Feng Yun didn't rush to contact the Thousandtooth Monster, but first showed a thoughtful expression.

He was thinking about how to get it to send him back to the body of the empty monster, where he was swallowed by it.

As for whether it can be done, he has no doubts.

Since it has arrived, there shouldn't be any problem when it comes back.

The question now is how to make it do as he intended.

For a time, he didn't think of a good way.

According to his understanding of monsters, they are all rebellious, and it is too difficult to make them obedient, many times more difficult than killing them.

He didn't think Thousand Tooth Monster would be an exception, as long as he threatened it, it would listen to him obediently.

If so, it would be too simple.

Based on its observation and understanding of him, its strength should not be weak, or even very strong, but he is still very confident that he can defeat it.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up: "Maybe I can control it with perception."

He thought that not long ago, after he killed hundreds of monsters in one breath, his perception had increased in qualitative change, giving it the ability to control monsters.

Most importantly, it really did.

The only question now is whether his perception can control the Thousandtooth Monster, after all, its strength is undoubtedly much stronger than the monster it has successfully controlled.

Even though he doesn't have a special understanding of using perception to control monsters, this does not prevent him from understanding that the difficulty of controlling monsters of different strengths is destined to be different.

Whether he can control the Thousand Tooth Monster, to be honest, he really has no bottom in his heart.

In fact, when he was thinking about how to send the Thousand Tooth Monster back to the body of the Hollow Monster, the reason why he didn't think of using perception to control it in the first time was probably because he felt it subconsciously. The success rate is not high.

It wasn't until he really couldn't think of a good way, that he slipped it out.

Its success rate may not be high, but no matter how it is said, it is also a solution, it is better than not doing anything.

Feng Yun focused his attention on the Thousand Tooth Monster, and observed it with the help of the sentient perception, without rushing to act on it.

One of the most important reasons is that he is not sure about using perception to control it.

He is going to learn more about it first, and then work out a plan with a high degree of execution that can increase the probability of success.

Maybe if you use your perception to control it, the success rate will not be too high, but it doesn't mean that he will not be able to increase the success rate through some means.

Feng Yun carefully observed the Thousandtooth Monster and collected its information while drawing up a plan of action in his mind.

However, the action plan is not static, and it is changing all the time.

He uses the information he collected from the Thousandtooth Monster as a variable. Every time he collects a little more information, or just corrects the previously collected information, it will have an impact on the action plan.

Taking this approach to formulate an action plan has the advantage of high operability and a high success rate, but the disadvantage is that it places high demands on producers.

Among other things, just substituting so many variables into the plan is a very test of ability.

Thousand-tooth monsters are so huge and powerful. The information involved is destined to be very complex. It is quite difficult for ordinary people to remember them, let alone make full use of them.

To be honest, this is really difficult.

Even Fengyun did not go smoothly to do this. Many times, he would feel very strenuous and even wanted to give up.

It was only because the hope of whether he could go back was pinned on the Qiantooth monster that he persisted.

In order to increase the chance of success as much as possible, Fengyun took more than two hours with the action plan alone.

He felt it was totally worth it.

If anyone could assure him that he would be able to successfully control the Thousandtooth Monster this time, he would rather spend more time.

The more he knows about it, the more he feels that what it can do for him is not just to send him back, it can also do more for him.

After two and a half hours, Fengyun finally gave the action plan.

This is not to say that he believes that the plan has reached a perfect level and there is no room for improvement.

In Fengyun's mind, it has nothing to do with perfection, and there are many things that can be improved.

The reason why he didn't perfect it anymore was completely because it had reached the limit of his ability.

With the passage of time, his perception helped him obtain more and more information from Thousandtooth monsters, and using them as variables into the action plan, the requirements for his ability increased exponentially. .

Up to now, he has no ability to substitute more variables, and he reluctantly does it. Instead, it will cause the action plan to appear even more deviations. It is better to stop there, at least such a plan is still under his control.

He checked the plan again, perfected some details, and approached the Thousandtooth Monster, ready to approach the appropriate distance before starting.

Although his offensive power is very strong, he can easily attack from a long distance, but according to his plan of action, he has high requirements for every detail.

In the implementation process, these requirements must also be met, otherwise the results will be biased, and ultimately lead to failure.

Failure is something he doesn't want to see, and he can't accept it.

Therefore, he chose to impose strict or even harsh requirements on himself, and he must follow the standards in the action plan. He can only improve, not reduce.

Because the Thousandtooth Monster is still moving at a high speed, coupled with the fact that it is walking through the soil and rocks, the interference will become more, so that the situation has passed for a while, and it did not act on it.

In this regard, Fengyun himself did not think there was any problem.

In his plan of action, launching an attack on the Thousand-tooth Monster is the most important thing. Only if this step is successful, he can control it with perception.

It is not in a hurry.

It took Fengyun a quarter of an hour and a little longer to get all the preparations for the shot, but when he reached the handle of the knife, the accident happened suddenly.

His perception gave him a feedback.

A force appeared above the Thousandtooth Monster, and was approaching it at a high speed, which was obviously a bad one.

If nothing happens, it should be directed at the Thousand Tooth Monster.

At the speed of this force, it will soon come into contact with the Thousandtooth Monster, always within three seconds.

Whether to intervene in this force or choose to ignore it, he is required to make a choice as soon as possible.

In just a second, Fengyun made a choice.

He moved away from the top of Thousandtooth's head.

Through analysis, he felt that attacking from above its head would be more effective.

With the help of the power of the earth attribute totem, Fengyun moved very fast, no matter it was mud or stone, it could not constitute an obstacle to him.

When that force was still some distance away from Thousandtooth Monster, the distance between him and it had already exceeded a hundred feet.

This is not his limit. If he thinks, he can move further.

He didn't do this for two reasons. One was that he was curious about the power discovered by his perception, and the other was that he wanted to see if there was any opportunity.

In order to ensure that his action plan can be executed well, Fengyun not only puts forward high demands on himself, but also needs to understand the surrounding environment, because the impact of environmental changes cannot be ignored.

For this reason, Feng Yun released his perception and occupied a large space with him as the center. This is also the fundamental reason why he was able to discover this power.

However, in order to prevent the stunner from stunning the grass, he did not concentrate too much on this power, which also led to his insufficient understanding of it.

He only knew that it was a small monster and it was very likely to be two of the Thousandtooth monsters, um, if it was barely a bit, it could be added a bit, its strength is not weak.

He would think that the last point is reluctance, because he doesn't know enough about its specific strength, and only has a rather vague cognition. It is necessary to know that there is a very large gap between strength and strength.

But as the monster got closer and closer to the Thousandtooth Monster, his understanding of it also became better.

In order to keep abreast of the situation of the Thousandtooth Monster, he invested a lot of perception on its body, especially its head, which is where he chose to act on it.

He misted his perception, which would greatly reduce its own existence and reduce the chance of being discovered by the Thousand Tooth Monster.

Now it has played a very good role in helping him understand the monsters coming.

It had just entered his misty perception, and its image emerged in his mind and quickly became clear.

In that case, I was doing sketching, but it was faster and the clarity would be higher.

After only a very short time, the image of the monster became vivid in Feng Yun's mind, and some details were completely outlined.

Only when Fengyun really confirmed the appearance of the invading monster, he couldn't help but feel a sense of absurdity.

It's no wonder that he is really a stranger, it's a little bit weird.

Of course, this is not to say that there is really a problem with the appearance of the guilty monster, but he feels that it should not appear in the current environment, because it is just like a mosquito.

Mosquitoes were fragile in his impression. Even the mosquito monsters he had seen before could not get rid of this. Compared with other monsters, they were still very fragile.

But now, it travels through soil and rocks, and it still maintains a very high speed, which in itself places high demands on it, let alone attacking the Thousandtooth Monster.

He now knows the Thousandtooth Monster quite well, and its defensive power is very strong, especially its head.

This is actually the reason why he would appear very cautious before working on it. It is difficult to reach the standard set by him in the action plan if he can't grasp the heat.

Now a huge mosquito rushed towards the Thousandtooth Giant Monster at high speed, and pointed its long mouth at the top of its head. It is also the strongest place in its body's defenses, giving Fengyun an unreal feeling. .

It's like using a chopstick to poke a steel plate and want to puncture the steel plate.

However, he soon discovered that he was wrong, and it was very wrong.

The mosquito monster's mouth broke, and even a head-to-head hit did not appear. The Thousandtooth monster's forehead was easily pierced by it.

After understanding the whole process through perception, Fengyun once had a suspicion that the forehead of the Thousandtooth Monster was not a bone plate much harder than steel, but a foam plate.

As he continued to understand the mosquito monster, he suddenly discovered that the impact it brought to him was far from over.

In his cognition, the Thousand Tooth Monster is not a good-tempered one.

Therefore, in his imagination, after it is stabbed by the mosquito monster, it will not give up, and will definitely retaliate against the mosquito monster.

This situation did not happen.

Although most of the mosquito monster's mouth had penetrated its forehead, it did not even react at all, still walking through the soil and rocks on its own.

If not for perception is more reliable than eyes, Fengyun really wants to doubt whether there is a problem with his perception.

This is not over yet.

After the mosquito monster pierced his long mouth into the forehead of the thousand-tooth monster, it only took a short while to suck.

Through perception, Fengyun found that its belly grew rapidly.

Then a question appeared in front of him, whether he should stop the mosquito monster.

If you stop it, he might be alarmed by the Thousandtooth Monster. If he wants to do something on it, it will add a lot of changes and affect the execution of his plan.

But if you don't stop it, if the Mosquito Monster kills the Thousandtooth Monster, he will lose all hope of returning to the empty giant monster and starting from scratch.

As for the mosquito monster can kill the thousand teeth monster?

Before it started on the Thousandtooth Monster, he would think it was impossible, but now he has seen a series of magical performances of it, his confidence has been shaken, and he even began to incline that it can do it.

And this also affected his choice.

In the end he decided to take action on the mosquito monster and kill it.

Compared with the alarm of Thousandtooth Monster, the consequences of its death were more serious, and it was too serious for him to bear.

Feng Yun didn't take the knife out, just stuck out the index finger of his right hand and pointed at the mosquito monster.

Soon, a little light appeared on his fingertips.

Then it shot out.

It not only sees the soil and rocks between the wind and the mosquito monster as nothing, but also the speed is super fast.

When the mosquitoes noticed something was wrong and wanted to evade, it was too late, and it directly penetrated his head.

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