At the beginning of August, Murong Zhao personally decree to show the truth about the death of Guogong Pei. Zhou Bo and the Zhou clan confused the first emperor with words, causing the tragedy of Guogong Pei and punishing the nine clans.

At the same time, Murong Zhao sinned himself and took the charge of murdering the hero on behalf of his father.

Just like what Su Tang and Pei Xuan said before, even the emperor's reputation after death is recorded by living people. Although Murong Zhao bears his own responsibility, the old emperor’s murder of meritorious officials is recorded in him. In the record of the emperor's merits, it became his darkest stroke.

Regarding this result, Pei Xuan and Su Tang didn't say anything, anyway, it was the old emperor who did the wrong thing, not Murong Zhao.

Pei Guogong has passed away, and those who are alive will eventually live. Murong Zhao is willing to go out of the palace to apologize. He has already expressed his own feelings. Everyone has known each other as a child. For many years, they can be so separated. It has been very difficult. of.

In this way, the Zhou family's affairs had the final result, and the time finally came before the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Pei Guo Gong's Mansion, Su Tang and Pei Xuan were sitting in the courtyard drinking tea and playing chess.

"Tangtang, if I win, you will marry me, okay?" Pei Xuan said to Su Tang while thinking about where to go next.

"You won first!" Su Tang was very calm.

"You can say yes first!" Pei Xuan continued to demand.

Su Tang looked up at him, "I won't!"

"Tang Tang..." Pei Xuan had to say something more.

Before I finished talking, I heard someone rushing in, "Xuan'er, sister, what should I do, what should I do, will I wear a red dragon robe tomorrow, or a black dragon robe, or she likes it best before wearing Which pink dress do you think is suitable?"

Su Tang and Pei Xuan looked inexplicably at His Majesty the Emperor who was circling, Pei Xuan was speechless, "Isn't it just getting married, are you so nervous?"

Su Tang looked at Murong Zhao's pink clothes and rolled her eyes, "She really is a girl's heart!"

How much do you like pink for Murong Zhao to wear pink?

Then Su Tang said with a vicious tongue, "If you want to go out, you can make people think that you are a peacock who has been crouching, wear this pink. Of course, except for girls, everyone will close their eyes and blow the heroic appearance of brother. As for these two dragons. Robe, forgive me, is there any difference between the two except for the color?"

Su Tang paused at this point and continued, "The most important thing is, brother, you will be standing at the gate of the city tomorrow as a tool man, and she can't get out in the car. Will you be her clairvoyance and clairvoyance?"

The Zhou family’s affairs have been taken care of here. Murong Zhao can’t wait to make Hua Qingyun the queen. Empress Dowager Xu saw that Queen Zhou was taken away. She was about to say that her niece had a chance, but she suddenly heard this. The news, Hua Qingyun, who did not know where it came out, became a queen.

Later, I learned that this Hua Qingyun was actually the cousin of Princess Qinghe. Empress Dowager Xu said she did not agree, but the empress dowager thought too much. It was useless for her to disagree. After the imperial decree was sent to Qingzhuo County, the county magistrate Fu Yi and At the end of the term, Qingyuan County magistrate Lu Qingyun, who needed to go to Beijing to report on duty, escorted the queen to Beijing.

Tomorrow Hua Qingyun will enter the capital, because it is the queen who enters the capital and is about to get married, so Murong Zhao, as the emperor, will greet him at the city gate, and then Hua Qingyun will get married at the Qinghe Princess Mansion. .

Then Murong Zhao became like this.

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