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Fenghuang Li frowned slightly, wondering: "So, my husband and I can now practice the Demon Clan skills without causing backfire?"


In fact, the protoss themselves are not incapable of practicing the demons, but the demons and the heavens and the earth are mutually exclusive. After all, the warriors who have forcibly practiced the demons in the demons have been severely backfired. , Reverse for the light, and dying on the spot.


For example, at the time of the martial arts in the realm of the gods, in order to kill her, Huang Sanbai coaxed the genius of the younger generation of the Phoenix family, Huang Beicheng, to practice the magic tribe of forcible promotion.


As a result, not only was Huang Beicheng seriously injured, but his talents fell directly from the top of the heaven to the top of the land. He would have reached the top genius of the late Tao and Xuan Realm. In this way, I am afraid that he would not have the opportunity to enter the threshold of the Tao Xuan Realm.


If after the transformation of the small universe, she and Li Moying will not experience backlash when practicing the Mozu skills ...


Huang Yan suddenly lit up from her eyes.


However, Yin Niang poured her a bucket of cold water at this time. "After all, you are protoss, and now you have practiced evil ways, even if there is no backwash, the master does not suggest that you contact the demons again. So many types of exercises may not be good for you. Even if you do n’t go into chaos, once you can't control the exposed people, it will be a big trouble for you. "


If the evil ways are exposed, although there will inevitably be troubles, as Huang Yanli and Li Moying, you can still find ways to whiten yourself.


However, once the Demon Clan exercises are revealed ...


I am afraid that even the bloodlines of the two protoss will be questioned, and if they are not careful, they will become the public enemy of the divine realm.


Upon hearing this, Huang Yan understood it, "That's true, or the mother-in-law thoughtfully."


Yinniang smiled. "In fact, as long as you can open the channel of the small universe, you can use the magic in the small universe. You don't need to master the magic tribe exercises, and you don't need to waste time on it."


Feng Huang Lilian nodded again and again, "Yes, the priority is to open the channel as soon as possible. However, it will take several years ..."


She couldn't laugh when she thought of the next four or five years of hidden training here.


Yinniang fluttered and laughed, "You guys, I was still fooled by your master. Although this space channel really needs at least the strength of the middle of the mysterious realm, but you are not the same as other small universe masters, but you have two people Ah! With the combined efforts of the two, the martial arts and evil ways can be combined together, and the required cultivation can be further reduced. "


Hearing this, Huang Yanli suddenly realized that he could not help but turned to look at Li Moying.


A hint of surprise also appeared on her husband's face.


Li Moying stepped forward and gave a respectful respect to Yinniang, "I also asked the teacher to instruct the disciples, how do we need to cultivate, in order to promote cultivation as soon as possible, and what secret methods can I use to mysterious and evil spirits? Mix it up and use it? "


Seeing Li Moying so obediently and politely, the evil shadow saint almost exploded again.


What's going on? He was unkind to him, dare to talk back to him, and be humble and courteous to him ... Do you know that the "Shadow of the Evil Shadow" he cultivated is his masterpiece?


What's even more annoying is that his mother is still smiling at the stinky boy like a flower.


(End of this chapter)

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