Time passed as Baiku passed, and another month passed in a flash.

On this day, an altar was too busy for the primary priest to give birth to a child, and the battle was just like welcoming the birth of the prince.

Yan Ruyu came from the West Night Palace from half a month ago, and was fully prepared, but it was still tossing into the middle of the night before she successfully introduced the youngest sons of the two masters to the world.

Wu Yanfu handed over his crying little son to Yan Ruyu, dipped some Yurong Sheng muscle cream from the palace, and carefully applied it to the incision that still healed on the side of the waist. Bai Yan is a man, unlike a woman who has a birth canal, and can only have a caesarean section to give birth. He has been in a coma and has not felt much pain due to drinking medicine. However, he was still suffering a few hours before giving birth. The pale face was sweaty and weak.

"Hmm ..." Feeling itchy in the abdomen, Bai Ao was awake a little bit, and dinged, "Master ..."

"Being there for the teacher." Wu Yanfu held his fumbled hand to his belly, and leaned over to his ear. "Sinned, sir, there are some people who have learned the Futuo. Listen, our son couldn't cry. ring?"

Bai Ye barely raised his eyelids and looked around, but when Yan Ruyu and several maids were busy working around a little baby, he couldn't help but hold his head. When the younger son was held in front of him, and looked for a while, he could not believe that it was born in October of his pregnancy. The newborn baby is soft and small, full of puffs, only the size of a slap, a pair of black eyes with raised eyes, like a little fox, the entire face seems to be a reduced version of the white magpie, a large A small couple seemed to be carved out of a mold, even if he didn't think so.

Seeing Bai Ye and his younger son's big eyes and small eyes, he was relatively speechless for a while, Wu Yan Fu could not help but stretched out his hand and hugged the younger son, resting in Bai Ye's arms. Bai Yan subconsciously held a small group of soft things in his arms, feeling that the baby held out his cotton-like hand to grab his placket, but he was at a loss, and looked at Wu Yanfu for help.

"Master, I ... what should I do?"

Wu Yanfu stroked the head of a son and smiled, "What do you want a newborn baby to do?"

"Of course ..." Bai Yan lowered his head, squeezed his lips and squeezed out the words, "feed milk."

Wu Yanfu saw that his cheeks were flushed, and his heart was more happy: "Will the lord still give milk quickly?"

Bai Yan was furious: "This seat is a man, where is the milk!"

As soon as the words came out, he felt guilty. Since the first few days before giving birth, he has felt his **** swollen, and sometimes he has a liquid dampened shirt, and the child is even better this night. At this time, his chest is already wet.

Right now, the baby smelled milk and didn't live in his chest, asking for milk.

But where did Bai Yan pull his face to feed in front of Wu Yanfu, seeing that he had no intention of leaving, he had to grit his teeth, turn his back, untie the soaked robe, and put the younger son on the couch. Leaned down to feed him to drink milk.

How could Wu Yanfu reluctantly drop the scene? When I was on the bed, I lay down in front of Bai Yan, staring at the father and son, and looked intently, only shook Bai Yan with flushed faces, raised his hand to cover Wu Yan with a wide sleeve Floating eyes, but let him lead his young son into his arms together, turned his head, and kissed his lips gently.

The two lingered as much as they could, when they first went to Wushan in front of their son.

"Hey, what do you say, our son's name is" Heng "? Heng ... meaning of eternity, are you good?"

"It's a good name, but it's my last name!"

"Observe, just as the leader said."


Just when the two were in peace, a calamity came silently and unexpectedly.

Early the next morning.

Waking up in Wu Yan Fuhuai, Bai Yan felt strange.

——The little son in his arms was motionless and cold and stiff.

He had no drowsiness at the moment and peeled off the puppet, but where was the lovely son of their water spirit, it was actually a withered baby corpse, and the poisonous insects crawled out of the seven tricks. The terrible thing still screamed in fright, and threw the dead baby on the ground and jumped out of the bed.

Wu Yanfu has been awakened, and he is ashamed when he sees it, but he is a generation of masters, and he has a wide range of knowledge. He squatted and examined the dead baby and calmed down. It also shattered the poisonous insects emerging from its body.

"This is not Xiaoheng, it is a blood baby."

Bai Yan stood stiffly, stroking his flat abdomen instinctively, and squeezed out a few words from the gap between his teeth: "You mean ... Candle Dragon came last night and took Xiaoheng away? But how can we not Unconscious? "

Wu Yanfu walked along a long trace on the ground from the bed to the window, and he was already clear for seven or eight minutes under his heart, gradually showing his face.

"Hey, last night, it wasn't someone who took Xiaoheng away, it was a snake."


"Ji Du's Viper." Wu Yanfu's eyes narrowed. "This evil man."

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