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Portable Space: The Peasant Princess

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Once in time, she became a peasant girl in Yuehe Village who had just been divorced. Her parents disappeared, leaving her with a five-year-old child. Little Baozi brother, grandma doesn’t care, grandpa doesn’t care, uncles and aunts are top-notch, cousins ​​make fun of them.

It doesn’t matter, we have space and the world in our hands. Let’s see her make a fortune with her little bun.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:PSPP
Alternate Title:随身空间之农家世子妃
Author:Clear picture
Weekly Rank:#66
Monthly Rank:#65
All Time Rank:#1005
Tags:Ancient Times, Farming, Magical Space, Transmigration,
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15 Comments on “Portable Space: The Peasant Princess
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  1. I think the ML is not decisive enough. Said to protect FL, but do not take action to those who take action against the FL. e.g his grandmother, his sect female protector, FL ex fiance. I mean, wtf?

  2. Hello! I'm looking for a novel, could anyone help me? From what I remember, the protagonist participates in a survival reality show, but she is the only human, all the other participants are aliens. Everyone thinks she is weak because she is human, but later she proves to be very skilled. This novel involves a lot of cooking. I apologize if you didn't understand, I used the translator.

  3. I don't get it why Chinese author not make novels according to the logic....I mean fl's mental age is 24 but she still blushes when she sees the chest of 16 year old boy, seriously?...it gets irritating when every Chinese author tries to make the fl all shy and conservative despite the background of MC's age being above 25 or her being a 21st century girl.

  4. Yeah, I agree with you. I really can't with these blushing virgin character types. Even more annoying, if they'd already been having coitus, they still remain shy and blush at the drop of a hat. What's with that? I don't get it. Giving me second thoughts on reading this. I want my FL feisty. RAWR!

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