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Ji Chen Ai has always wanted to be a good person until he was physically disabled for some reason.

When he is being neglected by his parents, Ji Chen Ai just smiles. When he is being bullied by his brother, Ji Chen Ai just smiles. However, when someone pushes him and his wheelchair down the stairs, Ji Chen Ai can’t smile anymore.

But why is it during this time, that something came out suddenly and tells him that he must be a good person?!

System: Our goal is — No! More! Bad! People!

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Short Title:PES
Alternate Title:正能量系统
Author:Xī Zǐxù
Weekly Rank:#3538
Monthly Rank:#3774
All Time Rank:#3568
Tags:Betrayal, Complex Family Relationships, Disabilities, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Kidnappings, Modern Day, Organized Crime, Reincarnation, Schemes And Conspiracies, Second Chance, Siblings, Slow Romance, System Administrator,
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  1. Ji ChenAi (MC) dies and his soul goes into Zhou YuQin's body, who suicides. JCA and Zhou YaoYun (ML) meet, interact, mutually support each other and finally fall in love. ZYY has a system Xiao Qi with whose help ZYY saves people, gather positive energy and cures JCA's legs. ZYY's real family's two aunts sell off JCA to prevent their feelings. JCA meets Ben JiangCheng (2nd ML) who was also sold by his family. BJC comes to treasure JCA after he knows that ZYY's family was behind JCA's plight. After that, JCA dies under torture of the organisation. Under loss of JCA, ZYY turns a little crazy and actively inserts evil so that he can gain positive energy from it and upgrade his system the fastest. XQ reaches level 10 the highest and ZYY uses the skill of turning the time back and asks XQ to accompany and protect JCA. I also like the younger bro hehe he's a bun MC's falling in love is gradual and he's good at hiding his abilities. MC discovers the original body's situations slowly and turns things on right track along with his familial relationships. But I find both ML crazy after they recover their memories yet still it's a good read

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