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Dressed as [fantasy world] [patriarch], portray the fantasy world as realistic as possible from the perspective of the family, grow spiritual fields, raise spiritual fish, develop various family industries in an all-round way, support salted fish elders to become ancestors to serve as umbrellas, and inspire juniors to bravely venture The Holy Land Academy has come to the fore.

It is not a fantasy of passionate combat, but is based on the promotion of various family industries, capital, facilities, domestic servants, family generals, clansmen, guest officials, in-laws and other elements. Trying to see the “old-fashioned” fantasy world from a fresh perspective.

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Short Title:POP
Alternate Title:保护我方族长
Weekly Rank:#536
Monthly Rank:#138
All Time Rank:#2918
Tags:Academy, Arranged Marriage, Charismatic Protagonist, Childcare, Clan Building, Clever Protagonist Cultivation, Cultivation, Early Romance, Family Building, Family Business, Fantasy World, Hard-Working Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Marriage, Merchants, Monsters, Multiple Personalities, Patriarch, Smart Couple, Time Skip, Transmigration,
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12 Comments on “Protect Our Patriarch
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  1. Romance can be ignored. It isn't the main theme of the novel so it doesn't matter whether it is early or late. And this is a clan building novel, they are short of people so they need to create more children to support the clan.

  2. An unexpected gem! No system or some blatant cheat. The only op thing about mc is his brilliant mind. In terms of strength, although mc has a very powerful bloodline, it's a full-time support without much destructive ability. And he still has to pour so much money and resources to cultivate it. So, it can be said it's not a cheat but a potential squeezed out with money. There's not much face-slapping and arrogant young master, no disaster appearing out of nowhere. A real civilized world building where people won't kill and kill without reason and order. The cultivation system is also more in line with the law of conservation of energy. No sudden breakthrough in battle, no sudden increase in strength. Cultivation potential and speed can be increased but no strength improvement in a instant. This is a real gem for those who like clan-building and bussiness genre but are bothered by the forced-plot cliches. The only thing that bothers me is that because of mtl quality and vast amount of characters, I can't keep track of the character family trees anymore. Ps: And to those who want to ask whether this is harem tag or not, this is a big mystery still unsolved for near 400 chapters. It's almost certainty that no more heroine will be introduced but the question of whether mc is married to one or two woman is still a mystery.

  3. What if they are two souls and later plots give one another body? That's what I mean. From the world building, mc's supposed to have more concubines when the family became fifth rank. From the tone of the author, mc and his wife are indulging too much to have a third wheel in between. Getting Liu Ruoling out and giving her a seperate body may be a good way to keep the flow. Though I don't actually support that theory.

  4. That's where the conflict is. From the story so far, every character strictly follow the traditions. And based on traditions, the family head of fifth rank or above family has the duty to marry concubines and produce more descendents. All the mega big families follow this tradition, not to mention mc's current family still has too little members with their rapid developments. And do not forget that mc's current marriage is a arranged marriage and it's still the type where they've never met before the wedding. It's just the author who time skipped ten years and the couple became all lovey dovey in the next chapter. The facts above are pointing toward mc getting concubines. Of course there's constraints against it. One is the mysterious split personality and jelousy of mc's wife. The other is, mc's actually on the losing side in the couple's bed battles so far. These points are against mc getting some concubines. Personally, I think things are in favor of against.

  5. as far as i know he has married his fiance who is a hidden boss, the girls in this novel are so much exaggerated than the boys that girls dominate the strength of his entire clan. i donot see any harem so far so maybe in the future there may be as the women introduced so far are all related to him with either blood or relatives

  6. Guys if you want better novels - recommend them on discord. it's no use bitch about in here (comment section in general)

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