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Novel Summary

Travel through Naruto and become the son of an ordinary civilian Chunin.

In this life-like world,

He obtained the golden finger to speed up the practice of ninjutsu,

Let ninjutsu itself produce a magical change from decay.

The knife cuts the jade, and the water bomb breaks Suzuo.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:QMK
Alternate Title:木叶之任务达人
Author:Xuan Yu is easy to be cold
Weekly Rank:#806
Monthly Rank:#489
All Time Rank:#2166
Tags:Calm Protagonist, Cheats, Childhood Sweethearts, Early Romance, Game Elements, Hard-Working Protagonist, Interdimensional Travel, Male Protagonist, Naive Protagonist, Naruto, Overpowered Protagonist, System, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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  2. I am okay with self-insert MC, but I really hate reading fanfiction with another original character becoming very prominent in the story. MC's interaction with his Girlfriend is cringy and annoying. Plus the background of the GF is stupid. His system makes him OP fast that the story became a boring and generic tell-all novel. It would help if the MC is interesting but nope, the MC is pretty bland. Not recommended.

  3. Not Poison. Pros: No harem MC isn't too edgy or preachy Characters read mostly canon Author is careful when mixing magic/power systems Non-ruthless MC Cons: Strength gain is too fast too young - the gains do become reasonable after the initial surge though Notes: if you consider systems, non-ruthless MCs, or rapid strength gain poison you're gonna have a bad time.

  4. Power hungry novel again..... to me its poison i cant eat more poison after chapter 60. read at on your risk Note: unreasonable and wrong explanation, its confusing and sistem is suck..... for ordinary people its 3-4 star but for me its 1-2 its not to bad and not good either, to much hole in story. Author ruined potensial of story with adding a system

  5. It started off fine but later mc and his group (and the kakashi,obito group) feel like they are too op. MC system is too op in particular. (Can hasten his training alot compared to others, can create more diverse use of his spells) MC and the gf interaction are so unnatural and feels unnecessary to a point I would rather read about a book with silent type mc and two mute friends,no joke

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