Embarrassed under the embarrassment, Bai Yan pretended to be stupid: "What's wrong, I'm fine!"

Wu Yanfu was reluctant to speak up, causing his rebellious emotions: "Does it really matter?"

Bai Yan shook his head, but his face had burned, his brows frowned, and he kept his mouth shut.

Wu Yanfu saw that he refused to say anything, so he didn't rush to break it. He bowed his head and kissed his forehead wrapped in cloth strips. He thought of the situation in the temple before, and felt regretful and afraid. The little baby ran so far to seek him, and if he couldn't help hurting his own flesh and blood, I really don't know how to regret it.

"As a teacher, I thought you would completely forget to be a teacher. I didn't expect that you would think of it, and you have searched here for thousands of miles. It is really a pleasant surprise." All the emotions in my heart turned into a stream of water, and my eyes were wet, and I was about to get out of my eyes. I turned my back to **** my nose and scolded myself for being too frustrated. I would plant this old devil in this life. Hand.

"I want to forget it, but God forbid it."

Wu Yanfu suffocated, swiped Bai Bai's head, sucked the tears from his eyes, his heart tumbled and almost broke his chest. He vowed that he would have to cherish Bai Yan in this life, so that he would not be hurt a little bit: Aunt, the previous thing was wrong for the teacher. Maybe you forgive it? "

Bai Yan lowered his eyelids, remained silent, and nodded, "um".

If he still hated him and complained to him, he would not run so far to find him.

Wu Yanfu dug out his heart and gave it to him. Did he not understand Wu Yanfu's intention?

Wu Yanfu is his robber, his demon, and the source of his life's hatred and resentment. To put it bluntly, it is because he is a fool. That phrase of Buddhist scriptures is really a portrayal of his life.

With his "um", Wu Yanfu was pardoned, and his heart was pleased. Seeing that the little wolf cub was so tender and not easily angered, he hit the iron while he was hot, and touched his belly with one hand, and asked softly: "Then you are pregnant with the doll, when do you plan to follow the teacher Say?"

Bai Yan's head buzzed and he felt shameless. When he opened Wu Yanfu's hand, he turned around and jumped to the bed, but was dragged back into his arms by Wu Yanfu, unable to move, and his face became flushed.

"Who says I'm pregnant with a baby, I'm just bloating!"

"Bloating?" Wu Yanfu was amused by his saying, "Hey, as a teacher, you remember the words you said before. Being a teacher is not a fool."

"You are!" Bai Yan gritted his teeth and squeezed a few words out of his teeth. "I'm a man, so don't carry a baby for your old devil. Sooner or later, take this evil species ..."

Wu Yanfu felt a stun in his heart, knowing that with the cowardly temper of this little wolf cub, if he was unwilling to have a child for him, he could possibly do it, so he lowered his face and threatened him, I said for my teacher that I want to practice the forty-nine potentials of ecstasy with you? Last time you practiced only one potential, and you are pregnant. If you dare to take the flesh of your teacher, you will practice the remaining forty-eight with you. Potential, forty-eight regenerate out. "

Bai Yi was speechless for a moment, with shame and anger, short breath, and retching. Seeing this, Wu Yan immediately called someone to bring in a bowl of Antai soup with milk sea spring water and feed him by hand. The spoons were all handed to his mouth, but Bai Yan didn't want to open his mouth obediently, and was pressed by Wu Yanfu on the couch, holding a mouthful of medicine, and feeding him into his mouth with a lingering and warm deep kiss. After taking a pill, Bai Zhi was dripping with sweat and his body was soft. Although he was unwilling to be reluctant, the body that was particularly sensitive because of pregnancy had already shown signs of emotion.

Wu Yanfu ’s response is self-evident, with a scorching appetite in his eyes, and a low-pitched voice: “Do you still say that you do n’t want to hold a doll for the teacher? You are right and wrong, you want to be tight for the teacher, do you want to practice the back? Is it a move? "

Bai Yan remembered the last time he took advantage of the terrible behavior of the man, and suddenly he couldn't beat him up. He raised his hand and wanted to slap his face, but he held his wrist and pressed it on his cheek, bitterly. Brow an eyebrow: "The face for the teacher was carved and carved according to your own hands and suffered a lot. Didn't you say that the teacher is the best-looking person in the world ... are you really willing to fight? "

Bai Yan shook his fingertips and shrank, his eyes fixed on Wu Yanfu's handsome and beautiful face, but he didn't realize that at this time Wu Yanfu's eyebrows, nose, lips, and strokes were all drawn from His hand.

Because I remembered it so carefully, there was something wrong--

Even at the corner of his eye, due to a momentary hand tremor, the more tear moles that had come out were also copied on Wu Yanfu's face, which seemed to be a silent confession.

Bai Yan stretched out his finger, poked at the little mole, and a ripple of ripples appeared in his heart, which seemed to turn into a spring water, and his tone softened: "How did you even click on this extra mole? A generation of martial arts overlords, He didn't even feel ashamed to have a tear mole. "

Wu Yanfu kissed his fingertips with a smile, "Isn't that because it was my son-in-law's drawing?"

He stared blankly at him for a while, then suddenly leaned his head closer, pecked at the corner of his eye quickly, and then hid in the quilt. Wu Yanfu was so full of heart that he only wanted to love him severely for a few days and nights, but he didn't dare Bai Bai's body to ward off his monstrous desire, so he didn't dare to mess around, kissed and stroked him and stopped in time.

While the two were still warm, a string of bells came from outside the door, and a voice said, "Leader, someone asks for advice."

"Who?" Bai Ye answered habitually, and when he saw Wu Yanfu turned his head, he realized that the leader of the population was him. Wu Yanfu's eyebrows jumped and he immediately noticed Bai's cautious thoughts-how had he never seen Bai's arrogant little figure sitting on the position of the leader?

He clearly likes ... and enjoys such a position.

Wu Yanfu's lips cornered: "The leader is resting, who wants to see?"

The people outside were apparently frightened, and he replied for a moment in silence: "Kai Qi, Lord, the devil will report something."

Bai Yan looked at Wu Yanfu in astonishment. He couldn't believe that he was so generous, but he was not expelled from the barrier. He was allowed to stay as a guardian. Wu Yanfu saw his doubts, reached down and lowered the curtain, and hugged him to On the leg: "He protects you all the way, it is considered atonement for merit, and he will never blame him as a teacher, so keep him."

Bai Yan blinked, and hesitantly replied, "Thank you ... Master."

"Why be so kind." Wu Yan paused and stared at him with a smile, "Master Lord."

Bai Yan was extremely happy for a moment, and the fox's tail was tilted up, and he said lazily, "Let the devil come in."

With a "creak", a Qingjun man pushed in, and knelt down in front of the couch respectfully. Seeing his face uncovered across the curtain, Bai Yan knew Wu Yanfu had solved his curse. Without barriers, he did not want to lift his eyes to look at the intimate posture of the two, only lowered his head, and said, "Master Qilu, the follower of Furu has been tracking the whereabouts of Fulu for the past half month. , Returned to the old part of Yueyin Palace, intending to make a comeback, and his subordinates saw another person in Yueyin Palace. "

Bai Ye asked: "Who?"

"The Lord of the Moon Palace, who died seven years ago, canthus. The subordinate thought that Fulu had clearly won the magical chakra before, and he abandoned it when he dealt with his subordinates. The reason must be that he resurrected the candle dragon with the milk of spring water. Now, Furu will tell the candle dragon that the master and the master are alive. "

Wu Yanfu squinted his eyes, knowing that Liwu was right about what he said, and Bai Ji was a little uneasy.

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