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Tang Ruoyao, who is only 22 years old, has a bright future after taking off the queen laurel. The next day, the media was overwhelmingly issuing press releases, hailed it as “Little Qin Yi Nong”.
Fans of Tang Ruoyao were furious. Qin Yidong grew a face of disaster to the country and the people. His reputation in the circle is extremely bad. It is rumored that most of the entertainment industry is her lover. She has not married a daughter and has children. How old! Unscrupulous media, insult my idol!
Fans of Qin Yinong also exploded. My domestic and foreign actresses got soft hands. Tang Ruoyao didn’t match Qin Yinong’s shoes, so he went to the moon and touched porcelain!
A good news reporter separately interviewed the two people’s impressions of each other.
Qin Yi smiled like a fox: “Unfamiliar.”
Tang Ruoyao formulated his tone and said lightly: “Qin Yinghou is a senior I respect very much, and I hope to have the opportunity to cooperate.”
Soon, reliable news broke: Qin Yinong and Tang Ruoyao will co-star in same-sex movies. The melon-eating crowd wanted to see the excitement, but who knew that after the filming, the two had nothing to do with each other.
The two fans fought hard, and the momentum was the same, and the two of Qin and Tang were kings.

Later, Qin Yinong took his daughter to the show, and the host asked: “I heard that you are at odds with Teacher Tang, right?”
Then a huge photo of Tang Ruoyao was shot on the screen.
Qin Yinong smiled slightly, just about to speak.
The daughter in her arms had bright eyes, pointed at Tang Ruoyao’s photo, her voice was clear, and she shouted happily, “Mummy!”
Host and audience: “!!!”
The entertainment circle… is boiling.

CP: Innocent Poppy & Kaolin Flower
After the sexy double shadow, the same stage passionate drama, HE
[There are no prototypes for each role, so no substitutions]

Content tags: strong strong near water platform love contract entertainment circle
Search keywords: Protagonist: Qin Yinong, Tang Ruoyao Supporting role: Others: Produced by Xuan Jian

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Short Title:PC
Alternate Title:放肆[娱乐圈](GL)
Author:Xuan Jian
Weekly Rank:#6399
Monthly Rank:#1606
All Time Rank:#6520
Tags:Entertainment Industry, Female Protagonist, Modern,
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  1. Wow so far, for me this is the best translated book that I have read it make sense I don't have to rearrange the circuits inside my head!

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