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In the Shen family in Ningcheng, there are good girls in pairs. The eldest lady, Shen Ru, is shrewd and capable, and the second lady, Shen Yan, is delicate and charming. One day, there was an extra third lady——Shen Wei.

Taciturn and unremarkable in appearance, like a small white pear in the wind, weak and helpless.

Father Shen: “Let’s keep it.”

Mother Shen: “The daughter of a bitch is still a bitch.”

Shen Ru: “A petty air.”

Shen Yan: “Brother Qi hates dodder flowers the most.”

Shen Yu sneered: Don’t worry, take your time, no one can escape!

In the previous life, Shen Yu’s blood flowed out, her internal organs were emptied, and she died on the cold operating table. Thirty years old, no children and no daughters.

In this life, she came here for revenge. She took every step of the way and turned Ning Cheng upside down, but unintentionally provoked the Great Demon King.

Quan Hanting, respected by everyone as “Six Lord”, is cold-hearted and ruthless, and his identity is a mystery.

【Small cute bag】

It is said that on the day the baby was born, Quan’s father was in so much pain that he died.

Well, bitten by Mommy Quan.

[Eating Guide]: Double place and double cleanliness, no abuse and no misunderstanding, so sweet and greasy

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Short Title:PTCM
Alternate Title:权少请关照
Author:Chongqing people
Weekly Rank:#1967
Monthly Rank:#1937
All Time Rank:#2089
Tags:Female Protagonist,
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  1. Started well a little tedious in the middle at the beginning of the 2yr time jump not very clear. I persevered and in the end I enjoyed it. One thing I really didn't like was the q&a at the end of almost every chapter by the author. It didn't arouse my curiosity at all but faintly disgusted me. If I want to know what's happening next I'll just read it I don't need chapter by chapter spoilers thank you

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