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Puffed-up after Giving Birth to a Wealthy Man’s Heir

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In the fifteenth year after he was mixed up at birth by a mistake, Yi Wei was taken back by his biological parents.

But the title of being the treasure of his parents, his eldest brother’s younger brother, even the white moonlight of his fiance was not his.

As long as he didn’t care, he could live well. But as he could help but care for these things, which lead to his miserable ending.

Only after his death did he know that he was just a cannon fodder in a book who was only there to be repeatedly cast down.

Under the shining aura of the protagonist, no matter how hard he tried to make himself excellent, it wouldn’t work.

After rebirth, he was not concerned about family love. If no one loves him, then would love himself even more.

This life, he would enjoy life at ease, watching the battle between heirs, waiting for a good opportunity to avenge himself.

Sadly, even though he wanted to stay away from this battle, it deemed to be impossible. As the only decent heir of this wealthy family was actually born to him.

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Short Title:PAGBWMH
Alternate Title:生了豪门继承人我膨胀了
Author:Tangerine Boat
Weekly Rank:#205
Monthly Rank:#856
All Time Rank:#2096
Tags:Arranged Marriage, Cross-dressing, Family Conflict, Genius Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Marriage, Mpreg, Multiple Personalities, Older Love Interests, R*pe, Revenge, Schemes And Conspiracies, Schizophrenia, Second Chance, Smart Couple, Strong Love Interests, Wealthy Characters,
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21 Comments on “Puffed-up after Giving Birth to a Wealthy Man’s Heir
  1. How the fast do you read for me to see you everywhere @cupcakeprince. I just finished reading ‘After Being Picked Up By The Top Alpha’ and finding a another novel to read when i saw you almost every novel comment section and review I saw. And I don’t know if you were already going at all those novels long ago, but damn you read alot.

  2. Is it just me or is it kind of weird that Yi Xuan has always been crushing on Gu Yueshan?! I mean it’s VERY normal to like older men but when you compare it to Gu Heng who’s crushing on her it seems a little odd, but more to the point we’ll get to see this Love Quadrangle come to a satisfying end I hope... MwUhAhAhA

  3. I still feel like I didn’t explain it well enough but basically they’re all wealthy young masters, peers if you will, but she’s still got her eyes on an uncle who is relationship and status wise totally different in all factors compared to what her partner Gu Heng is chasing she’s pursuing a powerful man... there’s an inherent power imbalance, that said the fact that Gu Yueshan is older, wealthier, handsome and probably young looking would and obviously have attracted serious amounts of suitors.... I guess it makes sense that she would seek an older more stable man because of the power imbalance because he’d be able to provide more for her than she can bring herself or if she Marries someone equal in status (though she does for one of the most likely targets to succeed her ideal man) they do say women tend to prefer men whore older and I guess Gu Heng would be more likely to not care or look for someone stronger than him or his potential after all he is likely to be one of the strongest or most powerful people out there and unless his wife is from a similar family it won’t really be equal... I feel like I’m trying to be a psychologist analyzing these characters motivations when it not even that deep like it’s probably all just cause, and it seems like maybe it was an accident they made it seem like Yi Xuan was a scheming bitch... but the again in ch 24? The one where she almost cries after telling Gu Heng to leave her alone (that should be sufficiently spoiler free, she likes to cry a lot, probably?) she holds back her tears and then proceeds to go into ~~ULTRA-SCHEMING ~~ B*TCH-MODE~~ and I’m like wait can we pick one or the other ?!?!? Like wtf is she just acting at other times or is it all GENUINE?! Because if so, then I don’t think Gu Yueshan is the only one needing psychotherapy!!!

  4. I think it’s weird that they took so long with introducing how he for pregnant by Gu Yueshang it seems all odd and out of place when looking at how they did all that exposition dump with everything else, though that makes sense since I think it’s supposed to be some dark past mystery or something since there’s rape and multiple personality tags but yeah it’s definitely intentional that their make it stand out and seem odd the way they talk about Gu Yueshang

  5. Yi Xuan is a strange one, it makes sense she’s in psychology considering how messed up she is, I would be surprised if she’s the on with multiple personalities because she’s naive and innocent but also scheming and kind of truly awful while also being all insecure and paranoid despite everyone stamping all over the cause for her.... though Gu Yueshang might have the multiple personalities and maybe that’s why he also supported Yi Wei going into psychology(not just because their attire and pregnant) and it’s explain his seemingly out of character out burst against a certain green tea bitch and the weird clammy behavior towards how Yi Wei got pregnant by Gu Yueshang

  6. I got what you wrote ik that it's alot of personality in yi Wei but I think the interaction between them is sweet he and Gu yushang also he got his revenge but I just thought his adopted brother should've gotten a chance to live and not be enemies overall I still like it if you know any good yaoi revenge novels plz recommend it to me I assume you are girl like me hehe🙃.

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