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Style introduction:

The world view of this book is similar to the Pokémon chapter of “Dimension Forum”, which is also my work.

The characters and backgrounds of animations, special chapters, and games are referenced, and at the same time, they are mainly original.

The overall setting will be more realistic than the animation, but it is not dark, and it is more inclined to sunlight.

Goldfinger is set to pay tribute to “The Lord of Mysteries”, but it doesn’t actually matter, the style of painting and the background are irrelevant.

There will be various anime characters appearing in the book, and there will be related plots, such as: Shinichi, a high school student who cleans Rotom, the Clow card with Pokémon skills sealed…

But the main line is still dominated by Pokémon.


Orphan Eminem, who traveled through the world of Pokémon while staying up late reading novels, inexplicably has a professional role-playing system!

[Congratulations on becoming a level 9 extraordinary professional, please choose one of the following two professions!

1. Pharmacist:

You will have extraordinary qualifications in pharmacy.

Playing conditions: Possess a first-level pharmacist qualification.

2. Cultivator:

You will have an extraordinary qualification in Implantology.

Playing conditions: Possess the qualification of a first-class planter. 】

[Congratulations on completing the role of level 9, you will have the ability of level 8, please choose one of the following two occupations!

1.: Tamer

You will have extraordinary trainer qualifications;

physical fitness improvement;

It can share senses with Pokémon and has the ability to tap the potential of Pokémon.

2.: Physician

You will have extraordinary medical qualifications;


“Wait! Do you think I haven’t watched “Master of Mysteries”? Will these two extraordinary professions be… eh? Choose one of the two? That’s fine…”

“My goal is to become a male ‘mother’!”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:PWMM
Alternate Title:宝可梦世界的男妈妈
Author:Gentleman East
Weekly Rank:#3507
Monthly Rank:#2754
All Time Rank:#7323
Tags:Detectives, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Godly Powers, Lord of the Mysteries, Male Protagonist, Pokemon, System, Transmigration,
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25 Comments on “Pokémon World’s Male Mother
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  1. Lol I’m out of service trying to post don’t worry the series is still going strong on Chinese websites and I get back in service and they’ve updated it ! Awesome though, maybe I won’t have to keep translating it through another website 😊🤞

  2. interesting, but this genetic skill scheme, with slot, didn't fit well in my opinion, and adding basketball, tennis, detective at first seemed cool, but I get annoying, it seems the mc doesn't train his pokemon, he's wasting it time with others random thing

  3. I feel like the tennis(prince of) was only mentioned at the beginning, I like the recurring cast of characters also they have “crayon shin Chan in the arc around ch 150, also I like the detective sideplots they’re fun and spice up the story where he just goes to. A new city and gets a new badge, also the author or well some of the battles are long and drawn out like they’re not intriguing they just get boring after a while and if they go on for 2–3 chapters it’s annoying if you don’t find them engaging, they’re cohesive/comprehensible so they’re not bad at the very least if that’s your metric or threshold/bar though low. Anyways I agree the “KUROKO NO BASKET” side plot was kind of annoying because it didn’t make a lot of sense or well it was like when are we going to get to the next sequence here? We’ve still got 8 more to go here people ! That said the world building and fleshing out is appreciated but idk the sports trainer thing didn’t really do anything for me personally because it seemed sloppy? Like I don’t know how to describe it it wasn’t as organized and well written as some of the detective Conan chapters/arcs probably because for Kuroko No Basket the author needed to come up with a new game based/inspired by basket ball combining people and Pokémon whereas with Detective Conan they have a clear mystery from start to finish and they can just replace technology and elaborate schemes with Pokémon to pull off the murders so yeah I totally agree for the most part….. I think. . . stick to the Naruto and Detective Conan and you’ll be good to go, also just keep Misty as the love interest it’s fine. For the genetic power thing I think it works ok, dubiously though and they changed a lot of thing to be more ‘realistic’ than in a game and o think that’s okay, also the term genetic is thrown around but so is evolving in the original Pokémon game but that’s not how revolution works in real life is it ?!? (You better nod your head and say no ! 😂) It is more of an abstract more artistic concept inspired by the theory of evolution, anyways I’m nervous to see what life paths our hero’s going to take on his road to become a male mother and what their corresponding effects will be instead now that they’ve been ‘Pokémon-ified’ I’m kind of bummed he didn’t become a doctor because it complements his pharmacy so well but I am curious because it seems like the biologist pathway is going to be a big turning point okay well I mean how is that ability going to be adapted ? Also I feel like it could point to him taking the road of becoming a professor, now I do wish we saw more potion making, he does occasionally brush up his pharmacy masters sense of existence by reporting safety and his adventures along the way but besides asking a few questions it seems like we won’t have much more until another 10-20 chapters when he finally takes the exam and then heads off to finish getting his badges to compete for the rookie championship

  4. Btw to understand here is the summary. Mc transmigrated to a "pokemon world" but this world has character from other anime too like shinichi kudo from conan and the mc from prince of tennis is also here. His goldenfinger is the sequence ability of lord of mystery

  5. Yeah but mostly detective Conan(not prince of tennis?) with Pokémon based mystery’s from time to time and Naruto ! As a historical/ancient era in Pokémon

  6. Ok its a lord of mystery x pokemon un which lord of mystery is his goldenfinger and pokemon is the world base. Btw the "mate mother" isn't the male mother that means diehard male fan of a male idol rather it is a sequence in lord if mystery

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