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Prehistoric: The Haotian Jade Emperor

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The Haotian Jade Emperor was considered by the saints to be the emperor by tricks and make things difficult at all times. Later generations carried the secret treasure and reborn as the supreme of the three realms. How should he choose whether to do something or become the jade emperor who endures anger everywhere….. .

The avenue is fifty, the sky is forty-nine, and one of them…

Becoming immortal, sanctified, enlightened, and what comes after

Why did the ancient legends disappear

Ten thousand people ten thousand prehistoric

Follow the protagonist and experience a different prehistoric

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Short Title:PHJE
Alternate Title:洪荒之昊天天帝
Author:Tao is ruthless and most affectionate
Weekly Rank:#2782
Monthly Rank:#3666
All Time Rank:#4686
Tags:Ancient Times, Male Protagonist, Mythology, Schemes And Conspiracies, Wars,
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6 Comments on “Prehistoric: The Haotian Jade Emperor
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  1. And childern of mc women are also unlucky. Those child born cause of him but he did not care at all. He only care how to mess the plot or general trend of prehistroic. He regard his children and his sibling as a tool for his goal. I am not saying not to ruthless but he is not ruthless he is fucking scum bastard, unqualify father, a dumb trash made by author copying the same prehistoric novel while editing a little change. He is a white eye wolf .

  2. Mc, A fucking scum who play with woman heart. He say he will not do it but he fucking break his promise everytime and do nearly extinct his wife clan.He is self center hypocrite. He regard woman as a subject which he can do at will.

  3. Prehistoric novel like spiritual attainment of minghe but inferior. MC is haotian or the jade emperor. This is also harem 5-6 people I believe, the plot is also quite fast. The story goes through many other timelines such as Shang dynasty, qin dynasty, journey to the west, white snake and a few others. Overall an decent read, 3/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️.

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