Since the last time he went to the palace to apologize, Murong Zhao seems to have discovered that it is not too difficult to go out as an emperor. In the last two months, Su Tang and Pei Xuan have been preparing for the ceremony of marrying the queen. Harassed by him.

When he was still the prince, there were a lot of things, and there were people staring at him. He would come like this, and they are all counted. As a result, now that he is the emperor, Queen Mother Xu wanted to take care of him, but Murong Zhao didn’t listen. same.

Empress Dowager Xu also had nothing to do with her own son, anyway, she was just such a son, and she couldn't manage what she could do, so Murong Zhao was very diligent.

It’s really troublesome to bother Pei Xuan and Su Tang. They complain about Murong Zhao all day long, but they are only a few of them at a time. Otherwise, outsiders will see how the majesty the emperor is being chased by Su Tang and Pei Xuan, probably the whole person will be split. Right.

Su Tang and Pei Xuan still unceremoniously stunned Murong Zhao’s pre-marriage tensions, and then drove them out, especially Pei Xuan, "Brother, if you get married, you will get married. Why should I pierce my heart? Getting married!"

After hearing what Pei Xuan said, Murong Zhao suddenly felt comforted. Sure enough, happiness was all contrasted. He returned to the palace happily to marry a wife. Pei Xuan felt that he really shouldn't forgive him that day, and should give him two knives. .

Not to mention how Murong Zhao ran over to find Su Tang and Pei Xuan in the middle of the night, it was the day of the wedding. The day before, the queen drove into the capital and was welcomed by the people on both sides of the capital, and then entered the Qinghe Princess Mansion.

The next morning was the etiquette time for the wedding. Su Tang, who had always woken up naturally, could not afford to get up early, and brought Sulan and Jiang Nian to the courtyard where Hua Qingyun lived.

When I walked in, I saw that Hua Qingyun was being dragged up to put on makeup. "Even if you want to get married, you have to feed me. If I can't walk when I bow, what should I do?"

"If Ms. Hua doesn't sleep in bed, she will have time to eat." The aunt who came to serve Hua Qingyun in the palace looked serious and strongly condemned that she slept too late, so she didn't have time to eat.

"If you don't get married, is it fair to get up three hours in advance? If I want to eat, I have to eat!" Hua Qingyun clutched his belly, what kind of relationship would you be without eating?

"Why are you hungry for our future empress?" Su Tang said with a smile when she came in and saw her shamelessly.

Hua Qingyun saw Su Tang coming, and her eyes lit up, "Tang, they abused me, I'm so pitiful!"

It's really not in vain to mix with Su Tang for the past few years, and this mouth has been selling badly. This time the person who went to meet the relatives was specially selected by Murong Zhao to ensure that Hua Qingyun would not be uncomfortable.

It was all good, but today it is going to be a big wedding, but Hua Qingyun is not cooperating, and the maids and servants are also embarrassed. You can't let the officials and the emperor who are waiting for the wedding be put off.

Su Tang looked at her with a pair of Danfeng eyes and looked at herself, pitifully, and laughed, "You go down first, I will talk to my cousin!"

Su Tang is a princess. She spoke, and all the servants withdrew. Su Tang carried the box to the room and opened the box. It was a thick bowl of lean meat porridge and a few Hua Qing Yunai. Dim sum to eat.

Su Tang made them in the kitchen early in the morning. As soon as Hua Qingyun saw these, she sat down "Tang, I know you love me."

"Girl, you must also know that not only I love you in this world, but also he. In the past two months, he has been carefully finalizing the details of today's wedding, every step is very delicate."

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