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Quick Transmigration: After Villain Reaches Full Level

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Hua Wu has been a villain in the Space-Time Alliance for many years, laying a foundation for the success of countless protagonists. Seeing that she was about to save enough points for retirement, she was forced to continue working as a guarantor to pay off her debts because her bad friends owed huge amounts of points and ran away.

Work is work, but no one told her that she has to change department!

When Hua Wu, who has outstanding achievements and was selected as the best villain every year, turned into a heroine… Everyone just wants her to retire as soon as possible.

Alliance: You are a heroine now, please control your behavior and don’t rob the villains of their jobs.

Hua Wu is full of apologies: Sorry, I’m used to being a villain. I will pay attention next time.

The Alliance watches her say sorry while pressing people on the ground and falls into silence.

Alliance: Do the villain’s work, so that the villain has no work to do, very good.

Hua Wu: You can consider me a villain.

Villain: Goodbye!

Hua Wu politely says ‘goodbye’ and give a big gift package – if you don’t do it, then die.

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:AVRFL
Alternate Title:快穿:反派女主满级之后
Author:Mo Ling
Weekly Rank:#83
Monthly Rank:#426
All Time Rank:#6809
Tags:Ancient China, Antihero Protagonist, Arrogant Characters, Beautiful Female Lead, Calm Protagonist, Carefree Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Confident Protagonist, Cultivation, Female Protagonist, Interdimensional Travel, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Magic, Persistent Love Interests, Power Couple, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Reincarnation, System Administrator, Transmigration, World Hopping,
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  1. Her female leads are really amazing and so overpowered!! And her male leads are sooooo cute!!! Even tho there are overpowered female leads in other QT books but most of them end up getting pampered by Ml or getting helped by ml! Mo Ling breaks this stereotype since Mo ling's FLs also do their own job and even have to pamper their lover QwQ

  2. Thick skinned is here again to recommend a novel, the genre is romace, the mc is xuanmen ancestor, she slept for more than 500 yrs, the reason is failed transcendence, she was found in the courtyard of the Shen family(Ml family) she was saved and shelter by Shen family, and the mc pretended to be amnesia bcuz she really can't explain that she slept for a long time, the ml grand parents and parents begun to like the mc, and they want to take care of her until they found her family(no longer had family so far) in short they want to take care of her and to introduce her to their son which the ml, the ml is a young commander of the entire nation, he really hated bcuz mc pretend to be white flower and well behave lady, which make the ml hate her so much, ml parents very worried about him, bcuz so far 25yrs old but no girlfriend, and even avoided his blind date, and the ml hate her so much bcuz she act what he hate, the mc also like to pretend like white lotus, and tease him, the ml hate her so much bcuz he also dont like weak pretended white lotus..His grandparents and parents like the mc so much, favored her over the ml..

  3. 140+ FL got kissed by the lu guy hate it don't like I'm sticking to op FL in world hopping than sticking to a single dog blood drama world that may have multiple timelines

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