The evil shadow saint had never thought about it first, because he first aimed at Li Moying and raised his nose and eyes at the apprentice's husband.

The two knew it was useless to please him, so they had to choose to give up.

Yin Niang looked so funny, she poured a cup of tea for the evil shadow saint herself, and barely soothed her husband.

Then she turned to Huang Ye to leave them. "The secret law naturally exists, but you do n’t need to be in a hurry. It ’s not too early. You might as well stop there and start training tomorrow. It ’s the first time for me and your master. Discuss, too, to see how to teach you. "

Hearing this, Huang Yan glanced out the window subconsciously.

The environment in the small universe is completely different from the divine realm. She thought that there would be no change of day and night.

Unexpectedly, the sky outside the window was really dark at this time, and the energy beams flowing in the air gradually turned into scattered light spots.

Huang Lili and Li Moying had just experienced major changes before. After suddenly entering the small universe, they did not have time to adapt. At this time, when they heard Yin Niang talking, they felt that they were all sleepy.

They nodded and said yes.

Yinniang gave them a vacant room in the hut and arranged for them to stay.

Originally, Li Moying had wanted to be close to her maiden since Huang Ye left, and they had almost kissed each other in the open space in the center of the small universe, and were suddenly interrupted by the evil shadow saint and Yinniang.

But now, the two live in the master ’s and mother ’s caves, and their room is separated by a wall from the evil shadow saint, so naturally nothing bad can be done.

Depressed, Li Moying grabbed Huang Di and got a few sips, only to barely fall asleep.

Feng Huangli has been thinking about things in the divine world. She thought that she would have some insomnia, but she didn't expect that she would sleep surprisingly well this night, and fell asleep as soon as she touched the pillow.

Moreover, after waking up the next day, she also clearly felt that the mysterious power and evil spirit in her body had increased a little.

This little universe is really a treasure land that allows you to do more with less!

Huang Lili worked a little bit, and felt that the cultivation was improved, and she was in a good mood.

When I went out to see the Evil Shadow Saint and Yinniang, I greeted them with a smile: "Master, Master, good morning! ... Hey? Master, why do you look so ugly? Did you sleep well?"

No, the sky and earth in this little universe are so abundant that it should be very comfortable for the warrior?

The Evil Shadow Saint snorted and gave her an unhappy glance without squeaking.

Did he have to admit that he was pierced his ears by his mother yesterday and educated him all night?

In comparison, Li Moying's stinking kid looks a hundred times better than him. His apprentice is really unconvinced, he wo n’t even teach his husband! Is it because he looks so handsome, and can't bear to toss him? It's too superficial!

Yinniang had a smile on her face, and beckoned towards Huanghuang Lili and Li Moying. "Don't worry about your master, you can all come over. We discussed it last night and still feel that although the time is urgent, your situation is particularly special. For your own good, the exercises that should be practiced must not be dropped. So, let's start with this book. "

Yin Niang said, handing a blue cover booklet to Huang Yeli.

Fenghuang Li turned to look at it, and suddenly widened her eyes, "This ... This is the spirit-breaking technique ?!"

(End of this chapter)

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