"It's finally over. How about a skewers tonight?" After Murong Zhao and Hua Qingyun's wedding ceremony, Su Tang, Pei Xuan, and Su Yongnuo came out of the palace together, Su Tang stretched out. Say so.

It was Zhou’s business before, and Hua Qingyun’s dowry was prepared. Su Tang was also very busy, and now I’ve finally finished this time. It’s a good time for autumn to be high and fresh, and in the night breeze, how can I be worthy of not making a string? Such a good view.

"Okay, okay, let's bake and eat by ourselves!" Su Yongnuo immediately welcomed it when he heard something delicious.

He has not been with his sister for more than a year. Although in a place like Beijing, both Fang's family and Pei Xuan take care of him, and he will certainly not lose his food and drink, but it is not as good as the ingredients in the space.

The ingredients provided by the Lord River God are the most delicious. Su Yongnuo still remembers it, so of course he is not happy now.

Pei Xuan smiled in the same way, "Okay, I have a good fruit wine there, it just matches."

"That's great, that's it, you go home to get the wine, I'll go back and have someone prepare it, let's bake it tonight!" Su Tang decided.

After Su Tang went back, he got some ingredients out of the space and let the servants marinate them and put them on skewers. The backyard of the princess mansion was equipped with an oven, which was a good time for the moonlight to be sultry.

The three let the subordinates leave, and sat down to start the barbecue. After a while, they saw the oily meat on the wire mesh and the fragrance spreading far and wide.

Seeing that the meat was cooked, the three of them were about to start eating. As soon as they held a skewer and put it to their mouths, they heard a rush of movement outside, and then the voice of someone talking, "I'll just say it. I'm going to make something delicious today, I didn't lie to you!"

"Yes!" The male voice answered with a slight smile.

And Su Tang and Pei Xuan, who have been squandered by people during this period of time, are obviously very familiar with this voice. They looked in the direction of the door together, and they saw the emperor and the empress who were just married today. They were all dressed in casual clothes. Who is it, that's it.

"I know that you must make sweets today. Give me two skewers quickly. I wanted to eat barbecue before. Nothing made out of you was as delicious as you. Do you have grilled fish? I want to eat too! "

Hua Qingyun drooled when she saw the fragrant skewers. Su Tang looked at her speechlessly and knew that she was a foodie, but on the day of the wedding, she turned the emperor’s husband out to have a barbecue. Six?

Pei Xuan also looked at Murong Zhao speechlessly, "Why are you here?"

Recently, in order to prepare for the big wedding, he and Tangtang did not have any time alone, because a certain emperor came over and nagged nervously when he was fine, and then worried about this and that.

Now that they are all married, they still want to disturb him and Tangtang. Shouldn't it be so excessive?

"Does this need to be asked?" Murong Zhao looked at Hua Qingyun who was sitting next to Su Tang eating skewers. His wife was coming. Would he dare to come? He couldn't beat her.

"Your Majesty the emperor is afraid of your daughter-in-law, are you embarrassed?" Pei Xuan looked at Hua Qingyun not far away speechlessly, to be sure, whether it was Luo Xingchen before or Hua Qingyun now, it is so annoying.

"Your Majesty, what did you say? The wife is not used to take care of you, is it used to take care of you." Murong Zhao returned Pei Xuan's words to Pei Xuan and patted him on the shoulder again. "Your sister-in-law can eat How are you, don't be so stingy!"

Is he stingy? Pei Xuan was angry when he heard this, his knife is, he wants to hack to death this pair of show-loving guys!

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