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Novel Summary

Li Xiang went back to the past and came to the college entrance examination that determined his fate.

He took a deep breath while holding the scribble pen. In his previous life, he fell into the test, and was wiped out under the ruthless gear of society. Once again, he must live a different life.

The moment he opened the test paper, he was suddenly stunned-“The Uniform Enrollment Examination for Higher Education, Yalu District 1-Magic Calculation”

- Description from MTL


Short Title:PNP
Alternate Title:极夜玩家
Author:Wow Anduin
Weekly Rank:#3607
Monthly Rank:#2921
All Time Rank:#2610
Tags:Aliens, Calm Protagonist, Cold Love Interests, Complex Family Relationships, Cultivation, Dark, Demons, Evil Organizations, Familial Love, Gunfighters, Harsh Training, Immortals, Magic, Male Protagonist, Parallel Worlds, Second Chance, Secret Organizations, Secrets, Special Abilities, Underestimated Protagonist, Weak to Strong, Younger Sisters,
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11 Comments on “Polar Night Player
  1. Its boring as hell. All copy paste same thing, siscon mc's sister got snatched and he is trash to everyone but has great hidden talent but don't show anyone. Lastly you have some new Physics and Mechanical Engineering is taught here.your head will hurt after reading or trying understand those never-ending repeating theories and explanations.

  2. R.I.P. I didn’t think it was that boring though I guess reading about theory sometimes might be tedious though usually it’s still interesting, I did get several hundreds or chapters deep after all

  3. Tsk, after reading few early chapters I have high hope that this novel will be 'different' compared to those boring cliche novels. In the end I only got massive disappointment. Still the same routine of MC had OP hidden talent/strength that was unknown to everyone else, thus he got underestimated. Why the fuck can't you make MC reveal his strong ability or at least partially so those around him will be in awe toward him?

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