Bai Yi stunned, although it is not clear why Wu Yanfu is so, but he also guessed that he was in the class of mantras, and looked at the waist drum of the boss on the ground, holding back the feeling of disgust in his heart, and picked it up. Took a shot.

Wu Yan Fu immediately responded to the drum sound, and obediently scratched the back of his hand.

Bai Yan was anxious and anxious. It reminded him that he was under the control of Si You these days, and it was the same state. His heart was like a vinegar jar. It was not a taste. Of course, there was a pain in the abdomen. He didn't know that he was so tossing, and now he was moving his gas.

Seeing that he was covering his abdomen, his face was sore, Wu Yanfu seemed to know to come over and sniffed his stomach.

He had been pregnant for more than three months. He had a faint frankincense on his body that no one else could smell. He hadn't noticed it himself, but Wu Yanfu sniffed clearly and became obsessed. Bai Yan raised his palm to hit him, his hand only fell lightly on the man's face, and became a touch, sore nose.

"I managed to find you ... how can I be good if you have been so stupid in the future?"

Wu Yanfu issued a series of groans of unknown meaning, I wonder if he was responding to his words.

"Well, I'll take you to the old shaman witch, they are very knowledgeable, maybe they know how to help you." Bai Ao walked to the edge of the glacier, looked up, and saw a huge cave at the height of Baibing Zhangzhang. This is where they fell, so they jumped up and didn't want this ice wall to be extremely difficult to climb, and there were very few protrusions to get started. He climbed out a dozen feet and was exhausted. It was empty and fell down, but fortunately was caught by Wu Yanfu. The ghost rattle hooked a convex rock, which could stop the fall and hung the two in midair.

Wu Yanfu held him tightly in his arms, and Bai Yan's head was squeezed against his chest. He heard his heart beating like a fierce horse, and his heart was hot. Wu Yanfu looked down at him. Although his eyes were still blood red, his face reflected in his eyes was clear and clear, no longer blooming in the mist like before.

He shook his body in the air, and then Bai Hui returned to his senses, hammering his stiff shoulders: "You haven't taken me up yet, what are you doing there? Do you think you are swinging?"

As soon as the words fell, there was a sound of sky-scrapping sound from above. The broken stones fell into the glacial river, which caused a huge splash. The temple above was falling in inches. Wu Yanfu held him away from the rocks and fell back there. In the dense forest, I saw several coffins falling into the water from above with chaotic stones. Later, several people jumped out of the coffin.

Bai Yan looked intently and was surprised when he saw the old shaman and Mi Lansheng.

Mi Lansheng looked around and asked him, "Baiyu, did you see Fulu here?"

Bai Yan shook his head: "Why did the temple collapse? But is it related to Fulu?"

The old shaman sighed and looked tense: "Fu Lu took the magical chakra and touched the self-destructing organ of the temple. I don't know where he is now. If the magical chakra is not enshrined in the place where the light shines The eyes of Ruhaiquan will gradually dry up, and the evil spirits buried under the eyes of this spring will not be suppressed. When the ghost door is opened, the ghost vine on Wu Yanfu is a dim thing born in the eyes of spring, which will attract hundreds of ghosts. Possession, causing disaster of the world. "

Bai Yan was startled: "Let's go find Fulu soon!"

Mi Lansheng raised the hand of the mandala to break the barrier: "Let ’s break up, you need to take the milk of the sea water first, purify the ghost vine on the witch, and my mandala from the shrine to break the barrier. Magic. "

Bai Yan asked: "Where is Ru Haiquan's eyes?"

The old shaman pointed at the upper reaches of the glacier, and saw that the waterfall above the glacier had turned milky white, but the water flow was getting smaller and smaller. After the water curtain, a huge stone gate appeared, and there was a white bone on the stone gate. One layer after another, I don't know how many corpses, blood-red ghost vines are spreading out of the crack in the door.

"The old ancestors were the priests who guarded the temple. This legend has been passed down from generation to generation. Old age originally thought that the legend was only a legend, but now I saw it with my own eyes before I knew it was true. In the legend, the King Tianzhu who lived in this temple in order to obtain the milk spring water Tens of thousands of people were killed and buried here, and a ghost gate was built to sacrifice to the legendary King Ashura who fell into the Ruhai spring water. You must be careful not to get too close to that door. "

Bai Ye nodded, observed the terrain on Ruhaiquan's eyes, and looked for a place to stay, but at this moment, a few boulder fell down and he was smashing a hole into the ghost door, a strong Suction swept through, and the two were suddenly caught towards the door, Wu Yanfu leaped up, hugged Bai Zhi, and grabbed the hard stone-like bulge on the door, climbing to the door. Above the waterfall. The seawater was immersed in the whole body of the two, and Bai Ye saw the unexplainable ease, and saw that the blood color in Wu Yanfu's eyes slowly faded, and a white hair gradually turned into a black hair. A hoarse whisper came: "Oh!"

"Yier ..." Wu Yanfu hissed, trying to recall the long-lost name, "... I miss you for the good students."

Pai had a pain in her heart, and tears poured into her throat, saying that he would come to him to pay the debt and break with him. Now that people are in front of him, he can't even say a cruel word. Just the phrase "I miss you so much after a long absence" has made him cry. Thousands of miles rushed here, in the end because they couldn't let it go ... can't forget.

Wu Yanfu held him tightly in his arms, and blocked his mouth with thousands of words. He couldn't speak for a while, but only heard a bang above him. A boulder fell down, and he immediately lifted the white cymbal to escape, confusion. In the middle, a piece of gravel hit Bai Bai's forehead, which only made him dizzy and passed out.

"Hey, hey!"

I don't know how long it took before Bai Ai woke up and opened her eyes to face a pair of narrow blue eyes. Suddenly in his heart, he opened his mouth and had time to speak, and felt nauseous. He could not help but retched and covered his mouth. Wu Yanfu took him into his arms with pity: "What's wrong, how can I want to vomit?"

"I don't know." Bai Yan shook his head, unwilling to say clearly, "Where are we?"

"Beneath the mountain. That temple has collapsed. Fortunately, we left in time, otherwise we won't be able to come out."

After listening to Wu Yanfu's narration, Bai Ye realized that after he was unconscious, the temple began to collapse quickly, Wu Yanfu and the two of them jumped into the glacier, and the waterfall below the glacier fell to the mountain.

The foot of the mountain is not elsewhere, it is the jurisdiction of an altar department of the floating slaughter religion.

"Then they and Fulu ..."

"They are also here, Furuchan is still missing, but Miaohua Skywheel is not in his hands. It has been enshrined by a shaman old witch in a nearby temple. You don't have to worry." Wu Yanfu repressed With excitement, gently calm him. Only before being immersed in the joy of reuniting with Bai Ao, the shaman old witch told him that Bai Ao was pregnant with his son-in-law, and he realized why Bai Ao shouted such words in a hurry I just couldn't believe it, I was ecstatic, but I didn't know if Baima could accept it.

This little baby must not be very willing, after all, no man will willingly bear the flesh of another man, not to mention, this little baby has such a wolf character.

"You should be worried, isn't it your own body?"

Embarrassed by his heart, Bai Yan pretended to be stupid: "What's wrong, I'm fine!"

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