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Poisoned Eggs at Hogwarts

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Novel Summary

Egger Morriss.

Translation: Poisoned eggs.

The amused young man who was seriously ill in bed last life was reborn into the world in the Harry Potter stories in his memory.

For the coming darkness and the strange and unpredictable magical world, Iger is like a wild dog that has been let loose.

Author: Why don’t you follow the plot?

Iger: The plot? Is the plot none of my business? I want to be happy!

Voldemort: You are very talented, I allow you to be my servant!

Iger: That’s not how the valet is charged… My friend, have you heard of Amway?

Voldemort: ? ? ?

Snape: I swear, Mr Morriss, if I find out you’re using a cauldron to cook hot pot again, I can’t guarantee that my wolf’s poison potion will drip into your cauldron if you’re not paying attention.

Iger: Once upon a time, there was a little witch from Muggle, she had a pair of green eyes…

Snape: Don’t challenge my bottom line!

Iger: Don’t challenge my scumbag!

This is an unorthodox magical world, Hogwarts with a clear style of painting, be careful!

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Short Title:PEH
Alternate Title:霍格沃茨的毒鸡蛋
Author:Ginger small boat
Weekly Rank:#3563
Monthly Rank:#2752
All Time Rank:#4155
Tags:Eccentric protagonist, Harem, Harry Potter, Polygamy, Shotacon, Transmigration,
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28 Comments on “Poisoned Eggs at Hogwarts
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  1. La novela de Harry Potter más estúpida que ley, el prota prácticamente les dice a todos que es un tipo de reencarnación, y empieza a creer que puede ir contando los secretos de los personajes son que le pase algo, muy estúpida a mi parecer, y no hay harem gente para los que leen x eso... Ahy mi aporte

  2. When MC starting to make Chinese food at the starting in Howgwarts then I knew it’s time to say goodbye to the novel. F*#k man really they add Chinese Sh#t in to novel it become so fu*ked up novel can’t bear to read it.

  3. I know right! Those who gave it 5 stars are beyond sickening. I don't have anything to say about transmigrations, BUT PLEASE, DON'T TRANSMIGRATE INTO MY FAVORITE NOVEL!!! Like, Eew... Hotpots are so overrated. Not everyone likes that dish and it's so yucky for me.

  4. You haven't seen nothing my friend. I have seen novels that will make you have tendancy to suicide. Anyway after reading a decent amount of these novels i started to hate chinese culture and traditions and other stuff. Chinese are like gilgamesh in fate series looking down on others and claiming themselves to be superiors but its not.

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