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Qing Dynasty: Pampering The Queen

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The new book “Nongmen Spring Warmth: There is a Little Blessed Wife at Home” is open for pre-collection, please collect it, and open the pit in mid-2021.4.

Mu Jin, who has the appearance of a beautiful country and a city, has returned to the mansion, and everyone in the backyard of the fourth master is all staring at him: Here, the one who competes for favor is here!

Mu Jin is very hard-working, what are you fighting for? What a delay in farming! She didn’t want to come back, Fu Jin was deep in thought, Li Fang Fujin was aggressive, Song Gege was a smiling tiger, Geng Gege was a fake naive, she was beautiful but had a low status, no backers, and black eyes! I want to cry, I want to go back to Zhuangzi to farm!

Everyone is angry: It’s strange to believe you! You are a scheming girl, how long has it been since you came back? How many times have you ‘ran into’ with your grandfather?

Mu Jin:  …

It’s really a chance encounter! What can she do? She is also very desperate!

Fourth Master: There can be more such encounters! When I meet her, I just want to pamper her, pamper her, and give her the best of everything.

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Short Title:QDPTQ
Alternate Title:清穿之娇养皇妃
Author:Yilan Xi
Weekly Rank:#471
Monthly Rank:#243
All Time Rank:#2015
Tags:Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Modern Knowledge, Transmigration,
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  1. Does anyone know the name of the Chinese novel where the female protagonist who transmigrated into a book has an app in which ML appears as a chubby? Without being apocalyptic and from ancient times.

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