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For Shi Liu, a dual-line powerhouse who was born in the last days, nothing is more important than living a good life. Therefore, when she was struck by lightning and went to the ancient border and became Li Wuya, the daughter of a poor military family, she adapted well and was very happy. Soon she went to the countryside and became an ancient woman.

To live, you have to pursue something.

Clothes: silk and satin, jewellery, not too much.

Food: Some bird’s nest shark’s fin, sea cucumber and abalone every day, it’s not too much.

Living: pavilions, pavilions, verandahs, secluded bamboo forests, singing birds and fragrant flowers, the home is a scenic spot, not too much.

Xing: Xiangche BMW is indispensable, not too much.

Money is endless, work is not needed, husband and children are hot on the bed, this day…perfect!

Life is not easy, you must love yourself well, Shi Liu is determined to experience everything that she has never experienced or enjoyed in the last days.

Unfortunately, reality slapped her hard.

The border is bitterly cold, and there have been years of wars. Not to mention delicacies, it is not easy to have a full meal, and life is often threatened.

Come on, roll up your sleeves and fight!

Shi Liu adheres to one sentence: as long as you don’t block my way, hello, me, hello, everyone, otherwise! ! ! !

If you want to have a stable position, you have to be arrogant, and you need to be happy in life, so be a superficial and happy layman.

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Short Title:PF
Alternate Title:寒门大俗人
Author:Brush knock
Weekly Rank:#116
Monthly Rank:#125
All Time Rank:#2136
Tags:Age Progression, Ancient China, Child Protagonist, Evil Organizations, Female Protagonist, Forced Marriage, Handsome Male Lead, Martial arts, Medical Knowledge, Poor to Rich, Transmigration, Xuanhuan,
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60 Comments on “Poor Family
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  1. It suddenly ended. Whattttt??? But it's a fine read actually. The ending is a bit abrupt but it's still fine. There are many things that left a bad taste in my mouth, for example the eldest prince turned emperor was wary towards MC until the end, but it reflected the reality we live in. Emperors are always paranoid. So it's a good read. Not satisfying like an OP MC face slapping everyone, but more like a reality check fine.

  2. How to say this story was written very well and it was never boring. But the ending was very anticlimactic; it was basically like "and they lived happily ever after" but there is still so much plot that was just never touched. Like imagine struggling to become the best military leader almost losing your life and family's life several times and making 100s of political and business connections and in the end you become a bodyguard.the eldest prince was extremely disappointing, he never appreciated FL or realized how lucky he was. I feel like there is enough set up for a 700 chapter sequel. I would also like to clarify other people's comments. The concubine of ML was assigned by the queen so not his choice and he never touched her and eventually got rid of her.the reason he didn't just kill her was because she was his cousin that grew up with him and he thought of her like a sister but ended up hating her after she used the queen to marry him. ML only likes FL.

  3. I love this. I especially like how the protagonist characters are written to have their own unique identity. I like that while most of them can accomodate FL modern thinking, they still have a bit of it tethered to the ancient society. It just gives this story a good balance yknow. Not to mention the way the author writes the exchanges whenever there is dispute/difference in their thinking & acceptance of things are so refreshing cus FL always point out what exactly the root problem is & how it could further muddle everything for them. And the ML is fun too. idky people got dissapointed but tbh him having such flaws are so interesting to me. I sure get tired from tsundere, cold, perfect, rigid, whipped ML you can always find in this kind of story. But ML is described to be having this constant tug of war moments questioning himself & every other things he has known whenever he faces FL, all these parts I just cant explain why it really satisfied me as a reader. I guess it shows that the author put as much thoughts on ML character development rather than just making him having obvious troubles like power struggle & enemy. Now FL is obviously written very OP but idrc maybe because it isnt stressed much in the story except for martial arts & medical knowledge. I sure like how shes being very righteous on the standard she sets, but dgaf if it doesnt concern her. And i love, love how she nurtured her twin brother character for having that chad self confident (cus a male like that fang guy? Gong guy? Shessh they sure are boring). And her taking the initiative to actually have a real relationship by actively being affectionate with ML & openly share her thoughts & having discussion as a couple are *chefs kiss* I just love that she decides to take action in nurturing their relationship knowing that the ML is an idiot. Ngl that I skipped almost all of the antagonist parts cus they are just not that important lol Was kinda disappointed that this isnt a complete work cus now I cant wait for more 😔

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