The words did not fall, but a sharp laugh came from the west--

"Wu Yanfu, your iniquity is in this hand, don't show up quickly!"

The two were shocked. This person was not someone else, it was Candle Dragon.

Astonished, Bai Ye jumped out of the window, but was dragged into his arms by Wu Yanfu: "Hey, don't be impulsive. You can't hear this. It's a sound of a thousand miles? This may be a trap set by Candle Dragon. "

Bai Yan gritted his teeth and looked pale: "But Xiaoheng is in his hand, he may be nearby!"

"I will chase for the teacher. You have just given birth, and you are weak. Stay in the room to rest." Then, Wu Yanfu held him up and put it on the couch, but Bai Yan clenched his hands, eyes Tears flooded.

"Master, don't you worry about leaving me alone?"

Wu Yanfu's heart flinched, his fingers tightened, and he finally let go: "If you go with me, you will become a dragon, and you won't leave me."

Pai nodded.

At this moment there was a string of laughter outside, closer than before, as if it had been out of the window.

"If you still want to see this kind of evil, don't bring anyone!"

Wu Yanfu took off the newly-formed hook knife from the wall, and Bai Yan grabbed his palm and grabbed him. The two jumped out of the window together. When they looked up, they saw a round of red blood above their heads, which was very strange.

Wu Yanfu frowned: "It turned out that there was a lunar eclipse tonight, and the candle dragon is going to make a blood infant Dafa today."

Bai Yan breathed and condensed: "So, Xiao Heng is his last sacrifice?"

Wu Yanfu didn't answer, only clasped his hand and asked him to calm down. Bai Yan followed him closely, his footsteps were windy, and his heart was twisted. When he was pregnant with this child, he always felt a bit cumbersome because he was a man, but now he was taken away, only to realize that he was the flesh falling from his body.

Seeing a dark shadow rising in the air from afar, it looked like a big owl was heading towards the desert. Wu Yanfu took hold of Bai Jifei's horse and followed him closely. Seeing that the big hawk was flying higher and higher, Bai hao suddenly attacked his heart, kicked his horseback, and leapt forward, jumping to the back of the big hawk with a wingspan of ten feet. Grandma was frightened, and howled loudly, loosening things in her claws.

Wu Yanfu rushed to get angry, grabbing the thing, only to feel a soft ball, was actually a bundle of rags, and then looked up, seeing that Bai Yan had already flew away with the grandmother, busy chasing after him: " Whoops! "

Bai Yan lay on Da'ao's back, heard the sound, and looked down, and found that Wu Yanfu followed closely, calming down, waving his hand, and not worrying him. Wu Yanfu yelled, "Hey, come down!"

As if every time he saw him on a tree.

Seeing him look up at his own expression, Bai Yan's heart softened, he jumped from Da Ma, and fell to the back of Wu Yanfu, holding him tightly. He was so worried about him, how could he be willing to walk?

Wu Yanfu clenched his hands and stared at Daxun.

They walked for more than a hundred miles in this way, and the outline of a stone city appeared in front of them. The lights are brilliant and gorgeous, and it is the Moon Palace. Bai Yan's fingers tightened. This place has appeared countless times in his nightmare, but he did not expect to come back one day, or with Wu Yanfu.

Xu is in the midst of their own lives. They are going to come back here and open this knot.

When he was distracted, Wu Yanfu flew off the horse and held him with one hand, holding it very tightly, unlike when he dragged Wu Yanfu's hand. Bai Ye calmed down and held his hand firmly. Looking at the gate of the Chaoyue Hidden Palace, I saw a thin figure sprinting down the stairs and rushing out, as if breaking an invisible barrier.

After two months of retreat and retreat, the martial arts made great progress. At this time, they joined forces and broke through five levels and cut six generals. They killed the corpses and broke into the moon palace, but it took half an hour.

Even though the lights were bright, the Moon Palace was not a magnificent scene that year, and the ground was full of dead babies, just like hell. Even when he saw more cruel scenes, Bai Yan could not stand the situation in front of him, dizzy, and nausea. Wu Yanfu covered his eyes, and slammed his palms together. The internal force gathered into a whirlwind, instantly smashing all the dead babies into the ashes: "Don't be afraid, my son, Xiaoheng is not here."

Bai held his sleeves and gritted his teeth. "You fell down and decided. If you hurt him ..."

Wu Yan Fu frowned, but didn't say a word. When he was a father, his beloved son was taken away. Why was he not nervous?

But he was more concerned about the safety of Bai Yan. He would avenge the candle dragon without the child, but his sister-in-law was the only one in the world. Lost and recovered, he couldn't afford to lose Baiji again. The moment he knew his son was in the hands of Candle Dragon, he was ready for the worst.

But this mind must not be noticed by Bai Yan.

"Hey, this place is very overcast, so we shouldn't stay much more. We will go in at dawn."

Where would Bai Yan listen, shake his hand away, hug Yan Zhao and walk deep into the hidden palace.

Wu Yanfu followed by a stride, and followed him step by step, but he heard the sound of babies crying around him, and dark shadows appeared on the stone walls on all sides.

Bai Yan was restless. Between him, he felt a cold little hand grabbing his ankle. He stopped and looked down. He saw his cute little son looking up at himself, a pair of ancient foxes. His eyes flickered and he opened his arms and asked him to hug him. He was startled: "Xiaoheng!"

Wu Yanfu glanced down, but saw that a baby had stumped Bai Bai's ankle, and he actually bent down to hold it, and immediately kicked it away. Bai Yan was frightened and reached out to fish. Wu Yan floated a flashlight like a flashlight. With a pointer, his forehead made him startled, like a dream.

When Bai Yan stood still, he felt that his eyes were bound by a piece of fabric, and his belt was pulled up, tied to what. "You're too weak, only to tie you up. No matter what you hear, just trusting as a teacher won't leave you, and you will definitely find Xiaoheng. If you want to shoot for the teacher, you will."

Bai Yan nodded, clasped his belt with one hand, and clasped his arms with one hand.

"Good." Wu Yanfu pet drowned at pulling the belt and saw that he followed closely before walking down the stairs.

In the empty and wet Yueyong Palace Hall, a ray of moonlight was cast from the skylight on the top of the hall, and a figure was sitting in the middle of the stone altar. He was wearing a purple shirt, holding a pink-carved baby in his arms, stroking the baby's cheek. This man is not a candle dragon, but it is Si You who should have killed Huang Quan a few months ago. His long hair covered half of his face, and his eyes were red and golden. When Wu Yan came, he brushed his hair again, hiding the other half of his face a little more tightly, and raising his corner of the mouth to smile.

"Don't you be surprised to see me dead?"

The voice was thick and thin, and the speed of speech was slow and hurried. It seemed that two people were rushing to speak.

Like feelings and feelings of hatred.

Wu Yanfu stood still and narrowed his eyes, "What should I call you now?"

He curled up a strand of hair: "Naturally, as before, I'm quiet."

Immediately, another voice yelled, "Shut up!"

Bai Yan was surprised, and dragged the blindfolded cloth, but Wu Yanfu grabbed his hand. Si You stared at the clasped hands of his two, and immediately covered the other half of his face. It seemed to be very painful, with his shoulders shaking up, and he seemed to be laughing. The laughter suddenly thickened, "If you want to call me Candle Dragon, It's not impossible. "

Wu Yanfu kept his eyes shut, and when he saw that the baby in his arms didn't cry or make trouble, I don't know if he was dead, and the clouds in his heart were surging, but he deliberately stunned: "If this seat is correct, you have sacrificed yourself to Asura, Candle Dragon is resurrected and shared with him? It looks so ugly, it really makes this seat unbearable. I thought that when this seat chose you to be a concubine, how embarrassing you are ... unfortunately. "

Why did Si You care about her appearance, so bluntly that he listened to the infatuated person, his hands squeaked, and she stretched her arms around the baby's neck. Bai Yan's face changed, and he stretched out his hand and brushed it, taking into account his son's life, and did not dare to make a move, but saw Wu Yanfu leaned forward and jumped up. Half face split.

Si You was too elusive, and the sword wind cut his long forehead together, exposing his right half of his face, which looked like an old man, and formed a sharp contrast with the left half of his face. When he reached out to hide, Wu Yanfu took the opportunity to **** the baby in his arms, and threw it to Bai Hou behind him. Bai Heng jumped up, took the younger son into his arms, touched his hand, and his body was still soft. I just put my heart down and raised my eyes, but saw that the half of the candle dragon's face on Siyou's face was cracked, and turned into a ball of fleshy rattan that entangled Wu Yanfu's arms, as if devouring him, Wu Yan Fu held a knife in his hand and stuck the monster's neck with one hand, and the two sides were deadlocked.


Bai Yan was frightened. He flicked the strings with one hand and approached the entangled duo. However, he was blocked by a wall of squall wind. He only listened to Wu Yanfu and said, "Go out, wait for me!"

Where is Bai Yan willing, but the son of Huaizhong whispered at this moment, opened his eyes wide, and a little finger pointed at the skylight above, humming. Bai Ye looked up, a thought flashed in his heart, what is the spiritual failure of his son? Immediately hugging his son, he flew from the skylight to the dome of the stone hall, took off his robe, and blocked the **** moonlight thrown into the hall.

The half face of the candle dragon immediately shrank, and opened Wu Yan Fusong, soared three feet, and attacked Bai Zhi from the top. Wu Yan Fu cut it off and cut the weird face straight. Si You shouted loudly, covered her face, and rolled down from the stone platform. As soon as the strange face fell to the ground, it shrank, and a red snake came in, grabbed the strange face, and quickly drilled into the ground.

Bai Yan can clearly see from above, a finger string pops out, pinning the snake seven inches.

Wu Yanfu patted it with a palm, and even the snake with a strange face frustrated.


There was another sound in his arms. Bai Ye looked down and saw that his son was looking at the terrible scene below, but instead of crying, he blinked and waved his little hands to applaud them.

Frightened, Bai Yi is very happy: so fearless, born to be the master of the martial arts.

It's up to him.

Wu Yanfu jumped from the skylight and hugged the two. When he jumped down from the dome, he held Bai Yan in one hand, and the two looked at each other with a smile. His hands fluttered across the strings, and it seemed like a thunderbolt fell from behind the three, and the whole stone hall was shaken and collapsed. Shattered the heavy night.

On the sky, a ray of dawn rose, and since then, there is no fear.

Bai Yan and his younger son clasped tightly in front of him, Wu Yanfu flung the reins, and drove away.

"I didn't expect it for the teacher. Xiaoheng saved us."

Bai Ye pinched his little son's face with pride, and laughed: "Then you will have to hurt him well and not teach him without grievance. I don't want him to be a grand master like you. I want He lived pretentiously, wanting to love whoever he wants, killing anyone, killing anyone! "

Wu Yanfu kissed him sideways and smiled: "The leader's order, dare not violate it."


In the grasslands of the western Xinjiang, the summer wind is habitual, and the weeds sway in the wind. The galloping white boy tightened the reins, looked back, and looked at the man in the black robe holding a child behind him, smiling provocatively.

"Master! Hurry up! You are too slow!"

"Father-in-law, father-in-law catches up with White-Daddy soon!"

The child protested loudly, and Xiao Xuehu in his arms yelled.

The man in the black robe made a frown, lifted the child in his arms with the fox, and threw it at the boy in white. The three-year-old boy, who was not much bigger than the fox, jumped on the horse's head and jumped on the boy's back in front of him. Around his neck, coquettishly stuck.

Hearing behind him, the child looked back and saw that the man in the black robe had fallen behind the teenager, kicked his feet, and sat on top of his head with one butt, waving his hand: "Drive! Drive!"

Wu Yanfu reluctantly allowed his son to sit still, stretched his hands and tightened Bai's waist, and sighed, "Now that he is only three years old, he has already climbed onto the head of the martial arts master. It has a very promising future."

Bai Yan smiled silently, a horse's belly, galloping high and wide.

"Master, you deserve your fate."


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