"Not only that, but the subordinates also heard that the candle dragon slaughtered several settlements in the western Xinjiang, robbed hundreds of young children, and even spared the newborn babies. It was to sacrifice evil gods and cultivate evil skills. I don't know what plans to make in the future."

Hearing here, Wu Yanfu's heart sank—isn't it the rumored blood infant Dafa that would catch hundreds of babies' cultivation? You must know that this blood-baby Dafa is extremely sinister, and the recruiters are all terrible. They use the grievances of the babies to gather up the ferocious crickets, and then feed the crickets themselves to become tadpoles and live on the flesh and blood of the babies. This work is a success, unless he has achieved the sixth level of Liuyutian, it is difficult to say if he can beat the candle dragon.

But the resurrection of Candle Dragon will not be willing to conquer the West, and he will gather the old part of Yueyin Palace to come and find him for revenge.

Moreover, Bai Yan is still pregnant with a belly in his belly. In the future, his flesh and bones will surely become a candle dragon.

Thinking of the old incident of forcing Baizhu to seduce the candle dragon seven years ago, Wu Yanfu's heart was complicated and unspeakable. He glanced at Baiji next to him, but seeing that there was a layer of haze at the corners of his eyebrows, he couldn't help but dim his eyes and stretched his hands over Baiji Eyebrow.

Bai Yan glanced at him resentfully.

When he knelt in front of Wu Yanfu's body, he begged him not to send him away, saying that Bai Yan had completely forgotten, and it was naturally false. Now he remembers that there is still a slight pain in his chest, and his heart has been broken for a long time. Now, the fragments are all connected by the love wire that cannot be cut at all, and it takes Wu Yanfu to repair it slowly in the second half of his life.

"I see, you go down, and ask Na Na and Ganda to come in." Wu Yan said.

The two altar masters entered the door, and Wu Yanfu ordered the two to strengthen the alert of the altar department to prevent the attack by the candle dragons, endangering the security of Bai Yan, or to seize the magical heaven wheel. After the two altar masters answered "obey", they Retreated.

Seeing Wu Yanfu's anxious face, Bai Yan whispered: "The candle dragon ... but intend to practice the blood infant Dafa?"

Wu Yanfu's pupils shrank, "Do you know the evil work?"

Bai Yan skimmed his lips: "I have read all the books in the Book of Scriptures. What martial arts do you not know?"

Wu Yanfu said for a moment: "Don't be afraid, there is a teacher, he will never allow him to hurt you and the flesh of the teacher."

After hearing his mouthful of "bone flesh", Bai Ye's face was slightly warm. Although he had instinctual feelings for the fetus in the belly, he could not accept the fact for a while and a half, and he was inevitably embarrassed and shy. It will take some time to get up, and the candle dragon has just resurrected, so let's take advantage of his pre-emptive action! "

Wu Yanfu watched him make a "kill" gesture, his eyes narrowed fiercely, and he was so cute that he couldn't help laughing. "To be preemptive, you should also worry about the teacher. You, rest assured."

"Shut up, I'm the leader." Bai Ao became angry and shamed, grabbed the pillow and pressed on his face, Wu Yanfu fell down on the couch, tightened his waist, and allowed Bai Ao to ride on him. Struggle without any tricks. When he was full of troubles, Wu Yanfu lifted people up and walked to a hot spring behind the house.

At this time, it was snowing, the snowflakes were flying, the water was misty, and the scenery was beautiful.

It was the place where Wu Yanfu took him to practice a few years ago. It was the first time he had met Wu Yanfu naked. Although he was the same man, he was still blushing and scared. Seeing Wu Yanfu for a while, while Wu Yanfu closed his eyes and meditated, he couldn't bear to blame himself in the pool, like a thief.

Such an old thing, now thinking of it, Bai Yi can not help but feel a little embarrassed.

Wu Yanfu slowly stripped his shirt for him, and reiterated the old thing, only that he knew in the past that he didn't break the point, causing the embarrassment of the aunt, struggling, and refused to take a bath with him, but Still being stripped naked by Wu Yanfu, he drank into the water and arrived at the pool wall for some kind of affection.

"If the teacher knew that he would love you so much in the future, he would definitely want you then." A whisper from Wu Yanfu came to his ears, Bai Yan was soft and heartbeat, and he could not slide down against the wall of the pool. Had to entangle Wu Yanfu's body, his slightly convex abdomen was close to him, and then unavoidable. This is the "bad result" that he entangled with Wu Yanfu, and it is also evidence that they will be inseparable throughout their lives. Wu Yanfu kissed his wet earlobe: "Yier ..."

Bai Yan's eye trembled slightly, and he looked up at him with water in his eyes: "Huh?"


"what happened?"

"Hey ..."

"what do you want to say in the end?"

"Nothing, being a teacher is just calling your name, convinced that this is not a dream."

"It's a dream, don't wake up." Bai Xun pulled a corner of his mouth, grabbed a strand of his hair, and pulled it hard. Wu Yanfu made a "sigh" in pain, holding his wrist, eyes Blinking, "Yi Er is so naughty ... if the baby born also follows your general temperament, it is a mixed devil, and it is guilty to be a teacher."

Bai Yan suddenly stopped silent. The more he kept silent, the more Wu Yanfu wanted to tease him, teasing and teasing, and both of them became embarrassed and became affectionate. A pool of spring water filled with blue waves. Because Bai Yan was pregnant, Wu Yanfu didn't dare to indulge himself several times a night, and when Bai Yan just tasted the sweetness, he returned to the room when he was not satisfied. For the first time that night, they shared the same bed and embraced each other. Bai Yan slept peacefully like a child, but Wu Yanfu stayed awake all night, listening to him pouting in his arms and dreaming, can't help but think of the situation in which he was holding a white fox with a little fox in front of the snow nest, and smiled suddenly, It is like a dream to feel like losing and regaining. It is only a moment when you do n’t let go of the person in your arms that you can rest assured.

If his father Wu Jiyun knew that his cold-hearted son had failed to practice Liuyutian after all, and had shown affection to his young apprentice, and there was a child, I would be so angry that he would lift up the coffin board.

Wu Yanfu laughed at himself secretly, but Liu Yutian still had to practice, otherwise the master of the Palace of the Hidden Palace would come to the door in the future.

Pulling Bai's hand lightly, he got up and stayed on the bed, and walked outside. Bai Yan always slept very lightly, woke up immediately, followed lightly, pushed the door and peered, and saw Wu Yanfu sitting alone under the moon, cross-legged meditating, his hands printed, and then quietly walked behind him, his body He climbed up his back and drew it to his ear: "Master, you have to practice, why can't you tell me that a person is sneaking here and wants to cultivate the fairy?"

"Eating alone?" Wu Yanfu was amused by him. He stretched out his hands and pulled people into his arms, scratching his nose. "Do you want to practice while pregnant? What if you hurt the baby in your belly?"

Bai Yan climbed his fingers over his shoulder, twisted his hair and twitched: "That's not right ... I've been embarrassed before I was born, isn't he a peerless master when he grows up?"

Wu Yanfu listened to his serious nonsense, and flicked his belly gently: "Do you really want to practice?"

Bai Ye nodded, and he naturally knew that the Moon Palace was about to wake up, and the crisis was imminent.

"Well, I will follow you as a teacher. There is not no way in Liuyutian that can improve the skill of both parties at the same time. It is only when the two parties agree with each other and have the right mind. If one of the two parties is false or unwilling, otherwise Sudden death will occur at any convenient time. Since the beginning of the self-teaching of kung fu, few have ventured to try it. "

Wu Yanfu whispered, and lowered his head close to the rosy thin lips of the young man in his arms, "Well, would you like to try?"

Bai Yan's black eyes flickered, and his lips were raised: "Are you afraid?"

"If you are not afraid, what is there to fear for the teacher." Wu Yanfu bit his lower lip, his eyes burning, "If you kill the teacher again, the ghost of the teacher will entangle you for a lifetime and let you Sleep every night. "

Bai Yan was drowned by his cursing love words, took a deep breath, "Master, I believe in you."

Wu Yanfu stunned his heart, and sighed, "With your words, what regrets for my teacher in this life."

Bai Huan wrapped his neck around and sighed: "Then ... Please enlighten me."

Wu Yanfu smiled, hugged him into the room, sat cross-legged on the couch, stretched out his hand and untied the gauze: "Do you remember the tricks you want to follow?"


After the night, the two practiced retreat in isolation. Due to the mutual connection of minds and abilities, their skills have leaps and bounds. During this period, the master of the Yueyong Palace was also dormant. Wu Yanfu successfully broke through the last layer of Liuyutian, but Bai Yan had to leave the customs early because of the stronger response during pregnancy.

On this day, a group of believers knelt in front of the door to greet the two masters, and when they saw a ray of light leaking out of the door, Wu Yan was exuberant and walked out, holding his cruel apprentice in his arms. The long-haired, loose-haired boy was snuggling softly in his arms, his head was buried in his chest, and his bulging belly was no longer covered by his hands.

"Congratulations, Lord Congratulations!"

Already known to everyone Bai Bai ’s pregnancy news as a man is not strange, congratulating Wu Yanfu in unison, but woke up confused Bai Bai, turned around and saw dozens of pairs of eyes looking at himself, Suddenly shy.

"Are you all kneeling here to watch this joke, get out!"

Wu Yan Fuji spoiled him, his face sinking: "Have you heard that, the leader is angry, don't get out of here!"

After the people dispersed, Bai Ye calmed down. He was pregnant for more than six months. As the fetus grew older, his emotions became worse. It was difficult to concentrate with Wu Yanfu to practice martial arts. As the tide is generally turbulent, holding a big belly and begging Wu Yanfu's love.

The night when I was out of customs, it was also the Spring Festival Lantern account warm, turned over the waves.

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