Luo Ran was eating food calmly. Yu Guang looked at the appearance of Luo Xi's mouth that he couldn't help but his eyes flashed a little cold light.

Some people are not only stupid, but also poisonous.

Zhang Yulan didn't think about how Luo Xi would come out to eat with everyone abnormally today, and she was completely chilled to her, and no longer ignored her. She put a piece of meat in Luo Ran bowl and asked her with a smile:

"It's almost February, and it's time for Xiaoran and Xiaoyan's wedding."

Luo Ran suddenly blushed, her eyes shy, Zhang Yulan didn't ask her to talk, and she didn't understand her daughter's temperament, and she said directly to her:

"Let Xiaoyan come to eat at home in two days."

Luo Ran bowed her head shyly, but waxed joyfully: "I see, mom."

Luo Xi sneered. She had seen Luo Ran unpleasant for a long time. When she passed the heart, she blocked her heart. Naturally, she could not look at her happy appearance, but she thought about the food she just ate and showed a smile. People just feel cold in their hearts.

Luo Ran raised her eyes and glanced at her, biting her lips, seeming uneasy, and frowned lightly.

Luoxi naturally saw her look, and gave her a cold glance, then put down the chopsticks and froze, "I'm done."

The others thought she hadn't heard her, and she didn't care and left.

The relationship between Luo Ran and Lu Yiyan is getting better and better. In addition to reading together, they occasionally go to the town. On one occasion, the two went directly to the county seat and watched a movie.

The most common thing is that the two walk in the village, and occasionally go to Houshan, gradually spring, Lu Yiyan also occasionally pick some flowers for Luo Ran.

Occasionally, when they saw them in the village, they murmured twice, or they felt that the young couple had good feelings, or they thought of Luoxi.

The wedding date of the two has also been settled, one month later, that is, the end of March, April is unpleasant, and May is busy working, and then, Yulan Zhang looks at Lu Yiyan's lips, I don't want to drag on anymore. After the day is set, people with good eyes can see that Lu Yiyan is very happy.

The two men adjusted their oils in honey, and their relationship was stable. On the day the wedding was settled, Luo Ran accompany Landing Yiyan and walked in the village at night. It was obvious that the village had already visited the place long ago, but Lu Yiyan was too excited to stop.

He also tried to restrain himself, just smiling very warmly, looking at Luo Ran's eyes bright and bright, making people see his joy at a glance.

It was getting dark, and he suddenly pulled Luo Ran to stop. Luo Ran listened to his still excited voice: "Xiao Ran, are we getting married?"

Luo Ran looked at him, and Xing's eyes were full of smiles. He nodded to him with his lips bent, Lu Yiyan's eyes brightened, and he suddenly lay on her ear and said softly:

"Don't move, I want to kiss you."

As soon as the words fell, without waiting for Luo Ran to answer, she pulled Luo Ran's waist toward her and kissed her lip.

Luo Yan trembled her eyes, although she was very shy, but she did not resist. Her tender white hands gently held his collar, and her pink lips were lightly opened, allowing him to do anything wrong.

That night, when Lu Yiyan sent Luo Ran home, his face was still smiling.

After returning to the educated youth compound, she found that the educated youth compound was in a mess, and Lu Yiyan converged the joy in his heart, and frowned and asked, "What's wrong?"

Yizhiqing said to him, "Ningzhiqing has had a miscarriage, and the blood has flowed to one place!" Although this is a bit exaggerated, it is still intact.

Lu Yiyan glanced at Luo Xi and asked, "This matter has something to do with Luo Xi again?"

The man frowned, apparently also annoyed by Luo Xi: "She prescribed medicine to other people's food, and Ning Zhiqing aborted after eating."

After asking a few more words, Lu Yiyan probably knew what happened. It turned out that in the afternoon, Luoxi came to the educated youth courtyard. The courtyard often eats large pots of rice, especially Xiang Qinzhi, who does not cook, will Tickets, meat slices, others have done, he just got a copy, and now Ning Anzhe is pregnant, he naturally helped Ning Anzhe also.

However, Ning Anzhe felt a stomachache after eating, but after a while, she shed blood, and Qin Zhiquan's eyes became red. She asked her sister Liu to cook, only to know that when cooking today, Luoxi He offered to help, and no one expected that her eyes would be so bad, and this happened.

Ning Anzheng has been taken to the hospital in the town. The child is gone, and the adult is okay. He just has to stay in the hospital for a few days. However, how can Qin Zhizheng, who understands his heart recently, easily expose the incident?

Knowing that it was a ghost from Luoxi, there was no softness when hitting people. Luoxi wasn't a person to hit. The two directly hit each other. Luoxi was hitting and biting, and people couldn't pull at all. frame.

As soon as Lu Yiyan figured out what was going on, he heard the exclamation of people around him. He looked up, his eyes narrowed.

Luo Xi was pushed out by Qin Zhixuan and hit the wall directly, her forehead was swollen, and she bleed, but after a while, the blood dripped on her face, making her look very scary.

Qin Zhixu didn't expect it to happen. He moved for a while, but didn't want Luo Xi to wipe his face. Seeing his blood, he went directly crazy: "Ah! My face! Qin Zhixun, I've fight with you!"

After speaking, she didn't care about her injuries, and rushed at Qin Zhixu. I didn't know where to get a knife. The crowd hadn't responded yet, so she inserted into Qin Zhixuan's abdomen.

Even Qin Zhixuan felt a pain in his abdomen, only to find that the mad woman actually hid the knife in her hand, and with a slap of anger, she slapped Luo Xi's face directly: "Slut!" But he couldn't hold himself to the ground.

Both of them fell to the ground, with more air and less air, especially the eyes of the two who could not wait to eat each other, but the two did not move any more, Luo Xi shook his head, only feeling a little unclear Man, then panicked, crying and shouting:

"Help! Save me! I don't want to die!"

She had a weak voice, and Qin Zhihuan couldn't even speak. Lu Yiyan stared at her eyes and looked at the courtyard in a panic, sternly: "Go shout people! Pull them away!"

His hands were all sweaty, but he was just twenty years old, and he had never seen such a scene. The scene in front of him really did not dare to approach.

But each educated youth was also afraid of death, and hurriedly lifted the man to the hospital, but the blood on Luoxi's forehead kept flowing, and the blood on his face looked panic, let alone Qin Zhihuan, the knife was not The man dared to move, covering his abdomen by himself, and the blood was exposed from the fingers, his face was pale, his eyes rolled, and he was about to faint.

At this time, it was dark, Lu Yiyan pursed his lips tightly and his eyes were obscure. He knew that if the matter was not handled well, the Luo family might also suffer. At least, the father of a murderer would not be the captain. .

What's more, the news of rectification came from all over the place. Lu Yiyan frowned. He felt Luo Xi was a troublemaker. He couldn't sympathize with Luo Xi's tragic situation.

The crowd helped carry people. Some people went to the car and some went to the captain. Lu Yiyan ran directly to the Luo family without hesitation.

As soon as Lu walked halfway, he saw the Luo family's atmosphere toward this side solemnly. Luo Guodong's face could no longer be black, while Luo Ran's eyes were completely red, his face was pale, Lu Yiyan frowned slightly, and pulled people into his arms. Here, cooing softly.

Luo Guodong asked Lu Yiyan's situation. Lu Yiyan told the truth without concealment.

The family dared to go to the town non-stop, Lu Yiyan pursed his lips and didn't tell his suspicions. At the time, the two people were bleeding, and he felt that they might be ... somewhat bad, especially Qin Zhizheng.

Although he didn't say that, the Luo family could guess some, because there was no car, the family rushed to the town. It has been more than an hour, and just after entering the hospital, I saw several educated youths standing there with bad faces, waiting The Luo family spoke, and they spoke indiscriminately:

"Captain, Qin Zhiqing and Comrade Luo ..."

The speaker shook his head and didn't say any more, but no one knew what he meant.

Zhang Yulan heard this, and even if she had some preparations in her heart, she doubled her eyes and fainted. Luo Guodong's whole body was stubborn.

Lu Yiyan frowned. He thought the situation in Luoxi should be better, but he didn't speak, because Luo Ran lay crying in his arms, biting his lips tightly, afraid to make a sound.

He comforted Luo Ran, but did not know that Luo Ran was asking Qier in his mind: "Why Luo Xi died?"

Qier was silent for a while before answering: "The plot completely collapsed. She killed the former heroine's child and killed Qin Zhixuan again. The original world consciousness was furious. She wanted to destroy Luoxi, but because of the obstruction of heaven, she only destroyed it. I lost the golden finger of Luoxi, but the golden finger was bound to Luoxi's soul. The golden finger was destroyed and the soul was damaged. If it was normal, she was injured at this time and did not directly support her. "

Luo Ran was pursing her lips in Lu Yiyan's arms, but she did not expect Luo Xi to die like this, and even killed Qin Zhixuan with her.

Luo Guodong put up with emotions to follow up the matter. The people above came to investigate, but because the parties were dead, he is sitting again and again. The position of Luo Guodong's captain has not been removed, but it is not long before.

Ning Anzhen heard the news in the ward, and she was also a little cyanotic. She was still thinking about what to do with this child. She suddenly had a miscarriage.

Luo Yan and Lu Yiyan's wedding was naturally delayed because of this. The Luo family kept a low-key silence for a while. Later, when they reported the number of college students, they reported Ning An's name.

The Luo family was guilty of hurting their children because of their daughter, but it was in line with the original plot.

Ning Anzhen was much quieter than before. After learning that she could return to the city, she was just silent for a while, and began to pack her luggage. This place was too heavy for her, as if she wanted to escape from a nightmare.

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I killed both of them and let Ning Anzhen go back to the city. She was n’t bad. She had a bit of revenge before ... After returning to the city, she went to school and had the ability to give her the happiness she wanted

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