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Post-apocalyptic Cannon Fodder Pampered Everyday

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Novel Summary

Ruan Ning transmigrated into a novel where the male lead reborn in the post apocalyptic world and she became the cannon fodder who died early in the novel.

She had an overly attractive face and a delicate physique so she could only hug her brother’s thighs if she wanted to survive. However, the reborn male lead was black-hearted, distrustful of anyone and had a disagreeable character.

Ruan Ning carried herself cautiously and was an obedient sister who followed whatever her brother said. Finally, she was recognised by her brother and taken under his wings. Yet, a few months later….

Ruan Ning covered her mouth which had been kissed while contemplating the purpose of her existence. She could no longer continue hugging thighs! She could never imagine that as she thought of him as a brother and he actually wanted to be her husband?

At the beginning, Gu Yi Cheng thought that this sister of his was dispensable and he wouldn’t even blink if he pushed her towards a horde of zombies.

Later on, he cherished and protected her and didn’t let her be placed in harm’s way.

Note: The male and female leads are not blood related.

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:PACFPE
Alternate Title:末世女配甜宠日常[穿书]
Weekly Rank:#450
Monthly Rank:#358
All Time Rank:#1420
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Handsome Male Lead, Magical Space, Post-apocalyptic, Rebirth, Special Abilities, Transmigration, Zombies,
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8 Comments on “Post-apocalyptic Cannon Fodder Pampered Everyday
  1. I really want to laugh when I read that the fl hv a picky space ability. Only expensive things can go inside her space 😂😂😂

  2. MC acting like a white lotus and caring for ML creeps me out A LOT. Her saying that she wants to keep the origHost's persona was a failure. Uh, the OH is very timid to ML and scared and most likely wouldn't act like she cares for ML even if he saves her. Prolly would thank him and just stay silent as to not cause trouble. This novel wasn't for me. /sigh

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