The fire in July, the hot summer is about to pass, the air is finally a little bit cooler, and the Su's courtyard is quiet at noon.

Su Tang went out of the room and went straight through the yard to the kitchen. In the main room, the old lady of the Su family, Zhao, saw it. She was swearing again, but she didn't dare to do anything else, for fear that Su Tang would hit her head again. If this is dead, tomorrow Who is their Su family going to take to sacrifice to the river god?

He glanced at the cursing main house and the Su family's third house, who seemed to be dead and motionless, Su Tang sneered on his face, went to the kitchen and put all the eggs left at home in the pot and cooked them away.

Anyway, someone who is going to die tomorrow, she has any scruples.

"Sister..." Su Tang took the egg to the barn, and saw a little boy looking at him with **** eyes, as if he was afraid that she would disappear like this.

Seeing his brother like this, Su Tang's heart couldn't help but feel a pain. Although the child was not her brother, she still made her feel distressed. Su Tang handed him the egg "Well, Da Lang is hungry!"

The little boy opened his eyes wide when he saw a dozen eggs in the bowl, and looked at his sister "Can you eat it? The milk will scold you."

Su Tang sits on the bed, peels an egg and puts it in his hand "It's okay, you can eat it if I ask you to eat it."

The little boy pursed his mouth, swallowed uncontrollably, but put the egg in his hand into Su Tang's hand again, "Sister eat, sister is injured, and needs to make up."

As soon as the voice fell, Su Tang's eyes were a little sore, what a caring child, how could there be such a cruel person, willing to abuse him.

Su Tang reddened her eyes and nodded, "Sister eat, Da Lang eats too, we all eat."

The boy saw his sister like this, with tears in his eyes, "Sister, are we going to see the mother? They said that we are going to die when we see the river god. Sister, can we not die?"

The childish language was like a sharp arrow that stabbed Su Tang's heart fiercely. She reached out to help her brother wipe away the tears, "I don't die, we all live well, and live better than anyone else."

When the little boy heard his sister say this, he threw himself into Su Tang's arms.

Su Tang hugged her younger brother, but her thoughts returned to the day before. She was originally a modern web editor. She happened to be in a hurry for a manuscript, so she hurried to work overtime for two days.

It is said that staying up late is going to be bald. Su Tang used her own reality to prove that she will not only be bald, but also hang. She stayed up for two days, only felt that her eyes were dark, and then she became the Su family’s big ni .

Su Dani and Dalang were born to their relatives, Su Dafu, and their original spouse Liu. Liu was in poor health and died within two years after giving birth to Dalang. So Dafu Su married the current Wu family again.

After the Wu family entered the door, they always said that Su Dani and Da Lang were fate, and they killed their own mothers. They also said that they were lost stars. It just so happened that the Su family’s life has become more and more difficult in the past few years. The wife also saw the siblings not pleasing to her eyes, and thought it was them who made the Su family like this.

The contradiction finally reached its culmination a few days ago. Su Dafu’s third brother Su Sanshou and a few unconcerned ones had to go fishing on the Qingjiang River. They encountered an accident and only half their lives were left when they came back. I don’t know when. Can wake up.

I asked the goddess to come to the door and said that Su Dani's sister and brother had ordered the Su family to save Su Sanshou, they would pay homage to a pair of virgin boys and girls to the river god.

When the Su family heard it, they had no hesitation and they had to hand in two sisters and younger brothers. Su Dani heard that they were going to worship the river **** and kneeled to beg their father Su Dafu. Unfortunately, they knelt for a day and did not get a response. Only these so-called relatives Ignorance and indifference.

Su Dani was only eight years old. Seeing this, she rushed into the wall impulsively, and changed her modern Su Tang.

The Su family did not expect Su Dani to commit suicide. They were shocked. They immediately invited the doctor. The Wu family of Dafang and the Sun family of Erfang were afraid that Su Dani would die, and they would have their own daughters instead of Su Dani to worship the river god. .

Su Tang crossed over and knew that this sister and brother had such a hard life, so naturally he would not continue to obey this way. Anyway, the Su family will send them to worship the river **** tomorrow. They dare not let the two sisters and brothers accident, so they are unscrupulous. Go to the kitchen to eat and drink, what is expensive to eat.

The two siblings were peeling eggs to eat on the dilapidated bed of the barn, and when they heard Old Lady Su going to the kitchen outside, she screamed and scolded again.

Da Lang shuddered in fright. He glanced at his sister and found that his sister, who was shivering as long as her milk gets angry, is the same as himself before. Now she is not afraid at all. Seeing him look over, he smiles at him "Quickly eat." Don't be afraid, there is a sister."

Da Lang didn't feel so scared when he saw his sister's calmness, and continued to peel the eggs.

The two siblings could not eat enough to eat at home before, and even one bite of eggs was not enough for a year. Now that there are so many eggs, Da Lang eats very carefully, taking every bite for a long time before swallowing.

Su Tang is not a real child either. Naturally, seeing why Da Lang is like this, he feels even more sad.

As an online editor, she has always read a lot of online novels. She knows that she is here, and she is afraid that she can't go back.

Since she can only live in place of Su Dani, she will take good care of her younger brother and let him grow up and live a good life. That little eight-year-old girl, if she really has reincarnation, she should be with her own life. Let's meet mom, and hope to be a beautiful little princess happily in the next life.

Su Tang was eating eggs while thinking about what to do tomorrow, and then saw that the door of the barn was opened and someone came over and grabbed two eggs. "Sister so many eggs, let me share a few!"

This boy was about five years old, and he was the second-hand man in the Su family. He just heard his milk scolding in the kitchen and knew that Su Tang had eggs here, so he came over to eat.

This Su Erlang is the most cunning and gluttonous. He used to bully Dalang a lot. Su Tang watched him lick his face and grab eggs from him to eat. He hit his hand and grabbed the eggs. "If you want to eat, you can replace it tomorrow." Da Lang went to Qingjiang to worship the **** of the river."

Su Erlang was robbed of the eggs, and when he reached out to take them, he saw that Su Dalang put the eggs away and "not for you to eat."

Su Tang looked at his younger brother like this, with a smile in his eyes, although he has been bullied, but fortunately he has not developed a cowardly temper, which is very good.

Su Erlang opened his mouth to cry, Su Tang said directly, "If you cry, I will tell my grandma that you want to worship the river **** instead of Dalang, and the three uncles and aunts must be willing."

"Bah, you die by yourself, I won't go, my mother said, even the uncle is your own father and you are not willing to save you, you are the lost star, if you are at home, I will not be a beautiful wife in the future. High official!"

Having said this, Su Erlang glanced at the egg in Dalang's hand, knowing that he could not grab it, "I will give it to you, anyway, you are going to die!"

After speaking, he ran out directly, and Su Tang's eyes became colder when he heard what Erlang said, but when he looked at the door, his expression was slightly relaxed.

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