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A super biologist in the post-apocalyptic era of new civilization, when performing tasks, he traverses the prehistoric primitive society, leading a group of handsome men, punching saber-toothed tigers, kicking Tyrannosaurus rex, shooting giant mantises with crossbow, domesticating mammoth… The idyllic village leads the prehistoric civilization into the era of female honor.

Author’s custom tags: strong female, Shuangwen, one female and many males, another world continent, farming

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Short Title:PWA
Alternate Title:史前女尊时代
Author:姦寳 whispering
Weekly Rank:#3568
Monthly Rank:#6009
All Time Rank:#6086
Tags:Beasts, Cruel Characters, Farming, Female Protagonist, First-time Intercourse, R-18, Reverse Harem, Survival, Transmigration, Tribal Society,
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15 Comments on “Prehistoric Woman Age
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  1. The story it's good . But I'll drop at chapter 292 cause I prefer mean and vengeful protagonists. This protagonist it's always helping strangers, she is a good person and that's ok but I don't like it, and worse for me it's bare with annoying children everywhere in this story. And the MLs are nit very attractive for my taste (They have a lack of personality). Maybe I'm bad person 😂😂😂

  2. Whos the FL? I thought it was the cool biologist? How come after so many chapters it's still focused on the best friend? Can someone spoil me when FL will appear?

  3. Ew not good not recommend, what that reverse harem you just kidding he, how much you stamina to satisfy all man, you just focus in 1 man not all man so all man just use you hand or they solo hand pitty you husband to married this faking retard mc.

  4. This have many star wow good to reference for you to become one like this story, we hope this have in real polyandry legal in all country, and polygamy is illegal in future we all hope soo.

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