If you want to go, you will definitely be attacked by various traps and weapons.


There is something behind the grave.


Ning Shu sweeps through the spirit, the whole magnetic field is disordered.


It seems that I have to go in.


The faint light is on the hook. Leading Ning Shu.


Go in.


Ningshu avoids the inductive lines, the body twists and bends, and the mental power detects the traps in front.


You can't go one step ahead for a long time. The magnetic field is distorted. Even the nuclear magnetic explosion will happen occasionally. Once you step on the trap, it will explode immediately. In order to avoid the explosion, you will step on other traps.


Ning Shu is now like stepping on a stilt, falling down without paying attention. Update the fastest mobile phone: https://


Moreover, the cemetery is still filled with poisonous gas, inhaling this poisonous gas, and the internal organs are numb with the insects. In short, it is called a pain.


Ning Shu let himself not breathe, and for a long time, finally stood in front of the light.


A golden key is being set on the wall. Although the key is very inconspicuous, Ning Shu feels that this is definitely something important.


She had to reach out and take off the key, but stopped her hand in the middle, took off the key, and the trap in the cemetery would surely riot.


However, Ning Shu still took the key and rushed out of the cemetery at the fastest speed. Behind it was a fire tree silver flower, and all kinds of traps were launched.


There was a hot beam hitting Ning Shu's back, burning the clothes, Ning Shu did not stop, rushed to the hole, and the fire that swept from behind.


The light outside was glaring, and Ning Shu shouted at the mountain guarding the door: "Run."


The sound of rumble caused the mountains to shake.


The mountain heard Ning Shu, picked up Ning Shu, and immediately ran away. He ran very fast, and the huge body stepped on the ground, letting the ground vibrate with the mountains.


The cave entrance has been blocked, and it has been shaking for a long time and finally stopped.


Li Wen in the tent came out, and he twisted his brow in the direction of the tremor. There was a looming black hole behind him, as if the struggling beast had to struggle out of the cage.


Li Wen turned back and pressed it on the looming black hole, as if his fingers had broken into the water and smashed a layer of ripples.


The swaying black hole was quiet.


He lowered his head slightly and closed his eyes.


The mountain stopped and looked at the dusty caves and patted the heart. "You scared me, I almost thought you were not coming out, I have been calling you outside."


"What happened to you?" asked the mountain.


Ning Shu turned his head to look at his back, but he couldn't see it. It should have been hit by a laser, burning, hot, and hot.


Ningshu suddenly called, it hurts, and there is still no material inside, which is preventing the wound from healing and aggravating the injury.


Ning Shu thought for a moment, licking the material and not completely corroding the wound, said to the mountain: "You help me scrape the wound."


It is to scrape the meat.


The mountain was shocked and waved his hand. "I can't do it."


This young cub has not yet had his palms, and he can't do such a delicate life.


Ning Shu pinched the golden key in his hand. "Then I go back and let me go back."


"That, then you... be careful." The mountain hasn't finished yet, and she is gone like a wind.


Ning Shu returned to the cabin and said to him: "Help me a favor and treat me with the wound."


蚯蚓 Put down the pen and paper in your hand, "What happened?"


Ning Shu lay down, "help me scrape the wound, there is a toxin spreading." Scrap bone healing to find out.


It’s so painful to think about it.


"You wait." He went to the kitchen, took the kitchen knife, disinfected it, and came in.


Ning Shu looked at the shiny kitchen knife, the whole person is not very good.


"Can you change a knife?" She struggled.


"Your wound is poisonous. It is impossible to scrape slowly. The chopper blade is big, you can fix it, you can't bear it." He said, holding the knife to begin.


Ning Shu stuffed a piece of cloth into his mouth, lest he would be ugly.


The blade is placed on the back, and then the bones are scraped and the skin is scraped.


Squeeze once and for all, repeatedly scraping, bloody, Ningshu painful sweat, eyes full of bloodshot.


Tai Nima hurts, yes, it should be anesthetic, Axi.


Until the fresh blood flowed out, he stopped his hand and wrapped the wound with a clean cloth. He asked, "How do you get it?"


As he said while dealing with blood and carrion, Ning Shu said: "There is something wrong."


She looked at the key in her hand. The key was golden and there was no blood on it. It looked like gold, but it was not the environment. (Starting, domain name (please remember _ three


What is the key to open?


Light is a key, there is no lock, it does not help, Ning Shu collected the key, ready to repair, and flow so much blood.


Until now, the back is numb pain, this pain will always be accompanied by wound healing.


Ning Shu found a box, placed the key in the box and placed it in the cabinet.


The wound hurts, can't lie flat and sleep, can only sleep sideways.


Sleeping can repair the body, Ning Shu does not want to do anything now, just want to sleep.


I took a bowl of black lacquered medicine and rang the door of Ningshu. "I took medicine, you have to drink a little."


Ning Shu opened the door, a bitter bitterness, it was very bitter to smell it, and it was definitely bitter to drink it. Starting https://


"This is myogenic, you drink." He handed the bowl to Ningshu.


Ning Shu got close to it and retched. "It's too bitter."


"Good medicine is bitter, drink it."


Ning Shu pinched his nose and pour the medicine down. His tongue was numb, and he was getting more and more numb. He had a big tongue. If he didn't close his mouth, he was afraid that the saliva would stay along the corner of his mouth.


"I added some painful things, a bit numb."


Ning Shu: ...


This is a lot of numbness, I feel that I can't control my facial expression.


Ning Shu went to bed, didn't talk to her, and a mouthful of water would scream.


Because of the effect of analgesia, Ning Shu fell into a deep sleep, this sleep is very comfortable, and consciousness has not entered the peerless martial arts.


When I woke up and opened my eyes, there was a looming black hole in front of me. The black hole moment appeared slightly and disappeared for a while.


Ning Shu blinked his eyes and thought that he was awake and confused.


The tiny black hole, like a pinhole, finally disappeared.


Ning Shu’s expression is very doubtful and I don’t know what happened.


It was a sigh of relief and a black hole appeared, and it was very possible to take them and swallow the entire cabin.


Ning Shu got out of bed and took the key out. This will have a spiritual study of this thing.


The material is very hard, cold, and has an inexplicable power.


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