth hurt and his face moved back and forth in the living room, "!"


The big white dog stood with his tail on the wall and did not dare to move.


Si Siyu had been in the living room for half an hour. He sat down on the sofa, screaming his hair and screaming. "White, my first kiss is gone."


The big white dog does not understand the sorrow of the master.


Stuart went to see the monitor, there was no one at the door, and the opposite door was closed, but he had a strange feeling of being stared at by a pair of eyes.


Being troubled by this, Sissy had no appetite to eat. He lay down on the ground and put his hands behind his head. He felt the smell of the person in his mouth and brushed his teeth again.


The big white dog is very honest all day, and he is always with the owner.


That night, Sissy had a dream. In the dream, he was dried. The other party was not someone else. It was the white name, and it was in the face of several human molds.


This is not the most terrible.


The most frightening thing is that he woke up and found that his pants were wet.




Stuart squatted on the trousers, and the communicator suddenly gave a reminder that his nerve endings shook. When he switched on, he spoke first. "Dad, I have something to say."


The figure of the father appeared on the screen. "Exactly, your father and I have something to do."


"White has attracted friends at home. He is the one who has a 100% fit with you. Son, I have talked with your mother. Since the fate has been fixed, you should develop with him."


Sissi gnawed his teeth, "even if he is a man?"


The father comforted himself. "The good man is a man. You have found a monster in the upper body and a fishtail in the lower body. In any case, you are much better than your uncle."


Sissy’s face twitched. “I strongly disagree.”


The father calmed. "This is not what you want to push down. Son, you have to be prepared, and Dad is very good at seeing whites."


"The key is that Dad listens to the tone of white, he is very satisfied with you, it is estimated that you will soon complete the partner ceremony and become a family."


Sissy turns off the communicator, throws his pants, what to do, roll it!


He sat in bed for a moment and hurriedly brushed his teeth to wash his face.


After the calm, Si Siyu contacted Chen and told him the password of the apartment, asking the other party to pick up the white and help him.


Sissy decided to leave the district immediately and go to other remote planets to avoid it temporarily.


Waiting for the attention of the whites to transfer to other people, he will come back.


Sissy, if it wasn’t for the guy, he wouldn’t have to leave his hometown.


Just as Sissy left the apartment smoothly and was about to arrive at the starship, several officers came from the crowd and stopped his way.


"Mr. Secretary, we are here to take you home."


The author has something to say: the fourth is a supporting role, the feelings will not be explained in detail, know that he has a good fall, there are two or three chapters behind, this article is officially finished, good night?