In this world, L City is a mountain city.

Many buildings are built on the mountain, and under the influence of gravity, there is a clear spring flowing into the secluded pool at the foot of the mountain along the gap of the rock.

The diameter of these small pools is about fifty meters, and the depth is about five or six meters.

It is a pity that the city is not populated by any people, and the asphalt pavement of the city streets also has many cracks, from which green grass grows.

The buildings in the distance were covered with thick vines, and those vines split into tiny branches with blue morning glory growing at the ends. Occasionally, a few trees reached a height of several hundred meters, like giants supporting the sky.

City L is very strange...even the number of weirdos is very rare.

Or rather… hardly any weirdos.

Yakumo and others hid in a temporary underground base.

Yougu Qianxue was preparing breakfast, and after a few hours of space transfer, everyone arrived at the city.

Touch, touch, touch, touch.

Four shadow clones appeared and turned into golden light.

Yakumo sent them out to inquire about the city's situation. After seeing the danger of K City, any actions need to be more cautious.

Half an hour later, Yakumo had breakfast and began to recover the shadow clones outside. After absorbing the shadow clones' memories, he already had a preliminary understanding of the city.

L city, inland city, city in the cloud.

Within the scope of this city, there is a high mountain with a height of about 5,000 meters. Officially because of the existence of that mountain... the city has the reputation of the city in the clouds.

There are almost no living people in this city, but... the natural energy is very abundant. After entering the city, the mark of prayer on the back of Yakumo's right hand became very active.

It seems that there is some homogeneous atmosphere.

In terms of intelligence, from inside the library, Yakumo obtained a diary, which recorded part of the intelligence about the city.

More than ten years ago... Countless giant trees rose from the ground overnight, and thick vines covered the city. At first, these plants were at peace with humans.

As a result, some people thought those plants were unsightly and began to clean them up.

This action caused the plant to bounce back, and the blue flowers spread all over the streets, just a few days... Most of the human beings lost their lives in their sleep, and a small number of human blames were transformed into weird people related to plants.

At the end of that memory, the author's strokes had become so disorganized that even Yakumo couldn't tell whether he was still awake.

That sentence is...

"Hahaha, the flowers are blooming, so beautiful!


"Hahaha, so beautiful!"

What was strange about Yakumo was that he didn't feel any strange aura from the vines and big trees inside the city.

These plants look like ordinary plants.

Why is this?

Another point, also very strange.

Plants launched an attack on humans, and countless people died in their sleep at night, but why did not find the skeletonized remains in this city.

Could it be that the eccentric was so kind enough to collect corpses for others?

Yakumo separated the shadow clone again, and let the shadow clone continue to explore the surroundings, and by the way, conduct some simple tests.

The current base is located about a thousand meters underground, surrounded by wooden dungeons for airtight vigilance, even if multiple god-level monsters attack, it will give Yakumo time to prepare to retreat.

On that day, Yakumo burned the vines inside the city with fire. Those plants had better fire resistance than ordinary plants, but they were gradually ignited by the fire.

Most importantly...Yakumo was not attacked by plants.

It can be determined that the plants that occupy the entire city are just plants with more vigorous vitality. It may be that the monsters use their abilities to make the surrounding plants aggressive.

Just like the Mudun used by Yakumo...

It can be expected that the attributes of this god-level weirdo should be related to plants, and the body may also be related to plants.

When it is specifically tested that the plants in the city are not dangerous.

Yakumo's shadow clone began to move up the surrounding mountains, looking for the eccentric who slaughtered the entire L City.

On the other hand, Yakumo's shadow clone collected the pollen of Dan blue morning glory on a high-rise building, intending to analyze the composition of this pollen, and then use Mudun to interpret and reproduce it, in order to strengthen the power of Mudun itself.

In the laboratory, Yakumo uses the energy of life to activate the life-mastering skills to analyze the pollen.

Due to the existence of Mu Dun, he has a very high affinity for the plant itself, and can analyze the specific characteristics of this pollen in a few minutes.

This is a neurotoxicity, and when the human body is in sleep, the effect of this toxin will be maximized.

It is a pity that this kind of poison can also affect ordinary people, as long as the physique is strong enough to be immune.

Yakumo was a little disappointed and let the wooden escape creation swallow the pollen.

Then he called up the game panel and found the personal interface.

Currently, the free attribute point balance is two points.

The agility attribute has been met, the conditions for Daohua-level swordsmanship.

After thinking for a bit, Yakumo still added attribute points to the use of agility. When the technique of flying thunder **** was interrupted by a god-level geek...

He clearly understood that he was still not fast enough!

Only fast is not broken.

"Agility plus... 1.7."

The warm energy began to strengthen the musculature of his legs, and at the same time strengthened Yakumo's nervous system. As the energy flowed through his limbs, his body's reaction speed also improved.

After five minutes, Agility: 69.9

"Add some strength attributes, 0.2."

After the enhancement of energy, Yakumo's strength attribute reaches 59.9.

Now you only need to get another Grandmaster breakthrough scroll, you can get the Daohua-level swordsmanship, and you will have confidence in fighting Yin Mu.

The remaining 0.1 free attribute points are added to the constitution.

After adding points, physical attribute: 76.7

Yakumo stood up and performed a simple movement in the laboratory. This was after he was familiar with the comprehensively strengthened body, and he could clearly feel that various aspects of the body had improved to varying degrees.

Immediately, practice knife skills in the laboratory.

For a time, the dark room was full of light, and the shadow of the sword was like a mountain.

This is how Yakumo gets to know his body.

Now he is in a bottleneck period. Whether it is the Secret Book of Wooden Dun or the Hatake Swordsmanship, it is difficult to obtain a huge improvement. Of course, this bottleneck will be broken very naturally in two months.

Now must, continue to accumulate expedition points.

The demons were returned to the Glory Sword Box.

Yakumo left the laboratory, and he planned to take Mori Masako and Qianxue to the city, to see the night scenery of L City, and by the way to see if there would be weird people coming to the door at night.

"Qianxue, stop practicing the sword, let's go out for a walk."

Yakumo put on his battle uniform and said to Yougu Qianxue.

Yugu Qianxue's daily life is very regular, like an ascetic monk who has no desires and no desires. He spends more than eight hours a day practicing swordsmanship, and he also divides shadows to study ninjutsu.

"Yes, Master!"

He put the weapon in the scabbard and bowed slightly to Yakumo.

"You are only one line away from the master swordsmanship. This difference lies in understanding, not countless repetitions of practice. Seeing more scenery is beneficial to your practice." Yakumo comforted her heartily.

In fact, he understood that although Qiangu Qianxue didn't say anything, he still cared about not being able to break through to the master level yesterday. If the two negative states disappeared a little later, he would be able to go further.

"it is good."

Yakumo stretched out his hand to hold the shoulders of the two, and the chakra around his body spread outward, wrapping the two beside him, following the guidance of the technique of flying thunder gods.

With a flash of gold, the three appeared on the rooftop of the building.

Mori Yazi and Yugu Qianxue also put on personal combat uniforms during this trip, and outside the clothes, they used wooden escapes to piece together the blood-colored light armor to provide as much protection as possible.

This is the tallest building in City L, where you can see the whole city. Unfortunately, due to the fact that it is late at night, only a hazy black shadow can be seen in the distance.

Under the moonlight, it was barely able to see the bustling scene of the city and the outline of the cross-mountain bridge in the distance.

It's a pity... Now this is just an empty city occupied by plants, and it is even a bit scary empty, without any breath of living creatures.

"Go back, the city feels deserted."

Mori Yazi said, in order to facilitate the battle, she tied her long hair into a ball, and her temperament was less girlish and more capable.

"it is good."

Yakumo nodded, the night scene of L City was really disappointing, especially at night... There was no weirdness in this city, so his plan to harvest battle points was completely shelved.

He has already decided... If tomorrow morning, if the shadow clone can't find the location of the strange person, then he will re-transfer and abandon the L city.

Suddenly, the dark night glowed, and the loud noise was like thunder.


! "

Yakumo stopped in an instant and looked in the direction of the explosion, which is the highest mountain in L City... The direction of Cumulus Mountain is said to be the most beautiful scenic spot in the city.

But there was a terrifying explosion.

"Let's go and have a look."

Yakumo waved his hand, and the blood-colored rattan spread, connecting the ends of the two wrapped rattan to his own arms.

The body naturally floated up and flew out of 100 meters in an instant.

The gust of wind whistled past, bringing a chill.

Yakumo did not dare to raise his body in order to prepare for the flying monsters that might suddenly attack him, so he could only quickly walk between the buildings, and a hundred meters below him was the wide road.

While passing through a certain mountain forest, Yakumo saw countless fireflies dancing and flickering in the forest, like a dream... But he didn't stop.

The sound of explosions in the distance became more terrifying, and the clouds and mist around Cumulus Mountain rolled rapidly and spread around like radiation, all of which proved the intensity of the battle.

Even if it's a war between weirdos, he can still be that... fisherman.

If a hero of the Hero Association fights a monster, then he can take advantage of the situation to make up for the knife, gain free attribute points, and watch the battle fluctuations in the distance. The two sides fighting... must be above the dragon level.

Two attribute points can't escape...

The battle continued, with flames and explosions.

The scale of this kind of battle is definitely a deathmatch between the two powerhouses.

A few minutes later, Yakumo had come to the range of Cumulus Mountain, and the fog here became thicker, but it was naturally formed fog, and there was no strange and strange substance inside.

The concentration of the surrounding nature became larger, and Yakumo also felt the breath of vitality at this moment.

Yakumo secretly blamed the loopholes in his own thoughts. He had already searched for traces of weird people around L City as much as possible, but ignored L City, the most famous Cumulus Mountain.

The surrounding plants are lush and vibrant.

Under the vision of the soul's eye, he can see the natural energy like light smoke, and the energy concentration here can be compared with the three holy places of the ninja world.

But these natural energies are flowing like tides, gathering towards the higher position of Cumulus Mountain, where... it seems to be the core of natural energies.

"Fairy Mode, open!"

At the same time, Yakumo reminded the two inside the cocoon.

"The war is coming, get ready."

Continuing upward, the surrounding natural energy becomes more intense.

After half a minute, he finally saw the two sides of the battle.

The ancient green tree is rooted in the valley. It is the source of natural energy infusion. It is surrounded by thousands of tree roots and vines. A terrifying sonic boom is heard when it strikes.

But that ancient tree is not the body of a freak.

At a distance of 100 meters in front of the ancient tree, there stood a strange man covered in wood. He was about three meters tall, his limbs were a little too long, he held a wooden long-handled axe in his hand, and weeds and a few pink flowers grew on his head. .

In the air opposite it, Genos' feet were sprayed with flames, and he was briefly suspended in the air with the reaction force.

His appearance didn't change much from what Yakumo remembered, but he felt more calm, with a brand new weapon system installed on his arms and back, which was a more terrifying barrel.

Apparently... his destructive power was further enhanced.

Wearing a forehead guard on the forehead, which is engraved with...


At this moment, both the freak and Genos looked at Yakumo at the same time.

Genos' eyes were bright gold, and he was using the scanners he carried in his eyes to observe Yakumo's identity.

"The physique is strong, there is no record, and it cannot be identified."

"It's definitely human."

After confirming that the person who came was a human, Genos turned his head to refocus on the somewhat dry weirdo.

This god-level weirdo is... the king of nature.

A weirdo born from the destruction of nature by human beings, it firmly believes that human beings are the pollution of the world and must be removed... in order to make the world healthy, and has great hostility to human beings.

Among all the god-level monsters, the number of killing humans ranks in the top three.

The level is God-level monster, senior Darkmoon level.

It is said that when it purifies the world, it can advance to darkness.

The King of Nature had six eyes growing on his face, all emerald green in color, like extremely beautiful emeralds. When he looked at Yakumo, there was an aura of surprise in his eyes.

The breath on the two of them is quite close to...natural breath.

"Lord Son of Nature... You are finally here!?"

As soon as these words came out, Genos immediately entered the alert mode, and at the same time involuntarily adjusted the height up a few meters, and at the same time divided some of his attention to the new intruder.

"Could it be... is he a betrayal?"

After years of setbacks and defeats in the past, some heroes chose to leave the Hero Association and join the eccentric camp.

These people are called traitors...

Genos' eyes were a little unkind. After all, any organization... hates betrayer.

At the moment, any explanation is better than action.

The blood-colored vines were lifted, Yugu Qianxue and Mori Masako fell from mid-air to the ground, and the two of them drew their weapons almost instantly.

Yakumo also immediately attacked the King of Nature, proving his position with his actions.

"Why did you betray nature!

? "

"You actually betray nature!

! "


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